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3 Anatomy Of A Sinking
MONTHLY MAINTENANCE In 2017, a story about the sinking of a 56-foot center-cockpit sloop made the rounds in the sailing community. On a race from Antigua to Bermuda, the crew of the “diligently maintained” Monterey abandoned the boat, and were soon r
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Waterfalls And Glaciers
The currents were running fast. The bow was pointing 45 degrees northwest of my actual course, which was through a narrow pass between the shore and a nav buoy marking an underwater ridge, the moraine of Baird Glacier. The glacier had retreated a lon
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First Look 2021
Looking ahead to 2021, there are lots of reasons for new-sailboat buyers to be excited about the 40-and-counting new models that will likely make their way to North America. European builders remain some of the most prolific. Among those introducing
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A GIANT FELLED: Two-Time Circumnavigator Larry Pardey (1939-2020)
Larry Pardey had a lifelong motto, which he intoned time and time again, and just for extra measure, demonstrated on a regular basis: “If it was easy, everyone would be doing it.” Nope, Pardey never took the straightforward, uncomplicated path. He ha
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Line Tamers
As a lifelong racing sailor, I’m well familiar with the go-fast, lightweight sailhandling hardware and line favored by serious buoy chasers. These come in myriad sizes and setups, but they often involve low-friction rings rather than blocks, clever u
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CIGUATERA—An Invisible Threat
I floated above a rainbow-colored coral bommie in our Bahamian anchorage, watching as my husband, Rob, stalked the reef 10 feet below. Thunk. The muffled impact of metal sinking into flesh reverberated through the sea, sending alarmed fish scattering
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Amid pandemic concerns, flotillas are a good option, simultaneously offering privacy and socializing with other boats from a safe distance. Companies offering trips through 2021 include Colgate Sailing Adventures Flotilla Cruises and Med Sailing Adve
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Sundowner Upgrades
CONNECT-IT BBQ TOOL SET • $40 • PROUDGRILL.COM As we know, space is at a premium on most cruising boats, so it’s a bonus if items can pull double-duty. This set comes with a stainlesssteel spatula and fork that can be used individually, or put them t
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MY Bleacher SEATS
Funny, but I didn’t realize that what I was looking for was a simple, straightforward, good old Pearson Ensign. Right up until the moment I signed the check and bought one. But, as usual, I’m getting ahead of the story. Let’s put it this way: Basical
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COMING SOON: The Sailing Museum
The Sailing Museum, which will be home to the National Sailing Hall of Fame and the America’s Cup Hall of Fame, will open at its new home in Newport, Rhode Island, in 2022. The museum will be located downtown in the historic armory building. The stru
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Cruising World
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Georgia Update
Mariners asked pointed questions when the state of Georgia announced in 2019 that it had passed a law comprising some of the most restrictive anchoring and liveaboard regulations in the US: Why were the regulations needed? Who initiated them? What wa
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Jon Staudacher’s Approach to Projects
My good friend and previous employer, Jon Staudacher, always surprises me with how he designs and builds his projects. Jon creates everything from hydroplanes to airplanes using materials and methods that are logical and practical. He would say he tr
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An Italian Comfort-food Classic
Aboard Four Sum, our 28-foot Winslow sloop, I learned to appreciate so-called peasant dishes, such as coq au vin, French onion soup, bouillabaisse and so on. They’re simple and economical—a good way to use up whatever’s on hand. This Tuscan bean soup
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Quality Control: It’s What We Do
At Gougeon Brothers Inc., customer service and support are paramount. Throughout the decades (five strong and counting), we’ve built our WEST SYSTEM® product line on a model which places customer satisfaction at the forefront. Many WEST SYSTEM users
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FAMILY Matters
The moment recreational vessels were allowed to sail post-lockdown in Singaporean waters, we loaded our daughter, her husband, and our two grandkids aboard our 43-foot ketch Ganesh and went for a well-deserved four-day cruise. “Dunk’n chair, dunk’n c
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Improving Impact and Abrasion Resistance
What is the difference between abrasion and impact? What materials hold up best against each of them? These questions often come up when talking about skid plates. Skid plates are a protective layer, typically on canoes and kayaks, that reinforces th
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Bob Shepton skied in the darkness, down a Greenland fjord that he’d sailed up only a month before. It was January 2005, and he was overwintering his Westerly 33, Dodo’s Delight, just outside Upernavik, a settlement so far north that there was only a
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Mammoth Tusk Restoration
I love mammoth tusks. I love their grandeur! I love their immense size and elegant double curve. I love the beauty of mammoth ivory with its rough, stained outer texture and the creamy inside with its carbon fiber-like cross-hatching and rich colors.
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The Calendar Struck Again
The most useless item on a cruising boat? A calendar. I can’t recall how often I’ve heard and agreed with this quasi joke. Unfortunately, though it is mostly accurate, it doesn’t take into consideration time frames imposed by natural seasons, plus th
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Surviving FLICKA’s Capsize Part 2
On June 20, 1979, while sailing in a qualifying race for the OSTAR (Original Single-Handed Transatlantic Race), Jan Gougeon’s self-designed and built 31' trimaran FLICKA was capsized by heavy seas in the North Atlantic. Jan survived on the overturned
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Cruising the Bass Strait
Challenging? Yes. Interesting? Definitely. Unfortunately, few visitors to this area of the world take time to explore the islands and anchorages of the Bass Strait. Instead, sailors head south from Sydney to Tasmania to wait for a good weather window
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Carbon Skinning
It all started when I got a new 360-degree camera for my racecar. Mounted on the dash, it captures a really cool perspective that allows viewers to see forward, watch cars as I pass them, and to see what I’m doing (check it out at
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Marooned In paradise
CORONAVIRUS. Coronavirus. Coronavirus! Can anyone think of anything else? One night I awoke in the V-berth after midnight, convinced I had the virus. My head hurt, my stomach felt queasy, and I sensed a fever coming on. Little sleep followed. In the
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Making Knives with G/flex
G/flex® Epoxy is the adhesive I use almost exclusively for making knives. Years ago, I found out about G/flex from other knife makers. After reading about its properties compared to standard epoxies, I realized it suited my needs just about perfectly
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It’s All Uphill
Nine days out from the Azores, I steeled myself as we approached the Royal Cork Yacht Club in Crosshaven, Ireland. Quetzal, my Kaufman 47, and her skipper have a fondness for the Irish, and my arrivals—and departures—have been known to get a bit out
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Choosing the Right Wood for Your Boat Repair
A very high percentage of boats in the U.S. are at least 30 years old. It doesn’t surprise me when a boat’s plywood components fail due to water intrusion. In my experience, the transom is the first area to rot out in most trailerable boats. That’s n
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1 Eminently Tweakable
SYSTEMS During my 75 years of sailing, I’ve become aware of the chasm between cruisers and racers. But I’ve never understood it because I have always been both. Even when I cruise, I’m racing—against changing weather, the need to get home in time for
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Gaff Repair
In preparation for a thorough Coast Guard inspection, we’d stripped the masts, booms, and gaffs on the schooners Appledore IV and V of paint and varnish. This revealed several small rot areas, wear, and damage. Two of the gaff jaws (also called gaff
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