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Understand ND filters
While many photographers choose to blend multiple exposures in software, physical ND filters are still a useful item in any landscape photographer’s bag. It is important to correctly use them, however. For weaker, overcast skies, which can turn a bla
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Kav Dadfar
UK-based travel and landscape pro Kav shoots on assignment for editorial and commercial clients, and stock for high-end agencies. He has written over 400 articles on photography, judges a major travel photo contest, and leads tours and workshops worl
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Tech Specs
45.7 8,256 x 5,504 Full-frame (35.9 x 23.9mm) CMOS 1/8,000 to 30sec, Bulb, Time 64-25,600, expandable to 32-102,400 Auto, Program, Shutter Priority,AperturePriority, Manual Matrix, Centre-weighted, Spot, Highlight-weighted Hot-shoe mounted: front-cur
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Make Sure You Keep A Shotlist
Stock photography is a much more saturated market than it used to be (turn to our career advice on p72), but there are always subjects that need covering. Kav finds it important to keep a specific shot list for his stock photography, as this helps hi
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Nikon Z 7II
Price: £2,999 / $2,997 body only Although Nikon took its time to get serious about mirrorless cameras, when it introduced the Z 6 and Z 7 in August 2018, it managed to avoid giving them a ‘first generation’ feel. Instead, they felt like fully rounde
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Shutter Speed
For most speedlights, the Hz (hertz) setting controls the flashes per sec, while the flash count determines total flashes. Dividing the Hz by the count provides the shutter speed. So, a flash count of 10 at 8Hz would provide 10 bursts over 0.8sec. ■
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In Other News
Shutterstock has released the 10th Anniversary Edition of its annual Creative Trends Report. Aligning with events of 2020, there is a demand for inclusion and representation, with searches such as non-binary 2,300% up. Users are also searching for au
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Sony A1 rivals Canon EOS R5
Sony has announced a game-changing new camera, the Sony A1, with a 50.1MP sensor and 8.6K video capabilities. Powered by a brand new stacked, back-illuminated Exmoor RS image sensor along with a Bionz XR processor, the A1 can shoot bursts at up to 30
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Kav’s Five Tips For Stock Shots
Shoot everything “From statues to hotel fronts to food, try to capture as many things as possible. You never know when someone will be looking for a very specific photo.” Look beyond the obvious “Don’t be afraid to try something different. Lower ang
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Key Tip
You can use a brush to dodge and burn, adding exposure and painting over the highlighted area of the photo. One key point is to set the Flow and Density between 60 and 80, otherwise at a 100 it will be very obvious, and the effect will destroy your p
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Our team of trusted and expert reviewers score gear thoroughly to help you make better buying choices. Don’t go there Could be better Solid performer Excellent bit of kit Best on the market Digital Photographer’s awards are given out when
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10 Creative Techniques To Try Now
The term ‘creative photography’ is used so often now that it’s not only a cliché, but it’s become hard to know what creative actually is or means. Some photographers might call a blurred ‘abstract’ shot creative, while others might simply see it as a
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Seeing Red
While digital cameras have some infrared protection on the sensor, they still let a portion of infrared light through, so you need an IR filter to capture shots like this. An IR filter such as the HOYA R72 simply screws onto the end of your lens – no
Digital Photographer2 min de lectureComputers
Take 5 Macbooks For Editing
Apple’s range of powerful – and portable – MacBook laptops are loved by many photographers, and for good reason: they pack powerful components that are essential for photo-editing into slimline and stylish bodies. They are also easy to carry around,
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Fujinon GF 23mm f/4 R LM WR
PRICE: £2,399 ($2,599) FOCUS DISTANCE: 38cm WEIGHT: 845g As with all medium-format optics, this one has a significant diameter to accommodate the wider image circle. However, it’s not overly heavy and cumbersome, unlike similar lenses from past dec
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Edit In Motion
Motion blur in all its forms can be used to make an image more dynamic. Here, photographer Trace Hudson wanted to draw the eye towards certain elements, using some editing tricks rather than creating the effect in-camera. “The easiest way to get this
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Can’t Isn’t In My Vocabulary
Lockdown was amazing for my photography – my mind was free of any business pressures, and I could concentrate 100 per cent on my local subjects. For many reasons, it’s been years since I’ve been able to do this, and no doubt it contributed to some of
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Kav’s Considerations When Shooting This Scene
1 Planning “Previsualise the shot in your mind, and think about your goal. Knowing what shot you want to take will help you to pick the best settings and compositions for the right result.” 2 Composition “With stock photography you want to try diff
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The Gear In Kav’s Camera Backpack
1 Canon 5D Mark IV “When the Mark III came out, I debated whether to upgrade from the Mark II. By the time I’d debated, they released this! Image quality is superb at high ISOs – better than the Mark II, which I now use as a backup camera.” 2 Lowepr
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Project Wild
When a tragedy happens, there are two options: to let it destroy you, or to try to find any positives and forge a hopeful way forward. Wildlife photographers Helle and Uri Løvevild Golman have chosen hope. While working on a documentary about critica
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Work With Multiple Filters
When using hardware filters, it is often best to minimise how many we place on the lens at any given time. Each filter is another layer for light to pass through before it can reach the sensor. Even with the best-quality filters that cost hundreds of
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Get In Touch
Ask a question, share your thoughts or showcase your photos… @DPhotographerTweet your opinions or images and see them printed DigitalPhotographerUK Share your thoughts and shots Instagram: @dphotographermag Follow and tag us Em
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Select Your Lenses
Due to the composition challenges of springtime, an ultra-wide lens is not always the best option for inland scenes. Instead opt for a 24-70mm or similar, which will provide a wide look at the short end but with less foreground stretching. An 18-200
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Below Price: £43/$60 for 64GB While UHS-II compliant SD cards are becoming quite common, UHS-II microSD cards like this from Kingston are rare. With write speeds of up to 165MB/s, it’s ideal for recording the highest res
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Keepyour Images Safe With An External Hard Drive
“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.” That saying has never rung truer than when it comes to image storage. We invest so much money, time and effort in taking photos, but we often spare little thought on how and where our precious images are store
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The Bestof World In Motion
For our latest competition in association with Photocrowd, we challenged you to submit your best images of the world in motion. After working through thousands of brilliant entries, the winners have been selected. Both crowd-voted and expert winners
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Gifts & giveaways
This month, learn how to take better photos with our free e-book, Photography Tips, Tricks & Fixes. Covering preparation, shooting and post-production steps, this guide is full of advice to make sure you maximise the potential in your images. There’s
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Endless Water
To create this classic minimalist shot, photographer Louis Stacey kept the shutter open for 337 seconds and enhanced his final image effect in Lightroom and Photoshop afterwards. Like Louis, you’ll need a strong neutral density filter, a tripod and t
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Fujifilm X Summit Announcements
The Fujifilm X Summit Global 2021 took place on 27 January, and like previous X Summit events, it played host to a number of big announcements – two new cameras, three lenses, plus firmware to make several existing cameras more powerful. The first ne
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Meet Serge Ramelli
Our editing skills series is from photo-editing expert and photographer Serge Ramelli. Serge has over 615,000 YouTube followers, and full learning courses on his website. Discover his Photoshop and Lightroom tutorials each issue.Visit www.photoserge.
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