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Selfawareness In Horses
This is an amazing photo, taken about 1907, of Tom Bass’ horse Columbus when he was the star of Buffalo Bill Cody’s Wild West Show. The sharp vertical break that cuts off the peaked tent at center-right is puzzling at first, until you realize that Co
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Pop Quiz
Q: When describing equine conformation faults, people often use expressions that bring to mind other animals. Which of the following terms does not describe an undesirable physical trait in a horse? a. cow-hocked b. pigeon-toed c. pig-bellied d. ewe-
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Friends And Students
Tom Bass was friend to the famous as well as a kind and respected mentor to students and fellow competitors. Here are contemporary photos of a few of them, all mounted on horses trained by Tom Bass. Belle Beach (also known as Mrs. A.E. Ashbrook) was
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More Of Tom’s Horses
Moss Rose with Cyrus Clark up. This was Clark and Potts’ chief saddle stallion when Tom Bass first came to work for them. By the very beautiful Montrose, Moss Rose is conformed similarly to Golden McDonald, and like him blends Denmark’s Thoroughbred
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Grateful, Thankful, Blessed
After wildfires nearly claim their ranch, an Oregon family focuses not on what they have lost but on all that they still have. A sturdy slab of wood emblazoned with the words “Promise Ranch on the River” welcomes visitors to a piece of property that
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Tom Bass Vs. Tomfoolery
The effects of weighted shoes were well known in the 19th century. Knowledgeable people objected to them. John Dimon mentored industry mogul and harness fancier Robert Bonner in the principles and practice of horseshoeing (see “The First American ‘Sp
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Welcome To The Herd
Several years ago, my husband and I decided to get back into horses. We purchased a wonderful mare named Kiowa who was perfect for our needs. She’s been a blessing in our lives and is a true member of the family. Though we’re lucky to board her only
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Tom Bass Portraits
This studio portrait of Tom Bass was taken in about 1918, when he was at the height of his career and nearing 60 years old. Bass was known above all as a man of great integrity and kindness, both to people and to horses. No inscription identifies the
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Hands On
Mention that your horse has scratches and chances are you’ll be inundated with suggestions for homemade remedies from barn friends and internet strangers, with each concoction “guaranteed” to clear up the condition quickly. For your horse’s sake, res
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Progress At Last
Editor’s note: When last we left Bobbie Jo and her husband Kenny, their New Mexico ranch construction project was entering its final stages. But a few complications developed along the way that she will soon share with EQUUS readers. In the meantime,
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A Scientific Refeeding Plan
When researchers at the University of California, Davis, compared the effects of three different diets on rescue horses in a 2012 study, they concluded that alfalfa hay is the ideal first food for restoring starved horses to health. Unlike calorie-ri
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A Troubling Side Effect Of Equine Asthma
New research from Canada has revealed a troubling side effect of uncontrolled respiratory disease in horses–changes in the pulmonary arteries that could lead to heart failure. Thickening of the pulmonary arteries and the associated increase in blood
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Rack On!
The rack is a flashy and potentially very speedy gait. It is sometimes called the “single-foot” because while executing it—as the accompanying sequence images show—the horse supports and propels himself by means of only one foot at a time (except in
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An Objective Measure: The Body Condition Score (bcs) System
Developed decades ago by Don Henneke, PhD, as part of his doctoral research, the BCS scale ranges from 1 (poor) to 9 (obese) and offers an objective method of estimating a horse’s body-fat levels. Horses are scored based on visual and hands-on apprai
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Eq Keywords
antibody---disease-fighting substance produced by the body in response to the presence of an antigen. Banamine---trade name of flunixin meglumine, a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug used to control inflammation and pain primarily associated with c
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One Way To Make A Mare More Agreeable
A Colorado State University study suggests that removing a mare’s ovaries can have a positive effect on her behavior. The researchers reviewed the cases of 27 mares referred to the university clinic for generally poor behavior that was not associated
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Life Goes On
After a wildfire nearly claimed their home last year, Donna and Tony Kamstra looked for ways to return to normal. And part of that process for Donna was competing in team penning again. “The biggest thing was that she just had to get back to work wit
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Some Of Tom’s Horses
Note that there is not a set tail, nor any heavy shoe, nor a martingale or tie-down on any horse shown in this article. They are all ridden in a double bridle, but their mouths are not tied shut with a dropped or even a tight noseband. Riders typical
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The Innovative Tom Bass Bit
1. No sharp corners at points of pressure on lips or tongue. 2. Upper shanks bent outward to accommodate the thickness of the horse’s lips. 3. Mouthpiece slightly thicker than the traditional Weymouth, and the whole bit slightly heavier. 4. Tongue re
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The sight of a starving horse---all hipbones and withers---usually sparks an immediate and nearly overwhelming urge: We want to get that horse a bucket of grain. Immediately. But if you have ever rescued and cared for a malnourished horse, you know a
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Possible Causes Of “Sidewinder” Syndrome Identified
Researchers in California are investigating the potential causes of an unusual and devastating gait defect they’ve termed “sidewinder” syndrome. “Sidewinder isn’t the diagnosis but a description of how the horse moves, which is sometimes called ‘crab
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To Prepare For Emergency
Not all major emergencies come with evacuation orders, but when they do it’s important to be able to move immediately. So it’s wise to lay the groundwork for that process long before a crisis arises. Here are some suggestions for preparing your horse
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A Great American Horseman
This story begins with the Civil War---its causes and its aftermath. In 1877, after serving two terms as president, Ulysses S. Grant and his family embarked on a diplomatic tour of the world, meeting the leaders of many nations. On one stop, he viste
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CRISPR Technology Comes To The Horse World
Argentine researchers have successfully edited the genes in an equine embryo, raising the possibility of producing horses with custom-designed DNA. “To our knowledge,” they wrote in the paper announcing their work, “edited horse embryos had not been
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Pete’s Story
Susan Fanelli hadn’t seen Pete (not his real name) in 15 years when she got the call that he was in trouble. The Welsh Pony stallion was one of 47 neglected horses seized by authorities in South Carolina last spring. He was 19 years old and nearly st
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Horse-Powered Reading
Reading is an almost magical process in which deciphering lines and squiggles reveals a rich world of narrative and meaning. For children who have difficulty with reading, however, the doors to that world are largely closed. Addressing struggles with
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I’d never felt so free before. It seemed magical. The wind in my hair, the hooves beating on the ground. Particles of dust clouding my view, a big heartbeat beneath me. I reached both arms into the air and smiled. I was finally doing what I had been
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Pain Relief Potential Of Ketorolac For Horses Investigated
In a recent trial, the efficacy of ketorolac in treating hoof pain in horses was no better than for commonly used medications. But, say researchers, more studies are needed. The drug ketorolac tromethamine (Toradol) is no more effective at reducing h
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At The Horse Show
Rex McDonald’s last show, August 15, 1913 at the fairgrounds in Mexico, Missouri. It was a tour-de-force get-of-sire class, with every entrant a son or daughter of the great coal-black champion. From foreground to rear: Rex McDonald with his last own
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