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Traditional Self Build
HOMEOWNERS Melanie and Alan Williams LOCATION Medstead, Hampshire BUILD TIME Jun 2013 - Apr 2017 SIZE 248m2 CONSTRUCTION SYSTEM Masonry with beam and block ground floor, timber engineered joists and timber roof trusses PLOT COST £450,000 (2013)
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Case Study: "We Designed Our Own Scheme"
Melissa and Ed Addington’s extension and renovation is striking for many reasons — one of them being the ingenious lighting scheme. The lighting really brings the contemporary spaces to life and uses eye-catching fittings that highlight the form of t
Homebuilding & Renovating5 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Whether you’re starting from scratch with your lighting scheme in a new home or extension or are updating an existing design within a renovation project, the impact lighting can have on the way a home feels and works cannot be overemphasised. Using a
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Maintenance Tip
“It’s good practice to dry your sink with a soft cloth at the end of every day. This will avoid marks caused by limescale build-up, which can occur in hard water areas. This applies to all sink materials.” JEANETTE WARD communications manager at Fran
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The Team
MICHELLE GUY is Deputy Editor. She is an experienced homes journalist, and has just completed her kitchen renovation. She’s currently lining up trades to decorate the next room on the reno hit list! NATASHA BRINSMEAD is Associate Editor and has wo
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What To Do About Hard Water
The Green Homes Grant seemed like it was going to survive after Rishi Sunak’s latest budget left it untouched, but the axe has now fallen — it is no more. In any case, it was never all it was cracked up to be. Maybe the reason that it didn’t fulfil i
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The Knowledge
Used in southern and eastern England since Roman times, flint is a fine-grained silica that is hard and impervious — hence its enduring popularity as a material for walls, buildings and even pathways. For this project, Alan used flint as a decorative
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“We Self-built For £150K”
Homebuilding projects like Alan and Melanie’s don’t come around very often. Built to a staggering budget, the large, traditional home is stunning inside and out. Here Alan talks to AlisonWall about how they achieved their latest self-build. How did y
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The Categories
The judges are looking for self-build projects of all styles and budgets. This category is for well-designed new homes with wow factor Self-Build Zone is the market leader self-build insurance provider. Our Site Insurance and Structural Warranties
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Self-build& Renovation
Homeowners are becoming more evaluative about the improvements they make to their homes following the pandemic, says Bank of England’s chief economist, with many considering higher quality updates as a result of the ‘accidental savings’ made. Stephen
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Key Suppliers
ARCHITECT Ben White Architecture: www.benwhitearchitecture.co.uk INTERIOR CABINETRY AND JOINERY DESIGN AND BUILD Tom Salkeld, Bear Joinery: 07866531742 LIGHTING DESIGN AND FABRICATION Eleanor Bell: www.eleanorbell.co.uk MAIN CONTRACTOR (EXTENSION)
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Goodbye Green Homes Grant
Aside from being a Covid-related job creation scheme, the point of the Green Homes Grant was to fund homeowners to improve thermal efficiency. When it was launched in September 2020, it was heralded as a great idea. It would raise awareness, reduce h
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Forever Home Or Selling On?
“The decision concerning whether to build or clad your home in a material deemed ‘non-conventional’ may come down to whether you are planning to sell in the foreseeable future. If reselling is a priority then it could be wise to use a construction ma
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Land Without Planning Consent
Failure to win planning consent is one of the most common setbacks leading to promising pieces of land failing to become building plots, so it’s worth hedging your bets. Make no mistake, buying land without planning approval is risky, as there’s no c
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Ask The Experts
Q Can I use polished concrete with underfloor heating? HANNAH AND DANIEL, LANCASHIRE Polished concrete flooring is achieved using poured concrete with chemical densifiers added; these densifiers act to fill the holes and pores in the concrete. Onc
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If In Doubt Have A Pre-app
Planning professionals are experts at what they do, so they don’t usually need the view of a local authority to know whether a plot is developable or not. That said, some plots are more complicated than others. If you’re trying to push the boundaries
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Renovating Victorian house a : 10 GREAT DESIGN IDEAS
Victorian houses are packed full of character, often including soaring ceilings, pretty mouldings, classy woodwork and countless other decorative details, so it isn’t hard to see why so many would-be renovators are enamoured by them. However, they ar
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Glulam Glamour
This striking contemporary home, a reinterpretation of the suburban villa designed by Mole Architects, stands proud on a street otherwise dominated by Victorian and Edwardian houses. The building is constructed entirely from a frame of solid cross la
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• A green retrofit in Somerset • A characterful kitchen extension • A spacious new home built for £150k • An oak frame barn extension ■
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Amazing Porch Ideas
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Project Costs
Material costs around £100,000 Triple glazed aluminium windows and doors £19,000 Electrics and plumbing £14,000 Kitchen £12,000 Michelmersh handmade bricks £7,000 Plasterboarding and plastering £7,000 Demolition £6,000 Sandtoft Humber clay tiles £5,0
Homebuilding & Renovating1 min de lectureHome & Garden
With Acquabella’s new Temp Arabba flush shower tray (£650) and wall panels (here in Crema, £176) a wetroom finish can be achieved without tiling. Hot baths have been linked to lower the risk of heart problems in research by Osaka University in Japa
Homebuilding & Renovating1 min de lecturePolitics
Don’t Pay When You Don’t Need To
One of the major benefits of building your own home is that you can reclaim VAT using HMRC’s VAT431NB form. This includes materials that are fixed into the house. The interpretation of this can be complex. For instance, you can reclaim VAT on timber
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Greener Pastures
There was nothing straightforward about the purchase of Clair and Guy’s home in the heart of rural North Yorkshire. The couple were living in London when they heard about the property through the grapevine (before it had even come onto the market) an
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Amazing Exterior Makeovers
An uninspiring 1970s home on the perfect plot has given way to a tradition-inspired makeover, complete with maintenance-free render, authentic brickwork and a delicate clay tile roof. An extension over the double garages has increased the usable spac
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Virtual Build Events In May
Barbara Jones will teach this School of Natural Building course on straw building, the necessary qualities and standards, and how to design with straw panels. This workshop, virtually held at the National Self Build & Renovation Centre, will showca
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Cost Breakdown
Kitchen, boot room and appliances including Aga £50,000 Internal plumbing including all sanitaryware £50,000 Electrical including fixtures £40,000 Tile flooring including bathrooms £34,000 Windows and external doors £25,000 Oak staircase
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Beginner’s Guide To Self-build
There are many benefits to building your own home. It is an opportunity to create a unique home tailored around your lifestyle. It can be a route to creating a home that will adapt as your needs change, for instance accommodating wheelchair use. It a
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Flat Feat
These blocks of flats and houses are the project of mutual housing cooperative LILAC, who worked with architects White Design to create beautiful community homes using ModCell, a modern mixed construction method that uses a timber frame construction
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5 Things To Consider
If the garage is integrated, it’s likely to have been built to the same standard as the rest of the house in terms of its thermal performance, but this is not always the case. The garage’s construction will inevitably dictate the work required. Insta
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