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Book review: Check out Tales From The Archives
Can’t make it to Milwaukee for a visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum? To experience The Motor Company’s daunting collection, the next best thing might be a visit to Aaron Frank’s recently published book, The Harley-Davidson Story: Tales From The Arch
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On The Web!
We’re giving away a new Royal Enfield twin to one lucky reader, who will receive their choice of Continental GT or an INT 650. To enter the Motorcycle Classics Royal Enfield Giveaway, go to
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One Year Wonder
It’s a cliché to say that there’s nothing new under the sun, but so often in motorcycle development terms that’s all too true. Consider the single-sided swingarm on the 1950 Moto Guzzi Galletto, conceived 30 years before ELF patented such a feature,
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Plan That Trip
With winter nearing and the end of seasonable riding weather coming soon for some of us, I’ve turned my thoughts to planning future trips. In the course of putting together this issue, a few interesting motorcycle experiences came to light. Prompted
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The Sammy Miller Museum
The Sammy Miller Museum ( in New Milton, Hampshire, U.K., is crammed full of interesting machines — including factory prototypes and numerous ingenious designs from all over the world. It also counts as one of the world’s largest co
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Motorcycle Classics
Motorcycle Classics3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
White Elephant
Ten years or so ago, as part of a panel discussing the future of vintage motorcycle collecting, the question of The Next Big Collectible was raised. My vote? The unloved and much maligned Ducati Paso. My esteemed panelist partners — including Ducati
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Four-play: 1977-1979 Suzuki GS750
When Suzuki launched its first 4-cylinder, 4-stroke motorcycle, the company knew it had to build a winner. There was no going back: the days of 2-stroke motorcycles on U.S. roads were coming to an end, and the new bike was running dangerously late ag
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“Mikuni Carburetors, And Many Others, Have Two Adjustment Screws.”
Q: Hi Keith. I read your article on Triumph T140E wiring and the Lucas Rita ignition. My 1976 Triumph T140, which has been heavily customized, has this system fitted. The bike is being recommissioned, very slowly due to time, but I’m working on the e
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Honda’s 750 Four K0 of 1969 defined the air-cooled inline four motorcycle for a decade. But by 1975, the DOHC Kawasaki Z1 featured newer technology. Honda’s response was the updated 750F Super Sports, identified by a new 4-into-1 exhaust. At the rear
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Rides And Destinations
Enlightenment or enslavement, or perhaps both: Such is the story of the Spanish missions established in Alta California, from San Diego to San Francisco, from 1769 to 1823. Spain claimed California in the 1500s, but no one was there to watch the stor
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The Cub That Could
Once upon a time, an enterprising kid could get a paper route. This was, of course, back when everyone read newspapers. The impetus for the paper route was, for many kids, the opportunity to acquire enough money to purchase something that was beyond
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The Skinny
What: La Purisima Mission, 2295 Purisima Rd, Lompoc, CA 93436, (805) 733-3713. $6 to park (less if you squeeze more than one motorcycle into a parking spot). How to Get There: Take U.S. Highway 101 to Buellton, and head west on State Route 246. Stay
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Moto Guzzi Falcone Sport
Sometimes when you ride a motorcycle for the first time, you feel underwhelmed by the indifferent engine performance, so-so handling, ordinary brakes and flat-as-a-fart exhaust. But sometimes it feels just right. The 1957 Falcone Sport is one of thos
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Don’t Miss These Upcoming Events!
Visit Norcross, Georgia, for the 30th Annual Blue Moon Cycle Euro Bike Swap Meet on Saturday, Oct. 31. The swap meet is open to all parts, accessories and apparel for European motorcycles. Display your late model, used or classic bike for sale in the
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The Dondolino That Won Milan-Taranto
When the Milan-Taranto long-distance race was re-introduced in May 1950, most spectators thought that a Gilera Saturno was sure to win the event — and there were enough of them in the field to make a bet almost certainty. But although the faster and
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Recommended Products
Whether considering an ocean-to-ocean cross-country journey, a vacation ride through the Canadian Rockies, a full-length tour of the Blue Ridge Parkway, or an ambitious Four-Corners ride, Motorcycle Journeys Through North America provides the “bigide
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Honda Rc181
Imagine if today’s MotoGP champion Marc Marquez was so unhappy with his Honda’s handling that he hired a local frame-builder to improve it. That was what Mike “The Bike” Hailwood did back in the 1960s. Mike Hailwood is widely known today as one of th
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Memorabilia — More Than Just Trinkets and Trash
Whether you’ve been riding for 50 years or five months, whether you’re a seasoned racer or a dedicated rail bird, or that you happen to be a lone biker who simply enjoys pointing a bike’s headlight into the wind, chances are you’ve collected some mot
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A Lesson In Perfection
From a very young age, motorcycle enthusiast Gary Athey worked diligently under his father’s tutelage at Athey’s Garage in Green Bay, Wisconsin. Started in 1946 by his dad, the garage looked after machining and rebuilding all manner of engines, trans
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Swinging Singles: A Pair Of Bultacos
There was something special, even magical, about Grand Prix motorcycle road racing in the 1960s that makes it so unforgettable to this day. Engines of that era led to cutting-edge technology, creating some of the most incredible race bikes ever. Whil
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Ago’s Artifacts
Giacomo Agostini is motorcycling royalty, so being granted an audience with the 15-times World Champion at his hilltop home in the historic Northern Italian city of Bergamo, is a bit like having tea with the Queen at Windsor Castle. The most successf
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Spend A Day With A Living Legend: The Details
Visits to Ago’s Sala Trofei can only be arranged by contacting his daughter Vittoria Agostini at the Villa Vittoria Charme e Relax at Tel. +39 035 239209 The package is officially known as Una Giornata col Campione — A Da
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Magic Mountains
How can an entire mountain range disappear? Though they’re clearly visible from Seattle and southern Vancouver Island, the closer you get to the Olympic Mountains of Washington State, the harder they are to see. The reason? They’re in the middle of t
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Behind Closed Doors
Whether you’re a diehard Harleyphile or someone who simply enjoys motorcycles of all brands, shapes, sizes and colors, a visit to the Harley-Davidson Museum in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is well worth the trip. The imposing structure, an edifice to the bl
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Dream Machine
Captivated by the MV Agusta 750S America in the late 1970s, Rick Fuhry wrote a letter to Hatboro, Philadelphia-based distributor Cosmopolitan Motors Ltd. Rick admits he was simply dreaming about the motorcycle but was curious about price and availabi
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From Big O to Big Zer-O
How and why, exactly, did Ontario Motor Speedway — aka The Big O — fail? Several factors contributed to its demise, but in the end the fickle finger of fate primarily points to the root of all evil — money. In particular it was real estate money that
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Blown Boxer
Australia’s Troy Corser marked the 20th anniversary staging of the UK’s Goodwood Revival in 2018 by thundering to his debut victory in the Barry Sheene Memorial Trophy event — the world’s most prestigious Historic road race, which that year catered f
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TROY CORSER: Practice Makes Perfect!
Australian two-time World Superbike champion Troy Corser, 48, has been a regular contender for a rostrum finish at the Goodwood Revival ever since he first raced there eight years ago, after his final season in World Superbike with the BMW factory te
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Period Modified
Launching a drag racing motorcycle down the quarter mile takes a tremendous amount of concentration. A competitor needs to focus solely on making it to the end of the run, everything else is just a distraction. But surely, back in the 1950s and 1960s
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