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Your Home
Find online at Formahouse.co.uk ■
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Your Style Cosy Knitwear
Get all wrapped up with Dancing Leopard’s statement knitwear collection. From high-neck jumpers to throw-on cardies and coordinating sets, these are the comfy, cool styles you’ll find yourself wearing on repeat. Go to dancingleopard.co.uk to shop the
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Food And Drink
This new alcoholic sparkling water comes in three delicious flavours. Choose from zingy lemon and lime, fruity peach and raspberry or tropical passionfruit and turmeric. These delicious pouches of organic, vegan and gluten free cookie dough are packe
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It burst!
Flicking off my morning alarm, I could barely open my eyes. ‘School Amber,’ my mum, Daniella called. Unlike most teenagers, I would have loved nothing more than to throw off my bedsheets and get ready for school. Only, as I laid in the darkness, pain
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Heart Stopping
Standing at Twickenham train station, my knees began to weaken, and my body swayed. Me and my friends had spent all day watching the rugby sevens, on an unbearably hot summer’s day, in 2010. ‘I think I must be a bit dehydrated,’ I said, while my body
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Snowdrop Festival
Fresh air and the beautiful first signs of spring are a reminder of the changing seasons and the promise of what’s to come. So, shake off the winter and a year like no other with the National Garden Scheme 2021 Snowdrop Festival. On a wintry day ther
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Your Brainwaves…
This week, our tip of the week will receive a great product from Addis! For a quick makeover, try this stylish two piece rattan effect bathroom set, which includes a 5L swing bin and a durable toilet brush. They are hard wearing and wipe clean. Will
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Pick Of The Week
The battle of the clay returns in a brand-new series! Hosted by Siobhán McSweeney, we follow as 12 of Britain’s best home potters compete to become champion. In this first episode, judges Keith Brymer Jones and Rich Miller set the potters two challen
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www.theastrologyroom.com Your personal and professional life are going to be placing quite a few surprises in your path. In particular, the feelings of a close one are going to be revealed to be a lot stronger than you had ever imagined. This last ye
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Hub Of The Home
First, create zones for storage in all cupboards and draws. Set areas for food storage, cleaning, preparation, dishwasher storage and cooking zones. Remove all items from your cupboards and organise them by their sell by date. This will stop food goi
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Smart Investment
Listening to the TV from the next room, I cringed as I heard my own voice. My husband Nathan, 45 and eldest daughter, Lauren, 18, were glued to the screen as they watched me appear on Dragons’ Den. And while they were loving watching my five minutes
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Surf’s Up
Chucking all the gear into the back of the van, the whole family piled in. Me, my husband Lee, 37, and our two children, Gracie, 10, and Nate, four, were off for a day at the beach. Westward Ho! is just a five-minute drive away from our house and it’
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Fill It!
Complete the grid then read down the shaded squares to reveal the hidden answer. Clue: Sport. 6 Latin American dance music (5) 7 & 26 Ac. 2018 music biopic starring 10 Across, 17 Down & 22 Down (8,8) 10 Lucy _, star of the films Miss Potter, Murder o
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Split Decision
You may have noticed that many couples you know have broken up during lockdown. Perhaps, unfortunately, you’re even experiencing this first-hand. Every year in January, as the festive cheer fades, and the pressure of the holiday season comes around,
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Strike It!
On your bingo card, cross out all the numbers that appear on the balls. Read the letters beside the remaining numbers on your card from left to right to spell out your answer word. Tunisia (Cross out: 8, 12, 17, 23, 24, 39, 50, 66, 80, 81) ■
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Adjusting To Life After A Divorce
There is a lot of advice out there on how to adjust to life after a divorce, but not all of it is that helpful in the early days. You can focus on eat, pray, and loving your way around the world, and taking up yoga later. But first, you should focus
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Number Fit!
Which one of the listed numbers won’t fit in this mini grid? 3597/5395/5779/5937/7537 7537 ■
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Globe Trotter!
Goats really are my spirit animal. They are incredibly smart and inquisitive about the world, and are always down for an adventure! That’s why Frankie makes such an excellent travel companion, with me and my husband Chad, 48. We’ve had her since 2014
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Your Dilemmas…
Sue Tappenden is a Coach and People Expert who helps her clients improve their relationship with themselves and others. (www.headspaceforchange.com) Q When lockdown meant we had to postpone our wedding, I was devastated, but my fiancé seemed relieved
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Gemma Collins FlaGINgo alcoholic liqueur, £19.99, Prezzybox.com Bring out your inner diva with this delicious kiwi and lime premium gin, inspired by Britain’s most-loved TV personality. Obama Llama 2 game, £20, Debenhams Rhyme your socks off! Act out
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INSTANT Appointment
Anna Middleton, dental hygienist and founder of www.londonhygienist.com Q I drink a lot of tea and I’ve started to notice stains on my teeth. Will I ever be able to get rid of them? Milly, Liverpool A Think of it this way – if it can stain your carpe
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Crack It!
Work out which letter each number represents. When you’ve filled the grid, put the correct letters into the answer boxes at the bottom to spell out a word. We’ve given you five to start you off. Crack it! Enchanted
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Pedaling as fast as I could, I was making my way from Berwick Upon Tweed to Cornwall for Anchor Hanover, England’s largest not-for-profit provider of care and housing for older people. I was carrying around a 90th birthday card for the Queen for peop
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Train Your Brain!
Choose a different route to get to work each week or try a different mode of transport, like biking or using public transport instead of driving. Your brain will benefit and you might be surprised by how easy it is to change your thinking. Researcher
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Look Amazing!
Resilience is strength. It’s about adapting and bouncing back from life’s challenges with your emotional and physical wellbeing strong and heavy. However, with busy and chaotic lives, most of us forget to take some time for ourselves. That’s why the
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Pick Me Up!
Editor: Gail Shortland Senior Writer: Hannah Poon Feature Writers: Rosie Crass, Nia Dalton, Monica Meade Senior Designer: Victoria Elliott Designer: Emily Kelford Junior Designers: Yazz Williams, Hollie Moxham, Mel Walter ■
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Spot Of Bother
Adding yet another layer of makeup to my skin, I was trying my best to conceal my spots. But no matter what I tried, nothing seemed to work. Aged 13, and at boarding school with my friends, I was suffering from terrible acne. ‘Don’t worry about it,’
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Easy Eats…
Makes: 0ne 30x20cm tray □ 300g sugar free marshmallows□ 50g coconut oil□ 200g Rice Crispies□ 5 individual packets Fruit Bowl Yogurt Flakes□ 300g yogurt drops 1Line a 30cm x 20cm tray with parchment. Place the marshmallows and coconut oil in a large g
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1 Reflection of sound (4) 5 Drive on this (4) 6 Potato (4) 7 Long, thin fishes (4) 1 Gaelic (4) 2 Manage (4) 3 Amount of fish caught (4) 4 Betting chances (4) Read down the shaded squares for the answer. Cape
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Health News
A recent study has shown that inactivity for longer than ten hours increases chances of death by 263 percent, compared to those who exercised and were inactive for no longer than eight hours a day. This evidence comes from scientists who studied 44,0
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