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All Change In The WEC
The schedule for the World Endurance Championship (WEC) has been thrown into disarray with the cancellation of the opening round in Sebring, Florida in March, replaced by Portimao that was confirmed early in March and then delayed to June, and moving
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Bar Talk
TECHNOLOGY – SLIP ANGLE In previous OptimumG articles, we have discussed how to define springs and dampers. We then took a little detour to talk about ‘magic numbers’, especially anti-roll stiffness distribution, a necessary step in determining fron
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Claw Back
Formula 1’s pre-season testing conundrum – how best to recover approximately 1.5 seconds lost due to aerodynamic restrictions and tyre sidewall construction changes – has its roots in decisions taken by the sport’s collective executive exactly a year
Racecar Engineering6 min de lectureAutomotive
Bump And Grind
One of the great myths that perpetuate racecar engineering is the role bump steer plays. Like its close cousin, roll centre, and anti-dive and anti-squat, if you want to see the sparks fly walk into a bar and full of race engineers and say bump steer
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Back In The Saddle
Ferrari has confirmed it will return to Le Mans for the first time since 1973 with a full factory team, aiming to add to its total of nine overall wins at the French endurance classic. It was in 1965 that the marque last won at Le Mans, Masten Gregor
Racecar Engineering9 min de lectureAutomotive
Stepping Stone
The R5 class of rally car (now known as Rally2 under the FIA’s new pyramid structure) has been one of the greatest regulatory successes of the past decade. With several thousand R5s now built by a host of manufacturers, the balance between performanc
Racecar Engineering3 min de lectureAutomotive
In Brief
The Le Mans 24 Hours announced its 62-car entry for the 89th edition of the race in August. The race will feature five Hypercars, 25 LMP2s, seven GTE Pro entries and no fewer than 24 GTE Am contenders. Zircotec has launched a new heat shield soluti
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Racecar Engineering
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Racecar Engineering2 min de lectureChemistry
Bespoke Fuel Or ‘Drop-in’ Fuel?
Pat Symonds, F1’s technical director, says Formula 1 considered bespoke fuels to maximise performance before deciding on ‘drop-in’ fuels, which replace existing fuels with minimal modifications required to the existing power units. Why, and what are
Racecar Engineering5 min de lectureAutomotive
Long In The Tooth?
Q l wonder if you’d like to comment on leading and trailing arms on Citroëns, Volkswagens, old Fords and others? When a leading or trailing arm that slopes down toward the rear hits a bump, the rearward component of the force exerted on the arm tends
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Viva the Revolution
Motorsport has a reputation for innovation across its ranks, from karting through to Formula 1, and everything in between. The competitive nature of the sport forces high-speed development, quite unlike any other industry, and the engineering solutio
Racecar Engineering4 min de lecture
The Age Of Conflict
In the 1980’s IndyCar, two British companies, first March and then Lola, introduced production racecars to the premier US open wheel motorsport world. Previous to the successful Indy 500 forays by Lotus and Lola with F1-inspired machines, the traditi
Racecar Engineering1 min de lectureAutomotive
TECH SPEC: MSport Fiesta Rally3
Chassis: Ford Fiesta Mk8 Engine: 1500cc, direct injected, turbocharged I3, DOHC Transmission: Five-speed sequential with front and rear plate differentials, manual RW disconnect Suspension: MacPherson strut front and rear Power output: 215bhp To
Racecar Engineering10 min de lecture
The Critical Speed
What makes the Indy 500 unique in the racing environment is speed. The best-qualified car in 2020 reached an average lap speed of more than 230mph. Clearly, the honour of being the fastest race in the world comes with the burden of many additional an
Racecar Engineering3 min de lectureAutomotive
Four Square
The move to four-wheel drive in Formula 1 under new regulations that are being discussed for 2025 is a revolution in terms of a rule set. This would be the first time such a layout is compulsory in the global single seat category. It’s not, however,
Racecar Engineering3 min de lectureChemistry
Subjectively Sustainable
Sustainability is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days. By definition, sustainable means ‘able to be maintained at a certain rate or level’ or ‘conserving an ecological balance by avoiding depletion of natural resources.’ Across motorsport an
Racecar Engineering8 min de lecture
Glick Bait
Jim Glickenhaus has taken the next step in his commitment to endurance racing and signed up to take a Hypercar to this year’s Le Mans 24 Hours, and compete in rounds of the FIA World Endurance Championship. His 007C, a ground-up design that features
Racecar Engineering2 min de lectureComputers
Cost-effective Crash Recorder
The FIA has developed a new, low-cost Impact Data Recorder (IDR), a major advancement in its effort to reduce fatal accidents around the world and improve safety in grass roots motorsport. Developed by the FIA Safety Department, in collaboration wit
Racecar Engineering9 min de lecture
Fuel For Thought
Honda’s exit announcement – ostensibly to fund future electrification research and development mobility projects – sent shockwaves through Formula 1. It was the first such withdrawal since Liberty Media acquired the sport’s commercial rights in 2017,
Racecar Engineering11 min de lecture
At All Cost
Gianni Lancia must have followed the 1956 Formula 1 World Championship with a certain level of bemusement. His rivals of old, Scuderia Ferrari, won five of the seven grands prix in which the team competed, and Ferrari driver, Juan Manuel Fangio, was
Racecar Engineering2 min de lecture
A Few Words With Jim
RE: You seem to have hit a sweet spot with the fans in the pre-season with your digital media results and openness with the technology you are using. JG: ‘It is tremendously pleasing. I don’t understand the secrecy of everyone else. Would I steal a
Racecar Engineering11 min de lectureAutomotive
Pressure Tests
Testing began with the car and crew at the All American Racers (AAR) factory in Santa Ana, California. Things were coming together quite late, many problems hadn’t found their solution and many more complexities of working within the LMP-H class were
Racecar Engineering2 min de lecture
Natural Fibre Future
With a view to the future, Prodrive Composites has been developing natural fibre composites, bio-resins and considering all aspects of its business from a sustainability and recycling standpoint. ‘We have parallel developments using two approaches
Racecar Engineering4 min de lecture
Listen, Learn And Adapt
Lockdown slump. Biggest economic collapse for centuries. Brexit problems unresolved. Tesla share price up 420 per cent. Incomes rise two per cent in 2020. UK business has £100bn in cash reserves. Households have ‘accidental’ savings of £250bn… Sound
Racecar Engineering7 min de lecture
Tyre modelling 101
When it comes to tyre models, most people are convinced it’s either impossible, hocus pocus or you need 50 degrees in rocket science to complete the job. None of these preconceptions are true. After nearly 25 years of doing this professionally, it st
Racecar Engineering7 min de lectureChemistry
Carbon Neutral
Carbon fibre is not a recent invention, it has been around for more than 150 years, but the last half-century or so has seen significant improvements in its manufacturing process that allow for its excellent strength-to-weight and stiffness-to-weight
Racecar Engineering12 min de lecture
Go With The Flow
Refuelling our cars is something most of us do as we go about our days and weeks without giving it much thought. Tank hits empty, we add fuel. Simple as that. True to form though, by adding an element of time pressure, motorsport takes what are seen
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Race car Engineering
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2021 Vision
You could be mistaken in thinking the 2021 Formula 1 World Championship will be very similar to 2020, with teams carrying over much of their cars’ design for another year – a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic pushing the new era of F1 to 2022.
Racecar Engineering2 min de lecture
Mazda Confirms IMSA Departure
Mazda has confirmed it will quit the IMSA United Sportscar series at the end of this season, having dropped to a single car entry for this year. The manufacturer has elected to make the move ahead of a change to LMDh regulations, which will include a
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