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Could Your Club Be The Club Of The Year?
Applications are open for the RYA and Yachts & Yachting Club of the Year Awards, which celebrate the achievements of sailing clubs across the UK. All RYA-affiliated clubs in the UK are eligible for the competition, which is sponsored once again by Ga
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There are some boats you wouldn’t mind lending out to a friend. How much harm could you do to a Laser or a Topper for example? Not much, although I bet you’re already thinking of at least 10 different ways I - or anybody else - could ruin your pride
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Boat Show Kit Special
It’s been a strange old season but some things never change – come September, it’s boat show time. Over the next few pages we bring you some of the exciting new kit launches to be found at the Boats2020 event and elsewhere. The Boats2020 event is a m
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Race To The Lonely Rock (well, Almost)
The inaugural Lonely Rock Race served up a range of testing conditions for a diverse fleet of predominately very experienced sailors and well-proven yachts. After a summer of weather noted mostly for successive heat waves, conditions for the first 60
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Boat Shows To Go Ahead In September
The 52nd Southampton Boat Show may have been postponed until next year, but there are now three smaller boat shows in Southampton over the same dates, 11-20 September. British Marine’s mini-Southampton Boat Show is called Boats2020 and we preview the
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AROUND The Top Of Scotland
If this journey were an ascent, the mountaintop would naturally be the Orkney Islands, and the last camp on the route would be Wick. We arrived there ahead of strong easterly winds, which might have prevented us from entering the harbour and sent us
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Sailing The World
Before setting off on any offshore cruise it is essential to understand, in depth, the vagaries of the world’s weather systems and ocean currents. All sailors must be able to make their own decisions independently of any route planning services or pi
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Spotlight On The Sailors
Pip Hare needs no introduction. She’s one of the best British sailors of her generation, with her sights firmly set on this year’s Vendée Globe race. She competed in the Lonely Rock Race with world sailing speed record holder Paul Larsen and seasoned
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Racing Revived But Disappointment For Some
The relaxing of Covid-19 restrictions in July and August prompted a spate of regattas and racing around the British Isles, with further events planned for the late season. Uncertainty continued to cause cancellations, most notably the Round the Islan
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For a sailor from the Solent, Orkney is in the far north. But far from being off the beaten track, for millennia Orkney was the beaten track, and even in the 20th century this archipelago had central significance as a naval centre. In his article wri
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Reading Wind Roses
A full explanation of how to use the info on the wind rose is given on each wind pilot chart. However, this example shows the prevailing wind is east or northeast, and the most common wind strength from these directions is Force 4, since each feather
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The Evolution Of Racing Round The Rock
With RORC’s biennial Rolex Fastnet Race due to switch to a finish off Cherbourg, France from 2021 in order to accommodate a larger fleet, Plymouth's Royal Western Yacht Club decided to resurrect a race format first used by the club in 1925 - together
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August Regatta Highlights, Plus Forthcoming Events On Track
Salcombe Yacht Club marked its 125th anniversary with a successful race week, 85 boats taking to the water in glorious conditions and the rare spectacle of racing on the estuary thoroughly welcomed by locals and holidaymakers. The club’s planned anni
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Oban, sheltered behind the island of Kerrera, is a haven for yachts and a hub for ferries that transport people to and from the islands. It’s a natural harbour, but hasn’t always been a significant port. What has made it such a success? Whisky? Seafo
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Sustaining The Dream
Ask Hannah Mills about the unthinkable – that the Olympics might be cancelled – and she replies evenly: “Obviously that thought crosses your mind, but the only thing you can do is to push it aside and just say ‘it’s irrelevant’. You can’t stop traini
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The appointment of a harbourmaster in France is a political one. It is a role selected by the mayor and, as such, this means that it can be open to an element of baksheesh. This is because, in some ports, the job is something of a sinecure. Without w
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News Briefs
Entries are open for a competition to find the best sailing video shot this century. Supported by Group Mirabaud, the Mirabaud Sailing Video Award is open to professional cameramen, directors, editors, TV production companies as well as professional
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Nova tied up right at the heart of Belfast’s Titanic Quarter. In his article for the 12 Ports project, award-winning author Alf McCreary explores how a mud-locked inlet, which seemed to lack the raw materials for success, turned into one of the world
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Inspiring Women In Sailing
Gender imbalance has long existed across all areas of sailing; take a glance about you, it’s not hard to miss. Now, a Strategic Review into Women in Sailing by the World Sailing Trust has gathered irrefutable data to back up anecdotal evidence, gathe
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Time Out
They say not to judge a book by its cover but in this case, I think it’s safe to do so. A Cruise in an Opium Clipper covers precisely that subject matter. Captain Lindsey Anderson relates in some detail his time serving aboard the clipper schooner Ea
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Burling And Tuke Join SailGP
The SailGP series was bolstered with the news that New Zealand would be taking part next season, with the crew including Pete Burling and Blair Tuke. The pair are among the most successful sailors in the world, as reigning 49er Olympic champions and
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Exiled At Sea For 70 Days
As an Australian-Portuguese couple sailing around the world on a very simple cutter rigged 42ft monohull, we had heard about the coronavirus as we checked out of Cien Fuegos, Cuba on 10 March but we never would have imagined the world shutting down i
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“Women need to think that they have as much right to be on the boat in the same way as they have every right to be in any given job role. We need to shake off that ‘apologetic’ mindset. Giving women opportunities in sport not only enables women to be
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Shortlist Watermakers
This 12V system is claimed to be the world’s smallest electric desalinator and draws only four amps from 12 volt systems. It weighs 11.6kg and rated output is 5.7 litres per hour, although it’s only suitable for use in clear water. • £3,200 • katadyn
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Alex Thomson qualifies for Vendée Globe
British sailor Alex Thomson has officially qualified for the Vendée Globe, with a six-day solo passage on board the new Hugo Boss. And the Gosport man has been speaking about the Vendée-Arctique-Les Sables d’Olonne Race, which featured many of his li
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Spoilt For Choice
The freedom to make decisions for ourselves is one of the foundations of modern western culture. Sometimes too much choice can be a bad thing, but generally, we all agree it’s for the best. All of which brings me to the Dufour 530 – yes, that’s right
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Female Pioneers
I discovered Clare through her first book, Come Hell or High Water. She crossed the Atlantic single-handed twice and was the skipper of 11 crew in the Whitbread Round the World Race, in 1977. A female captain; her five year career in sailing was unpl
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Three Of The Best
The Sigma 38 first appeared on the scene in 1985 after RORC and the Royal Thames Yacht Club, reflecting on the tragic events of the 1979 Fastnet Race, opted to sponsor a one design class that would stand up to the rigours of tough offshore racing. Th
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Dee Goes For The Olympics
Record-breaking circumnavigator Dee Caffari is going for her first Olympics, as she competes with young gun James Harayda for Great Britain at the EUROSAF Mixed Offshore European Championship. The pair will go up against national double-handed teams
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Sam’s Verdict
I was impressed with the 530. Boat tests can be very subjective and this one was certainly helped by conditions the boat seemed to revel in. However, a boat that sails fast and reassuringly in boisterous conditions is a good one. Added to that, the 5
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