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Expert Resources For Producing A Sublime Sanctuary
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Bathrooms, as intimate, personal spaces, have to be functional and hard-wearing yet also provide a cocoon-like and indulgent zone where we can close the door and feel at peace. It is vitally important, therefore, to get the feel right, particularly a
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A Letter From Home
We’ve never had so many options to choose from in order to decorate our homes and perhaps that’s why the challenge of redesigning a space or refreshing a favourite room can feel as exciting as it is daunting. The best way for most of us to hone our i
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Expert Resources When Considering Bathroom Projects
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The English Home
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Often deemed purely functional spaces that are not seen by visitors to the home, ancillary spaces such as boot rooms, pantries, utility or flower rooms can left out in the cold when it comes to designing an interior. However, they can be just as care
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Personal style and architectural considerations are priorities when considering the design and layout of a sitting room. However, function is undeniably an important factor too – where some may require a sleek, elegant space for evening drinks and en
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Expert Resources For Ancillary Room Projects
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Expert Resources For Sitting Room Projects
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Enhancing SPACE & FLOW
The ideal is to have a home that works for all its inhabitants, with space, light, storage and other essentials in the right quantity and configuration so every need is catered for. If a property has some but not all of the desired necessities, for i
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Crafted From Nature
When the artist and designer Tom Raffield first discovered the traditional, age-old technique of steam-bending wood to craft into beautiful designs, it was something of a revelatory moment. As a young man, studying for his degree in 3D Sustainability
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Expert Resources When Considering Structural Projects
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The English Home7 min de lectureArchitecture
Whilst a kitchen plays an important utilitarian role in any home, not all homeowners want it to look overtly practical. Indeed, many prefer the functionality of the space to be underplayed in terms of the design aesthetic, seeking instead to create a
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Where To Save WHERE TO SPEND &
Setting a budget for a house or room redesign and keeping to it is an essential element of every interior designer’s expertise. Their clues to budget control are invaluable in explaining how and why to be decisive in making choices. “Every project in
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Expert Resources For Kitchen Projects
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“Design-aware customers really are at the heart of everything we do,” explains Susan Folwell, co-founder of Devon-based retail showroom Artisan Abode. “When we curate and create our furnishings collections, we do so in order to help them tap into the
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Characterful DINING ROOMS
Creating a sense of occasion need not necessarily translate to an overly formal environment. Where dining rooms of old may once have played a role in creating a distinct shift between the familiar kitchen supper and elegant dinner parties, today thei
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Essential Resources For Building And Restoration Projects
Representative forum for the professional bodies, research organisations and specialist business associations in the United Kingdom construction industry. Maintains and operates the Construction Industry Council Approved Inspectors Register (CICAIR (
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Expert Resources For Dining Room Projects
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The English Home1 min de lectureCrime & Violence
As outlined on the Government’s website, it is a legal requirement to check if building regulations approval is needed before constructing or changing buildings in certain ways. This can depend on the age and status of the property as listed with His
The English Home9 min de lectureArchitecture
Home offices by their very nature need to be functional spaces, providing somewhere to concentrate and plenty of storage for essentials. Yet they also need to be pleasant to spend time in. When designing such a space, thinking carefully about comfort
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Expert Resources For Creating An Area For Working From Home
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The English Home7 min de lectureArchitecture
Whilst the primary function of a bedroom is to offer a quiet and calm place for a good night’s sleep, it can also offer sanctury during the day if well designed. Investing in a quality bed should be pivotal when allocating budget – skimping will alwa
The English Home1 min de lecture
Expert Resources For Creating The Perfect Bedroom
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Sumptuous en suites & Dressing Rooms
To amplify the sense of sanctuary gained from retreating to the bedroom, design a fittingly decadent en-suite bathroom and dressing room in suitably co-ordinating colours and luxurious finishes. There are opportunities aplenty to experiment with layo
The English Home4 min de lectureArchitecture
Past Perfect
Whilst Stephanie Thorne strolls from room to room, admiring her cherished Christmas decorations, she reminisces about the day she first viewed the historic farmhouse that is now her home. “Although I instantly fell in love with the exterior, having s
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How To Make A Ribbon-covered Bauble
• Polystyrene ball• 2 types of ribbon• Scissors• Glue• Crochet flower Cut the ribbons into strips of equal length (each long enough to cover half the circumference of the polystyrene ball). Then fix the ribbon strips alternately with glue until the
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HOME Comforts
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Deep Midwinter Decorating
Every Christmas is a chance for rejoicing, reconnecting and relaxing, but this year may see celebrations taking on a different form. We do not know if large family reunions can take place, and lavish parties certainly seem to be off the agenda. Quiet
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Decking the halls with boughs of holly, ivy, mistletoe and other greenery is a long-held ritual whose roots lie in celebrations of the winter solstice and warding off evil spirits. Today the festive period sees all manner of greenery brought into the
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