Woman1 min de lectureAmerican Government
From The Palace
Joe Biden will become the 13th US president to meet the Queen when he flies to Britain for the G7 summit in June. Her Majesty will host the president on what is expected to be Biden’s first overseas visit since his inauguration. Seems incredible, but
Woman1 min de lectureFinance & Money Management
Each Lender Scores You Differently
When you apply for credit, each lender does its own individual assessment of you, using its bespoke scorecard. It’ll plug in all the data it has about you – from your credit file, the application form and any past dealings you’ve had with it – in ord
Woman1 min de lectureMedical
Flat Tummy Tricks
Including dairy as part of a calorie-controlled diet can aid weight loss, especially around the stomach,’ says British Dietetic Association spokesperson Chloe Miles. Plus it will protect your bones, too. She recommends having three low-fat portions a
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10 Must Knows About Your SUN CREAM
You need both UV and UVB protection, which is listed as broad-spectrum protection. UVA r to long-wave ray damage collagen, elastin and DNA. UVB rays are responsible for sunburn. A handy way to remember this is A for ageing and B for burning. The lev
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Zone your seating space and brighten a patio with a palm-print outdoor rug. This one is made from plastic and is fully waterproof, making it great for kids, pets and drink spills! You can also use it for picnics or indoors for bathrooms and kitchens.
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The popular trend for dark walls is still going strong, but instead of the ubiquitous charcoal grey, now it’s all about navy and peacock green. These opulent shades work surprisingly well for spring and summer, especially when lifted with accents of
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Make Your Mind Up!
I’m not saying Harry has changed his tune about Prince Charles, but back in 2017 he said, ‘[My father] was there for us. He was the one out of two left. And he tried to do his best and to make sure that we were protected and looked after.’ Fast forwa
Woman1 min de lectureComputers
I’m so excited about this week’s bumper issue. Our columnist Martin Lewis is here to give us some brilliant money advice (p72), we’ve got 16 pages of recipes (p42) so – whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner you need inspiration for, we’ve got it co
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Clothes have always been my thing. Even as a young child, I used to root around in my mum’s wardrobe and parade about in a variety of outfits. So it seemed completely natural for me to work in a clothes shop when I left school. I loved the job and he
Woman4 min de lecture
1 What year did Geri Halliwell leave the Spice Girls? a) 1997 b) 1998 c) 1999 2 Rachel Riley recently announced she’s expecting her second baby with Pasha Kovalev, but which year did she take part in Strictly Come Dancing and meet her now-husband?
Woman1 min de lectureFashion
All In Store Now!
Make a statement in floaty bold maxi dresses or opt for monochrome separates for a chic look that won’t break the bank. Sizes 8-20. Toughen up a ditsy-print outfit with chunky sandals. Shoes, £16 Update your wardrobe with quality M&S pastel suiti
Woman3 min de lecture
‘Harry has LOST HIS WAY’
Friends of Harry and Meghan fear the couple may be in crisis, as Buckingham Palace considers stripping all their remaining official ties to the Royal Family. Reports the Queen is considering such drastic action, I’m told, is said to have ‘rattled’ H
Woman1 min de lecture
‘My Lips Are Worn Out From Kissing All The Frogs.’
Scientists have found a sensitive brain connection is the reason some people hate hearing their partner chew or yawn. Misophonia is such a big issue there’s a rumour that the next Apple phone will have a ‘white noise’ function to block out irritating
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Kate Ferdinand has revealed that she won’t have any more children, just six months after welcoming baby Cree with husband Rio. Kate is also step-mum to Lorenz, 14, Tate, 12, and Tia, nine, and says that four kids is ‘enough’. ‘I think I’d be a madwom
Woman2 min de lecture
Deciding to breed your German shepherd is not to be taken lightly. Only the healthiest German shepherds should be bred as this is a pedigree that commonly suffers with ill health. Both mother and father should be screened for some of the more devasta
Woman2 min de lecture
Danger On The Roads
It wasn’t just me who screamed out in fear. Everyone who saw the teenager power his e-scooter across the path of an oncoming double-decker bus yelled out too. The bus driver slammed on his brakes, jumped out of his cab and yelled at the young man who
Woman1 min de lecture
Look Who’s Back
Australian actor Rose starred in US legal drama Damages from 2007 to 2012, playing Ellen Parsons, protégé to the ruthless Patty Hewes (Glenn Close). She’s also known for playing best friend Helen in hit film Bridesmaids (2011). She starred as feminis
Woman1 min de lecture
Fake It Don’t Bake It!
✱ St Tropez Tan x Ashley Graham Ultimate Glow Kit, £38, Asos, includes a tinted bronzing mousse and mitt to achieve a ‘South of France’ glow. The airy whip gives a streak-free finish and the subtle fragrance won’t leave you whiffy! ✱ St Moriz Colou
Woman2 min de lecture
Q With all the post-Brexit trade problems, my husband ended up being moved to night shifts. He started working that way a month ago. We’re still fine relationship-wise, but our sex life is non-existent. We hardly ever see each other now, let alone ha
Woman1 min de lecture
✱ To meet other solo travellers, book a holiday through a travel company such as solosholidays.co.uk ✱ Always tell a friend or relative where you are travelling to and notify them of your whereabouts while you’re away. ✱ Learn at least a few phrases
Woman1 min de lectureMedical
3 Ways To Boost Your Health This Week
‘A good night’s sleep is just as important for our wellness and overall immunity as a healthy diet and regular exercise,’ says Holland & Barrett nutritionist Emily Rollason. ‘In fact, your diet and exercise levels are linked to your quality of sleep.
Woman1 min de lecture
Leslie’s Life In Pictures!
Leslie was a teenager when she played the girlfriend of Phil Daniels’ character, Jimmy Cooper. One of Leslie’s best-known roles was as Neil Morrissey’s love interest Debs in the hit comedy. Leslie had lip fillers for a second time in her 40s but, u
Woman3 min de lecture
Summer Hair Fixes THAT WORK
Humidity is the enemy of smoothness. Hair sucks up the extra moisture in the air, causing strands to swell and fluff up. But if hair is well hydrated, it won’t absorb this environmental moisture. Primark x Andrew Fitzsimons Repair Hair Mask, £3.50, P
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Coming Soon...
Look out for Hi-de-Hi! legend Su Pollard when the cooking contest returns. Famed for playing potty Peggy in the 1980s comedy, she’ll be one of 20 celebs hoping to impress judges John Torode and Gregg Wallace with their cookery skills.  After a one-o
Woman3 min de lecture
The Picture That Means SO MUCH
Sitting in my wheelchair, I looked over at the row of tiny babies in their incubators. ‘Are they all ours, Mummy?’ my daughter, Ria, then three, asked as she stood beside me. ‘Just two of them,’ I laughed, her childish imagination instantly lighteni
Woman2 min de lecture
What to WATCH
As the postponed Euro 2020 tournament kicks off, ex-England striker Peter hosts Crouchy’s Year Late Euros: Live, a series of fun-packed shows following some of the biggest games.DJ and TV presenter Maya Jama joins him as co-host while Alex Horne and
Woman1 min de lectureMedical
Advice For Carers
Dementia may change the relationships between the person and those closest to them, who may find they take on the identity of a carer. While taking more responsibility may be necessary, it is important that the person with dementia continues to feel
Woman5 min de lecturePsychology
Why I’m Grieving For Our LOST FUTURE
I can still remember the day my husband Bob asked me what was for supper twice in less than a minute. I was in the kitchen and he was standing in the doorway watching as I prepared the meal. ‘What are we having?’ he asked for a second time, just seco
Woman2 min de lectureCooking, Food & Wine
The glow. It covers a multitude of things; anything from a good fake tan to a half hour puff round the park. Let’s look deeper… Let’s stoke up that glow from within and watch it radiate through our skin. The complexion will never lie, it shows ever
Woman1 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Claire’s Diet
Breakfast Nothing Lunch Shop-bought sandwich, pasty, cake, sugary fizzy drink Snack Two cheeseburgers Dinner Huge plate of spaghetti bolognese and garlic bread Evening snack Sugary tea and a family-sized bar of chocolate Breakfast Boiled eg
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