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Be Calmer By The Weekend
Feeling frazzled? These unsettling times are having a big impact on our mental health. In fact, women in their 50s now feel anxious for more than an hour and a half each day, compared to 57 minutes before the pandemic.* And that’s not all – as we age
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Relax and CHILL
There’s no doubt that life has been stressful over the last 12 months, so now’s the time to embrace the calming, cocooning powers of a long soak. It may even be good for your mental health too, since a study found that people who opted for a bath ove
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Normality Is In Sight
So, we’re all finally on the road(map) to somewhere. Schools have reopened, you’re allowed to meet a mate outdoors without pretending to ‘exercise’ and it won’t be long before it’s no longer illegal to get a haircut. The strange thing is, we’re not a
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Afraid TO ASK?
Q Last year, I turned 50 and my doctor told me I should stop using the combined oral contraceptive pill. He suggested I try a coil, which I agreed to, but my periods seem so much heavier. A The combined pill is not recommended for use in women over 5
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How To… Tell Your Kids You Can’t Afford It
Explain your situation and if you can’t afford something, it’s important not to give in to pester power and risk getting into debt. While parents may often use phrases like ‘money doesn’t grow on trees’ and ‘I’m not made of money’, remember it’s also
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During her final Friday slot on This Morning back in December, Ruth Langsford struggled to hold back the tears, as she thanked fans for their support. Losing the regular gig with husband Eamonn Holmes to Alison Hammond and Dermot O’Leary was a tough
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You always speak your mind and are increasing your earning capabilities. Drive and dedication will make this transition fun, enabling you to fulfil all your career ambitions. If you’re embarking on a new relationship, give it a trial period before c
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When To See Your GP
‘Low energy that persists and causes anyone to fall asleep during the day, especially if they snore loudly, may be a sign of sleep apnoea,’ says Dr Norton. ‘It can cause an increased risk of high blood pressure and heart problems, so see your GP.’ ■
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Backstage Goss!
It’s the RuPaul’s Drag Race UK finale on 18 March, which is one to watch for all of us at GMB and our Lorraine, who guest-starred on her favourite show this series. Here’s me with Michelle Visage when I had my drag makeover. No news from Corrie yet,
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PICS Of The Week
The Duke and Duchess of Sussex sat down for an interview with Oprah Winfrey to discuss their reasons for quitting life as working royals and relocating to the US. Nadia Sawalha shared this hilarious side-by-side snap of her and Kim Kardashian, wri
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The Adventure Of A Lifetime
Sipping a glass of wine, I flicked through the photo albums one by one, noticing how happy and excited I looked in each picture. They were of my trip to Antarctica in 2000, and another trip to Ghana and West Africa the following year. Yet now, 13 yea
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When Dickie Met Meryl!
Judging from this candid snap taken at the 2015 London premiere of her film Into the Woods, you’d think I was in peril with Meryl – but Ms Streep was actually paying me a compliment after I congratulated her on her grotesque transformation into a wit
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Feeling Fabulous In Our 50s
‘ Darlaine Honey, 59, lives in Kingston-upon-Thames. Walking into the party in my slinky dress, I noticed a man do a double-take. A few hours later, I left with his number – happy that, at 59 and after a double mastectomy, I could still feel and l
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What’s stealing YOUR ENERGY?
Energy is everything. It’s what gets us out of bed and gives us stamina when the going gets tough. But after the age of 50, our energy levels decline. And that’s not all. Thanks to the pandemic, 37% of Brits says they’re experiencing the lowest energ
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This Week’s Hot List
Anthony Hopkins looks odds-on for an Oscar nomination for his phenomenal performance as a prickly, stubbornly independent octogenarian who remains in denial about his increasing mental frailty while his weary daughter (Olivia Colman, similarly brilli
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BOOST Your Mood!
A sleek kit for exercising can help you feel strong, powerful and confident. A supportive sports bra is essential for those with a fuller bust, while matching leggings will streamline your look. Layer over a bright top, slip into comfortable trainers
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Q My son is 15 and only 5ft 2in. He is by far the smallest in his class and I know he is becoming very self-conscious about it. I keep hoping for a growth spurt, but he has started puberty and there are no signs of him getting any taller. A We all de
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Get The GOSS!
We were shocked to hear the claims of Coleen Nolan’s treatment at the hands of TV executives – and now her agent, Melanie Blake, has spoken to Woman’s Own to reveal the extent of the disgraceful comments. Agent and author Melanie, who also works with
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3 Ways To...
1 DO SOMETHING POSITIVE. Take an online course, start exercising, or do something you’ve always wanted to do. Turn dissatisfaction into a positive change. 2 TALK TO A DOCTOR. Many of the symptoms of midlife crisis overlap with hormonal imbalances. If
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Money Matters
ome 44% of homebuyers who S have used a mortgage broker, used one recommended to them by, or linked to, an estate agent, and over a third of those said they felt pressured by the agent to do so, research by Boon Brokers reveals. The study also found
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My Husband Died Next To Me In Bed
As my husband, David, rolled over on to his back in bed, he let out a loud snore. ‘David!’ I said, prodding him in the side. I didn’t have to say anything else. ‘Sorry,’ he mumbled and rolled over on to his side. David and I had been married for n
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What’s Next For...
The YouTube star and Strictly runner-up will star in the new series of The Syndicate. This time the BBC1 drama about lottery winners follows the stories of five low-paid kennel workers whose lives are changed forever when they jointly win the jackpot
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Q I’ve had terrible relationships. In my 20s, my ex cheated on me and then left when our daughter was five years old. My other long-term boyfriend was unfaithful with his ex, and another abused me. Being alone in lockdown has made me think about all
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SHE WORE IT BEST Red-carpet cool
Emma sweeps up her signature crop hairstyle into a topknot to give her red-carpet look an edgy feel. The strapless croc-effect Alex Perry frock flares out from the waist for a more dramatic silhouette that commands attention. Looking gorgeous in gr
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This Week We’re Loving
One of our favourite reality TV shows is back – starting with a celebrity version that sounds like it’s going to be amazing! The Circle sees people competing to be voted the most popular, despite not actually meeting – and they can play as themselves
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Be A Natural Beauty
Since lockdown, 59% of women now feel more confident in their own skin*. Whoop whoop. And three quarters of us would now happily leave the house without make-up, compared with just over half pre-lockdown. Embrace this new self-assuredness with a few
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Good For You!
Did you know that the menopause can have a huge impact on your skin? Sadly, research* has found that, since experiencing symptoms of the menopause, 47% of women say they have had an increase in dry skin, while 45% noticed more lines and wrinkles. Don
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Supermarket Savers
Makes 10 ✽ 200g dark chocolate, chopped✽ 250g unsalted butter, cubed✽ 4 eggs, beaten✽ 350g caster sugar✽ 80g cocoa powder✽ 60g plain flour✽ 1tsp baking powder✽ 200g crunchy peanut butter 1 Heat the oven to 180C/Gas 4. Line a 20cm round cake tin w
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Raunchy Routines
The TV sensation of 2021 has been Netflix hit Bridgerton – a period romp with the emphasis on romp. The real star of the show wasn’t beautiful young lead Phoebe Dynevor or Regé-Jean Page, but intimacy co-ordinator Lizzy Talbot. Yep, it’s a job. And
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ITV’s Biggest Earners
Despite doing exactly the same job as Piers, Susanna, 50, reportedly earns less than half of her GMB co-host’s salary, taking home £500,000 a year. But she’s also done various other TV work, including Strictly Come Dancing and BBC’s Sunday Morning Li
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