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Power Over Potency
At the highest levels of government, officials are quietly seeking to reduce the amount of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in cannabis in states that have already legalized the plant. Efforts in a handful of states to impose caps on THC in flower and conc
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Moon Made Farms
Inspired by the “female expression of the most powerful plant on Earth,” her words, Tina Gordon of Moon Made Farms carved out a cannabis brand, and a name for herself, in Humboldt County, California. But it hasn’t always been this way. “I was living
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Cannabis Crosswords
CANNABIS BY ANY OTHER NAME 3 The slang term for cannabis that makes it sound like a useless plant 8 The subspecies of cannabis that’s known for stimulating effects 9 Cannabis resin pressed together goes by this name 13 A gizmo that heats the plant bu
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Funny As Ever
Doug Benson’s elevated humor has made him one of the most iconic cannabis comedians around. Between The Marijuana-Logues, Getting Doug With High and his celebrity guest-star appearances on Trailer Park Boys and various other roles, Benson—along with
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I don’t know about you, but I can’t believe that there are actually politicians out there trying to put caps on THC. Sure, maybe weed is stronger than it used to be, but we also have pot shops that tell you what the strong stuff is before you buy it.
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Ngaio Bealum
Comedian, publisher, TV personality, activist and entrepreneur—Ngaio Bealum’s footprint in the cannabis industry is vast and varied. You may be familiar with him from his days hosting Cooking on High. He’s also a comedian who hosts virtual comedy sho
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Popular Pastime
New Frontier Data Senior Managing Editor Ah, the Fourth of July, America’s birthday! Independence Day annually means fireworks, along with hot dogs, baseball and apple pie. Oh, and booze: According to Alcohol.org, the Fourth of July is also the natio
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All About That Delta-8
If you’re looking for a vape that packs a punch when it comes to medicinal use, claiming, relaxation, or the promotion of calmness and creativity, look no further than 3Chi’s federally legal Delta 8 THC vape cartridge. The 95% Delta 8 THC oil cartrid
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From Wisdom To Baked
Half classic death metal, half cannabis-reference fun and all badass, brutal music, Cannabis Corpse have made a name for themselves by referencing OG death-metal classics and incorporating a cannabis-infused spin in the band’s look and sound. Cannabi
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Five Plants That Interact With The Endocannabinoid System
Radula perrottetii, a mossy plant also known as liverwort, contains perrottetinene (PET), a compound chemically similar to tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). As recently as 2018, a study suggested that PET is moderately psychoactive through activation of th
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High Times
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True To His Name: Jam Master Jay
In New York, there are a few legends whose personas are ingrained into those who grew up in the area. With stars like Biggie Smalls, Jay-Z and Nas, there’s a certain mysticism around their names. Fans don’t talk about them as people anymore; they’re
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Producer and director Brendan Fitzgerald’s recently released documentary, The Oxy Kingpins, chronicles the cartel-like nature of the pharmaceutical industry. According to the documentary, the pharmaceutical industry’s pyramid-scheme-like structure—wh
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Frank Castillo
Frank Castillo rose up the comedy ranks using the fine art of roasting on the Comedy Store’s notorious “Roast Battle” nights. That’s when things get personal—and anyone who gets roasted can expect some blows landing below the belt. A native of San Jo
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Streaming Stoned
Summertime and the living’s easy, right? In the dense year that is 2021, that’s surely the hope as we approach a new season. There is palpable excitement in the air this summer, as the general public eagerly awaits the go-ahead to continue to reemerg
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Market Analysis
Price by the ounce The second half of the 2021 THMQ calendar kicked off with pot prices rising in all three national markets, including a steep $13 hike in the East. This resulted in the average ounce in America reaching a yearly high of $316. For th
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Loaded For Your Leisure
What does entertainment look like in the modern era of being a stoner? It’s no secret that Hollywood isn’t pumping those same stereotypical stoner flicks like they used to a decade or two ago, as the perception of cannabis evolves. So, what is there
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Safe Smoking
My physician said cannabis legalization is linked to self-harm. That makes no sense to me. -Dexter Hi Dexter, Self-harm is serious. The research that helped your physician draw this conclusion, however, is seriously flawed. Researchers fished around
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Pix Of The Crop
E-mail your hi-res digital photographs to mailbag@hightimes.com Velvety to the touch, and with a sweet, sugary taste, there’s a reason it’s called Cotton Candy Kush. Once this baby’s harvested, trimmed and cured, the nugs will look very fluffy and un
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This Is A Kickass Summer In The Making—to Say The Least.
Get down with Green Day, Fall Out Boy and Weezer. This July and August in particular are stacked with tour dates in everywhere from SoCal to Washington, DC and everywhere in between. This triple-threat event is even making a stop in Canada for our re
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Weed At The White House
Earlier this spring, reports from sources such as the Daily Beast revealed that around a dozen White House staffers were suspended, asked to resign or placed in a remote work program due to past cannabis use after completing background checks for pos
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Rachel Wolfson
Many comedians have worked cannabis into their professional personas—some even make it their entire persona—but few have incorporated it as flawlessly as Rachel Wolfson. While she’s hilarious and not above using the leafy green goodness as a punch li
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Legal Directory
Allen & Associates, Lawyers 1811 S. Alma School Rd, Ste #145 Mesa, AZ 85210 Phone: (480) 899-1025 Fax: (480) 248-6389 www.GoodAZLawyers.com All Stops, Arrests & Seizures The Nava Law Firm, PLLC 1641 E. Osborn Rd, Ste 8 Phoenix, AZ 85016 Phone: (602)
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Veterans Walk And Talk
Welcome back to the July issue of High Times. As always, I’m honored to bring back the “Twenty22Many Veteran Chronicles,” in which I highlight all the hardest-working veterans and cannabis activists across America. There is no demographic in the Unit
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Ellie Paisley
Ellie Paisley is an artist and clothing designer whose vibrancy has graced the cannabis community since her younger years, when she relied on weed to help her through a difficult period. “I kinda had a little bit of a rough patch as a teenager,” she
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Hot Products
$35 half-gram & $50 full gram, before tax selectbetter.com/products Introducing Select Elite Live Oil. Elite Live combines the same quality oil you’ve come to know from Select, now infused with freshly harvested live resin terpenes. The combination r
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Do No Harm
As legal cannabis continues to rightfully imprint itself upon the American capitalist landscape, the breakneck expansion of the industry also carries with it one of the common drawbacks of big business—abnormal and excessive damage to the environment
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Stoneysun-kissed Fruits
Now is the time to get your fruit on. Eating seasonally allows you to enjoy fruits and vegetables at their best and fullest moment of flavor, packed with nutrition and at a good value. If you have a farmers’ market near you, expect to find a myriad o
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Blunt Blowin’mama
Many social influencers are exactly what you would expect: white, blond, making their bucks by trying to resemble celebrities and having good taste in cannabis. But if you look just a bit further, there is a plethora of unique and powerful influencer
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