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The ZOOM Where It Happens
AT GEORGE MASON UNIVERSITY IN FAIRFAX, Va., design student Alex Wiemeyer spent her mid-March spring break working in the costume shop. Because of the novel coronavirus outbreak, precautions were taken to limit the amount of people in the costume shop
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Room To Grow In Arizona
ARIZONA IS KNOWN FOR ITS BROAD, SWEEPING VISTAS; rocky mountains that tower above the clouds, only to give way to canyons sculpted by winds and rain; endless expanses of open desert; and vast blue skies that start shifting colors an hour before the s
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World Theatre Day 2020
Pakistani playwright and head of the renowned Ajoka Theatre, Shahid Nadeem, was asked by ITI-Worldwide to offer his thoughts on the value of theatre in today’s world: The Global Theater Initiative (GTI), which oversees the U.S. Center of ITI, invited
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Loretta Greco Still Has Magic to Do
TAYLOR MAC FIRST MET LORETTA GRECO A DECADE ago over breakfast. Greco, who became artistic director of San Francisco’s Magic Theatre in 2008, and departs the company in May, invited Mac to her place for a home-cooked breakfast. Mac remembers the meet
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Jesse Berger Being Jacobean
WHEN JOHN DOUGLAS THOMPSON FIRST HEARD that Jesse Berger intended to start a theatre company dedicated to Jacobean drama, the actor recalls, “I thought, C’mon, man: You’re going to last as long as your first production!” On the contrary, 17 years aft
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American Theatre
Published by Theatre Communications Group EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Rob Weinert-Kendt MANAGING EDITOR Russell M. Dembin SENIOR EDITOR Allison Considine PHOTO EDITOR Caitlyn Halvorsen EDITORIAL INTERNS Alex Durham Caroline Meredith CREATIVE DIRECTOR Kitty Suen
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Theatre And The Last Pandemic
SO FAR 2020 HAS NOT TURNED OUT TO BE THE theatre year anyone anticipated. By mid-March theatres across the United States had closed their doors, canceled the remainder of their seasons, and in most cases announced layoffs and furloughs, all thanks to
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Editor’s Note
THE MAGAZINE YOU’RE HOLDING IN YOUR HANDS MAY NOT feel lighter than usual, but it is glaringly missing one key element: several pages of listings of theatre productions in nearly every state of the U.S. that have appeared in the back of every issue o
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Join a growing network of theatres and arts organizations committed to sustaining a vital community of writers, and receive valuable professional services and benefits. Connect with local playwrights, composers, and lyricists (and let us do the work)
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Adventures With Diane
So let’s lead, California. Let’s look beyond our borders to find work and share work. Let’s look at aesthetics. Let’s think of big ideas to make our work at the center of our civil society —From Diane Rodriguez’s keynote at Theatre Bay Area’s April 2
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Samuel D. Hunter The High Tragedy Place
In Samuel D. Hunter’s Greater Clements, Maggie and Joe, a mother and son who run an Idaho mining museum, face its imminent closure as their small town goes through the process of unincorporating. When an old flame of Maggie’s turns up, her chance for
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Tom Key A Spiritual Connection
ONE OF TOM KEY’S EARLIEST MEMORIES OF VISITING Atlanta is of attending Georgia Tech football games with his father and brother. He recalls driving from the family home in Birmingham, Ala., and watching the Atlanta skyline expand as the car journeyed
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Greater Clements
MAGGIE: Female, 65, white. JOE: Maggie’s son, 27, white. BILLY: Male, 65, Japanese-American. KEL: Billy’s granddaughter, 14, Japanese-American. OLIVIA: Female, mid-40s. WAYNE: Male, mid-50s. MONA: Female, mid-30s. All scenes take place inside and imm
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The Triumphs of Love; or, Happy Reconciliation by John Murdock premieres at the New Theatre in Philadelphia. The piece, based on contemporary Quaker debates over the issue of slavery and considered one of the earliest expressions of abolitionism, is
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Our Supporters:
Theatre Communications Group acknowledges its engaged community of supporters* who believe in our mission to strengthen, nurture and promote the professional theatre in the U.S. and globally. We are proud to recognize the following individuals for ge
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■ Oregon Children’s Theatre has promoted associate artistic director Marcella Crowson to be artistic director, effective immediately. Crowson, who originally joined the company in 2006, succeeds Stan Foote, the company’s first artistic director. ■ Th
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AT’s April 2020 issue included a special package called Care for Caregivers, featuring stories all about creating work/life balance for parent artists in the theatre. In response to “Theatre or Family: We Shouldn’t Have to Choose,” by Caroline Macon
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■ American Blues Theater in Chicago has named Andrea Stolowitz the winner of the 2020 Blue Ink Playwriting Award. Stolowitz will receive a $1,250 cash prize and a staged reading of her winning play, Recent Unsettling Events, as part of the Blue Ink P
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Tcg Board Of Directors
Kathryn M. Lipuma, Chair Larissa FastHorse, Vice Chair Meghan Pressman, Vice Chair Ellen Richard, Treasurer Eileen J. Morris, Secretary May Adrales, Associate Artistic Director; Milwaukee Repertory Theatre Joseph P. Benincasa, President and CEO; The
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Terrence McNally: 1938-2020
TERRENCE McNALLY made no insistence on his significance. If there were only one thing to be gleaned from the litany of speeches, interviews, and works of his I have read since his passing, it seems to be that for Terrence the most significant thing w
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National Council For The American Theatre
* Judith O. Rubin, Council Chair; Playwrights Horizons * Eve Alvord, Seattle Children’s Theatre Ralph Bryan, La Jolla Playhouse James Chosy, Guthrie Theater Bunni Copaken, Kansas City Repertory Theatre Sophie Cripe, South Coast Repertory Brad Edgerto
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Julia Miles: 1930-2020
IN 1978, JULIA MILES WAS Wynn Handman’s right hand at the American Place Theater, directly in the heart of the burgeoning Off-Broadway movement. She was producing premieres by Sam Shepard, Jules Feiffer, Steve Tesich, and more, and could have climbed
AMERICAN THEATRE4 min de lecture
Director André Gregory (The Designated Mourner, Uncle Vanya, The Master Builder) has lived a rich and peripatetic life onstage and off, much of it recounted in This Is Not My Memoir, written with Todd London, to be released by Farrar, Straus & Giroux
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Role Call
Profession: Actor Hometown: San Juan Islands, Wash. Current home: Portland, Ore. KNOWN FOR: Berkshire is a resident artist at Portland’s Artists Repertory Theatre, where she’s played Esther in Intimate Apparel, Shelley in Grand Concourse, and Robin i
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No Show
“IT’S LIKE A GREEK PLAY,” CHAY YEW TOLD ME. I chuckled with shock at the matter-of-fact severity of the analogy. The paralyzing global spread of COVID-19 has been compared to zombie movies, the Great Depression, World War II, and the so called “Spani
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Editor’s Note
“CAREFUL THE THINGS YOU SAY—CHILDREN WILL LISTEN,” a famously childless songwriter once wrote. But how right, as usual, Stephen Sondheim was. I for one can vouch for the verity of this double-edged truism, as I hear myself repeating hoary exhortation
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The Show That Ate Off-Broadway
This is an excerpt from the new book Stages: A Theater Memoir, which recounts Poland’s career as a New York theatre producer. IN 1976, HOWARD ASHMAN ASKED HIS FRIEND Kyle Renick if he wanted to start a nonprofit theatre company. Kyle was the business
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I just happened to be looking through an old edition of American Theatre, and I ran across this article about Ira Aldridge (“Ascending Mount Aldridge,” March ’14). The article shares a list of plays and resources about the tragedian. However, the art
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Onstage April20
Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Montgomery, (334) 271-5353, The Comedy of Errors, adapt: Sean Graney (also dir) from Shakespeare. Apr 16-26. I and You, Lauren Gunderson; dir: Rick Dildine. Apr 23-May 3. Cyrano’s Theatre Company, Anchorage, (907
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We Are the Diplomats
EARLIER THIS YEAR, I REPRESENTED THE U.S. Center of the International Theatre Institute at an executive council meeting in Fujairah, one of the seven United Arab Emirates. Our gathering was set on the Gulf of Oman, against the backdrop of Fujairah In
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