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Pioneer DJ Launch New VM Monitor Range
> Pioneer DJ have unveiled their new VM Series active studio monitor line, promising smart design and flexible DSP settings that make these speakers suitable for use in any near-field setting. Designed to be as easy on the eye as they are on the ear,
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Klevgrand Slammer $40
CONTACT WHO: Klevgrand WEB: klevgrand.se KEY FEATURES Multi-sampled drum plugin with 30 instruments. FORMATS: PC/Mac/iOS AU/AAX/VST/AUv3 Regular readers will know we’re fans of Swedish developers Klevgrand. Their plugins tend to be relatively cheap,
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Splicing To Make Seamless Loops
01 > This 12.2 second recording of rainfall in a forest has been selected for creating an ambience loop, but the high frequency content changes over time, making the start and end points audibly different. The example audio demonstrates this with an
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Nord Piano 5: Dual Piano And Synth Engines, More Storage
Clavia have announced the Nord Piano 5, a new version of the pianist-centric stage keyboard. No surprises in terms of looks – it’s red, as you’d expect – but some notable tweaks have been made. These include dual independent piano and synth layers, w
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Soul Clap
Soul Clap’s Charlie Levine and Eli Goldstein originally hailed from Boston’s local DJ party circuit, gathering quick acclaim for their bootlegs and house remixes. Fusing multiple generic elements with futuristic production techniques, their debut alb
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There’s More To Polyend’s Tracker Artist Editions Than Meets The Eye
> Polyend have introduced some rather lovely looking artist editions of their excellent Tracker sampler/groovebox. Each one does away with the standard black casing and comes with a custom livery, but there’s more to these limited edition models than
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> In Session Audio return for the third in their ‘Creator’ series of percussion-based instrument libraries. Once again it’s not untrodden territory in sonic terms, but the devil is in the detail – for any given drum there are almost infinite variatio
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Out And About
As I write this, it’s the week that UK lockdown restrictions are beginning to ease. It’s no coincidence that we’ve chosen now to turn our attention away from the studio with a cover feature focused on the creative potential of recording the world aro
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In last month’s genre retrospective we explored the retro world of synthwave, a visual aesthetic and lifestyle wrapped in an ’80s-inspired musical genre. In a very millennial, internet-driven process that embodies the formation of music trends in tod
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We all know that one of the keys to a successful modular setup is modulation. Yes, VCAs are the things we know we need most of but only because we use them to dictate the where and when of our modulations. Well, in Beads, Mutable Instruments have tak
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Soma Laboratory Pulsar-23 £1,730
CONTACT WHO: Soma Laboratory WEB: somasynths.com KEY FEATURES Four-part analogue percussion synth with looping sequencers, copious patch points, distortion, DSP reverb and delay, and a multitude of utilities and control processors The brainchild of
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Exploring The Synth Engines
Circuit Tracks’ synths each have two oscs, offering a selection of virtual analogue waves and wavetables. Index controls the pulse width of the VA waves or the position of the wavetables. Interpolate affects the transition through a wavetable as you
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Moog Sound Studio From $1,399
CONTACT WHO: Moog WEB: moogmusic.com KEY FEATURES Synthesiser bundles including two instruments, racks stand, summing mixer, cables and patch lead organiser, art print and patch guides. PRICING: Mother 32 plus DFAM: $1,399, Subharmonicon plus DFAM: $
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Mutable Instruments Beads £260
CONTACT WHO: Mutable Instruments WEB: mutableinstruments.com KEY FEATURES Four levels of sample rate, Random and equally rates of granule playback, Internal modulation from the attenurandomizers As the manual starts, ‘Once upon a time there was Clou
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GForce OB-E £150
CONTACT WHO: GForce Software Ltd WEB: gforcesoftware.com KEY FEATURES Fantastic sounding soft synth meticulously modeled after the legendary Oberheim 8-Voice analogue synth. 600+ factory presets, MPE support G Force Software is no stranger to meticu
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Before You Start…
Many sounds interact in ways that aren’t immediately obvious. Practise listening analytically, tracking pitch changes in continuous sounds or separating frequency components in any larger soundscapes you have. Silence is golden. Minimise the amount
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Beyond The Basics
For deeper elements, Circuit Tracks is a tale of two halves. The first is the sounds themselves, coming from the two polysynths and the sample engine. In hardware control terms, Novation have kept things purposefully surface level. While the synths h
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Utterly unique design, with endless creative options Sounds great for both percussive and melodic sounds, plus excellent DSP effects Enough I/O and utilities to act as a handy modular hub – even without considering the synth engine/effects No st
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Like It? Try These…
This fire collabo with edit king, Kon was five years in the making, but worth the wait. A future disco house classic. ADD THESE TO YOUR PLAYLIST: ‘Remember’, ‘Down’, ‘Heaven’ Electro-pop smoothness from Erlend Øye. A big influence on Westbeech t
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Arturia Pigments Gets Souped-up With Additive Synthesis And Extra Analogue Emulations
> Arturia’s debut ‘original’ synth plugin Pigments impressed us immediately when it was released back in 2019, and it’s only continued to get better since then. Built on the shoulders of decades of V Collection development, Pigments combines elements
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6 Great Field Recorders
An extremely musician-friendly portable recorder, equipped with balanced XLR inputs that can be used alongside the built-in mics. It can act as a class compliant interface too. The DR-40X also feature basic mixing tools for balancing and panning the
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The Latest Batch!
> Ambient Orchestral (246 samples) > Ambient Piano (469 samples) > Sound From The Ether (492 samples) > Amped-Up Bass (234 samples) > Sub-Frequency Grooves (256 samples) > Mechanical Sounds (390 samples) > Out There FX (500 samples) > Studio N
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Subvert Your Habits
“It can add a lot to your songwriting if you’re aware of your habits and try to deliberately subvert them from time to time. For instance, I love a busy drum beat packed full of ghost notes and tricky rudiments, but some of my favourite songs have be
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Sitting on the periphery of the ambient-experimental genre, German producer Stefan Goetsch possesses an unrestrained enthusiasm for all things vintage. Consumed since childhood by radio frequencies and sine tones, his releases as Hainbach typically c
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Natural Soundscapes
Though different endeavours, field recording and found sound recording are dealt with as one topic for much of what follows, but what is the difference? Field recording refers to audio captured in its natural environment, be that a secluded forest or
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Field Recording Excellence
1 It’s not just a cliché that sound recordists are pictured in films and documentaries with their cans on; it’s an essential. Whenever possible, record with headphones on or earbuds in so that you can hear what the recorder is capturing. This will al
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Probability And Mutations
By incorporating sequencer probability and the Mutate function found on the Launchpad Pro, Novation have brought an element of controlled randomisation to Circuit Tracks’ workflow that rivals similar tools in gear by Elektron, Arturia and others. Pro
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Talking Shop Sheep, Dog & Wolf
Auckland-based multi-instrumentalist Daniel McBride broke through with his debut album Egospect in 2013 at the age of just 17. Combining influences from pop, rock, R&B and electronics, it won him acclaim in his native New Zealand and beyond. He now r
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Enveleau is the emotionally affecting third album from Canadian-based composer, producer and musical director, Matt Robertson. Like 2016’s In Echelon and Entology from 2018, Enveleau merges ambient, classical and electronic sensibilities with an orga
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Shaos Theory
Pulsar’s Shaos tool is a pseudo-random generator designed to generate spontaneous rhythmic patterns. Its name is a portmanteau of shift register and chaos, the two primary elements that make up its design. It can be used to make looping sequences of
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