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Name Check
“My own ancestors came from France and settled in 1652 on the banks of the Saint Lawrence River.” “I had this idea of making games with flair, that are different.” “It’s a French word that English-speaking people would understand.” “I was in a cabin
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Budget Build
MSI $69 Everything you need and nothing else. This MSI motherboard is simple, but it works. And that’s all we can ask for at this price. AMD $150 Capable budget CPU and GPU in one tiny package, and it also comes with its very own CPU cooler. This bui
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Games Workshop gave up on Blood Bowl for a long time. A fantasy football game for teams of 11 to 16, it was never going to move as many miniatures as wargames you have to buy entire armies for. An official player committee was given the task of updat
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On The Ball
…UNTIL JUNE 15 In this rather complicated sports sim, it’s considered a good match if you can make it to half-time without either team captain being assassinated or marrying a sibling. The fog of war keeps each match surprising, though things do have
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Buyer’s Guide
PC gaming is for everyone. Pick the parts you want to build a new, well-rounded PC for a good price. You want to run every new game at 1080p 60fps. This recommended build will see you through. You’re looking for the best PC on the market and superior
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“If You Can’t Eat It Then It’s Junk”
RPGs trend towards bloat. People want bigger worlds, more stuff, greater choice. But as in any genre, the things that are missing can end up defining the experience far more than what’s there. After adoring the first game, I’ve dived into Legend of G
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“We’ve Gone Behind The Scenes To Test Its Turn-based Chops”
Twitter @robinlvalentine This month Was reminded of some of the boys he used to play rugby with at school… for some reason. There’s something wonderful to me about an idea as ridiculous as ‘what if orcs played football?’ enduring for 35 years and cou
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Caesar Seizer
For years, Rome: Total War was my favourite game in the series. It struck the perfect balance between being a game and being an exercise in history. Total War: Rome Remastered brings back what I’d call the first great Total War game for the modern er
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Space Management
Realmforge Studios’ Spacebase Startopia is a homage to one of my favorite management games. More than an homage, really, as it lifts pretty much everything from the original Startopia, even the name—it’s more like an unofficial remake. After two deca
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Conqueror Worm
It’s hard to think of many things as intuitive as Inside. It’s one of those games you understand in the first five seconds precisely because it tells you nothinglabe. Run, jump, move things, don’t get bludgeoned by baddies. There’s rarely ever any co
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The Cave
Not every danger is clearly labeled. There’s no combat in The Cave, and very little in the way of peril—you can’t die, and doomed interactions with monsters always result in a quick restart. But the biggest antagonist here is a rope. You will grow to
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This isometric RPG has a neat premise. You’re a private detective solving cases in virtual worlds. A game detective, if you will. You know, a… gamedec? It’s a terrible name, but the concept of diving into simulated worlds and solving crimes is a stro
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Altaïr-nate Past
History loomed over the young Patrice Désilets. Aged three or four, he would meet his mother as she came off the boat from the French fort where she worked on the Richelieu River. The Quebec waterway had been a crucial path for French and English arm
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Hot Deck
On paper, Trials of Fire is everything I despise. I don’t like turn-based roguelikes. I don’t like card battlers, and I really don’t like anything involving hexagons—the Poochie of the shape world. Trials of Fire features all of these, which in any s
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Chicory: A Colorful Tale
I would describe my coloring style in Chicory as a chaotic, turbulent scrawl. I have zero time for staying within the lines, switching up colors as fast as I can on the fly. Chicory may be a game about coloring in, but its willingness to let players
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Let's Kill Chunch
The games industry never stood a chance. Raphael van Lierop, narrative director of Far Cry 3, believes the medium inherited crunch from its parent industries—the expectation of overwork baked into software and filmmaking long before a programmer firs
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Sex Doesn’t Sell
The major digital storefronts have faced reckonings in recent years, and haven’t always come out of them smelling like roses. This is partly because they have kicked certain decisions into the long grass, but are now being forced to come down one way
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The PC Gamer team
Twitter @jodymacgregor This month Said a lot of unprintable things about a set of virtual dice while checking out Blood Bowl 3. Twitter @wesleyfenlon This month Investigated why Metallica’s new stuff sounds like a Legend of Zelda soundtrack. Twitter
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Ride And Die
When I think of People Can Fly, I think of Bulletstorm, an absurdist FPS remembered a decade later for its outrageous weapons, like the crazy-ass drill gun that could be steered in mid-air and penetrate multiple enemies. By the end of that game, laun
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Crow’s Nest
Putting out a Wolfenstein game ought to be the highlight of any developer’s career. It was the making of MachineGames and Gray Matter Interactive, which became the backbone of Treyarch after Return to Castle Wolfenstein—not to mention id Software, wh
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I know I’m getting salty when the big sures start coming out. Oh, sure, I guess that enormous axe blade just chopped my head clean off and I died and everyone trampled on my bloody corpse while it flopped around in the mudYeah, sure, that’s just fine
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Free-range Games
Basically your own NASA control room. Auroch’s management sim is friendlier than Kerbal but deeper than space itself. “Your endless struggle to keep the Grim Reaper at arm’s length is enormously rewarding,” said PC Gamer’s Andy Kelly of Hinterland’s
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Keeping Watch
Justin.tv spins its gaming content off into a new division called Twitch—its popularity leads it to subsume the company. Twitch first starts using software to automatically detect and mute copyrighted music in archived streams. Twitch offers a librar
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The Legend Of Bum-bo
Yes, it sounds like the sort of thing you’d secretly rename your little brother’s diary as a prank. And yes, it’s as relentlessly foul and lavatorial as The Binding of Isaac, but despite some thoughtful match-four puzzle mechanics and unique cardboar
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Dark Ages
“My happy, supportive smile is running out.” The 2004 open letter from the anonymous partner of a game dev triggered multiple lawsuits against EA. The Red Dead Redemption studio was the subject of a similar letter six years later, which detailed mism
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Face The Music
Metallica never scored a Legend of Zelda game, but it sounded like it when Twitch replaced Metallica’s BlizzCon 2021 concert with cheery midi music. The biggest streaming platform in the world had to censor its own broadcast or risk upsetting an alre
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Lightweight Gaming Mice
Though we’ve come quite a long way since hefty rubber balls traversed freebie magazine mousepads, even the most popular gaming mice still have a bit of heft to them. Hence why the term ‘lightweight’ has become the major buzzword for manufacturers loo
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People Can Fly
This FPS is from an era where everything was inspired by Doom. Except instead of legions of demons, you’re slaying Lucifer’s armies. PCF was the studio behind the original Gears of War’s PC port. Following its success, Epic acquired a majority stake
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Dicey Dungeons
The plan this month was to pick dark games to go with the theme of under-places. But as far as dungeons go, this one is deliciously bright. It’s part gameshow, part RPG, part RNG, part CCG, which is enough acronyms that I’d hit my word count if I spe
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