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Get Your Kicks
Route 66 Oklahoma offers more miles of driving on this classic highway than any other state. The verdant eastern stretch cuts through Tulsa, where a short (let’s call it mandatory) detour brings you to Cain’s Ballroom, known as the home of Bob Wills
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The Dining Guide Takeout Edition
THESE PAGES OFFER A CHANGING SELECTION OF RESTAURANT REVIEWS EACH MONTH. Prior to May 2020, Texas Monthly reviewed in-restaurant dining. From May through October, reviews were not published because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Starting with November 202
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This Too Shall Pass
Anyone who has read Jenny Lawson’s work knows that the 47-year-old writer suffers from rheumatoid arthritis. Once, it made her finger swell up like a Ball Park hot dog. Another time, her ankle got so big that it looked as if she were wearing a “singl
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Machine Learning
When it comes to margaritas, on the rocks is good. Up is better. That said, there is a time and place (summer, Texas) when a frozen cocktail becomes urgently necessary. The trick is pulverizing the ice, a challenge for all but the brawniest of blende
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Book A Room
One of three new or renovated hotels in New Orleans Do you really need a reason? THE CHLOE What could be more New Orleans than staying in a nineteenth-century mansion on St. Charles Avenue with the streetcar passing by? The intimate Chloe, which open
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Cold Justice
Shirley Napier had a good Valentine’s Day. For that, Steven Napier is thankful. This year, he bought two boxes of Russell Stover chocolates to go with the card and the flowers. (One box for her. One for him.) “Women love flowers, and most women rarel
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Texas Monthly
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The Texanist
Q: As a native San Antonian, I’m used to eating great Mexican food. But during several recent restaurant visits, requests for chips and salsa have been met with waiters responding “$2.49” or, in one case, “$4, is that okay?” I’m sure that in some cit
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Carving A Niche
MAKER PHILIP MORLEY, PHILIP MORLEY FURNITURE LOCATION WIMBERLEY In a workshop next to his Wimberley home, Philip Morley creates custom wood pieces such as record-player consoles and the Morley Rocker, a sculptural chair he originally designed for his
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Roar Of The Crowd
I have read many an author’s profile in my day, but [Christian Wallace’s] story about John Erickson [“King of the Canine Canon,” March 2021] has to be one of the most moving and respectful pieces of the kind I’ve ever read. Thirty years or so ago, I
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Call it a collective case of cabin fever. Over a year into the coronavirus pandemic, with more and more of us vaccinated, we Texans are ready to get out—out of our homes and, yes, even out of our beloved state. The open highway beckons with the promi
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Soak In A Hot Pool
The Springs Resort & Spa, in Pagosa Springs The retreat features 24 terraced soaking pools fed by the world’s deepest geothermal hot spring. Overnight guests can use the pools anytime they want, even at 3 a.m. Don’t have a room? Day passes start at $
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When the Political Gets Personal
Texans take a singular pride in their state’s politics. Where else can one find such entertaining grandiosity, unpredictability, and sprawling variety in one place? Pretty much nowhere, as the veteran Austin journalist Bill Minutaglio knows. His tent
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Crisis Manager
For the past year, executive editor Kathy Blackwell has deftly guided our coverage of two industries in crisis: travel and dining. She and her team have chronicled the pain and destruction that COVID-19 has wreaked on the employees and owners of Texa
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In the Limelight
In the cantina the cocktail servers were adjusting their sequined miniskirts, while waitresses in black lace-up vests, gaucho pants, and tall boots chatted and laughed in the simulated moonlight of the dining room. A gregarious young man named Marian
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SWAMPLAND ADVENTURES MAKE THE RV LIFE WORTH IT. In my 48 years, I’ve experienced a few crystalline moments when I’ve tricked time, evaded the rules of physics, and been hit by a wave of wonder. The first time was atop the Acropolis in Athens. I no lo
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The Eyes Have It
When you go back and look at it, really look at it, it’s not even a good image. It was shot on a phone. It’s strangely cropped. Blurry. But it sure captured a moment. The photo taken of University of Texas quarterback Sam Ehlinger at around 4 p.m. at
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Cleveland Browns Quarterback Baker Mayfield Said He Spotted A UFO…
… dropping “straight out of the sky” in Austin, his hometown. The Texas Department of Public Safety accidentally sent out an Amber Alert reporting that Glen Ray and his father, Chucky, dolls from the Child’s Play horror films, had been seen in Hender
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THE HILLS ARE ALIVE WITH SOCIALLY DISTANT ADVENTURES. As I emerged from an aspen-shaded stretch of the Cliff Creek Trail, in Colorado’s West Elk Mountains, I inhaled big gulps of cool air and reveled in the muscle burn from miles of steep hiking. A 3
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Muses At The Zoo
In the elephant barn at the Houston Zoo, a flock of swallows stitched the high rafters, while below, several more pecked at puddles of water between the feet of three pachyderms waiting for their morning feeding and bath. The muggy summer air was pun
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Sea Change
The shipyard there is a maze of 43 buildings, including 7 hangar-size assembly sheds in which welders’ sparks fly, pneumatic hammers pop, and signs warn in bold letters that any misstep could maim. Into one end of the factory slides sheet after three
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THIS OZARK TOWN BRIMS WITH DISCOVERIES. About an hour outside Dallas, the signals of the city’s familiar radio stations start to fade. Instead of opening a music app on my phone, I hit the Seek button and catch snatches of local news reports, bluegra
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New Mexico
THE SCENIC BYWAY OFFERS A LOT MORE THAN JUST THE WAY TO SANTA FE. Before my first trip to New Mexico, for a writing conference when I was 24, I mistakenly imagined the Southwest to be one large desert. After flying from Houston to Albuquerque and emb
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Meanwhile, Over on TexasMonthly.com …
The most decorated gymnast in U.S. history intends to retire from competition after the Olympic Games in late July. Dvora Meyers speaks with Biles, who lives and trains in Spring, about the postponed Olympics, the radical new skill the athlete’s been
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Retreat To Santa Fe
Bishop’s Lodge, Auberge Resorts Collection The renovated property reopened this spring under new management. Taste various local peppers brought to you by a “chile host” at the onsite restaurant SkyFire, from beloved Dallas chef Dean Fearing (of Fear
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The Larry I Knew
In 1970, when I was in junior high school and living in Wichita Falls, I rode one afternoon with a friend and his older brother to Archer City, a town located 25 miles away. At the time, Peter Bogdanovich was shooting a movie called The Last Picture
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Hop On A Bike
Bentonville It’s the self-proclaimed mountain biking capital of the world. Check out the town’s coffee scene, craft breweries, and art museums. More than three hundred miles of dirt trails wind through pine forests and over rock ledges in the northwe
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Breakfast Cousins, Many Times Removed
Arrive too late at Tía Dora’s Bakery on any morning, and you’ll find yourself standing in line on the sidewalk. Seven days a week, the crowd in Dallas’s Oak Cliff neighborhood patiently waits for the restaurant’s rapturous tamales, breakfast tacos se
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HERD IMMUNITY MEANS SOMETHING DIFFERENT AT THE WILDLIFE REFUGE. Why did the Longhorn cross the road? To get back to Texas. That’s the hilarious joke I told my kids as one of the impressive ungulates ambled down the asphalt past our SUV. We had stoppe
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Biotech’s Third Coast
When a winter storm and a mismanaged power grid hobbled much of Texas in mid-February, Thomas Page and his team couldn’t afford to shelter at home. For seven months they’d been working around the clock to make the key ingredient for two vaccines—thei
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