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Snail-eating Beetles
MANY years ago, when I began to think about writing my book The Natural Gardener that was published in 2004, I was faced with a quandary. At the time I was gardening in Hook Norton, Oxfordshire – land of properly made beer – and I had to analyse why
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A Nutty Situation
HOW do you stop a squirrel digging up your lawn? Take away his spade: ba-dum cha! Alan Gardner, the star of C4’s popular series The Autistic Gardener, told me this gag – so you can blame him if tumbleweed is stuck to your chaise longue. I had asked A
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Focus On… Cloches And Covers
WE’RE well versed in the benefits of laying down cloches in early spring to get crops into the soil sooner than normal, but how often do we think of using them in the autumn? Here I will outline the need for you to fix this in your mind as an essenti
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A Taste Of Japan
RENOWNED for their distinctive style, attention to detail and minimalist feel, Japanese gardens bring together those three elements to create a truly tranquil space. Unlike in the West, where trends come and go quickly, the fundamentals of Japanese g
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Long-lasting Blooms With Helpful Hylotelephiums
GARDENERS could be forgiven for being confused about Hylotelephium. The plant group was formerly known as Sedum and they’re still commonly referred to as stonecrops, ice plants and orpines. Like sedums, hylotelephiums have succulent foliage and thriv
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For Sun Or Part Shade… Bring On The Bulbs
THEY may not look all that promising – net bags filled with little dry brown packages, a bit like the ‘wonky’ onions you can now buy in the supermarket. But inside every pack of spring bulbs is a riot of colour and scent just waiting to burst out. Su
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Editor's Note
“Do you garden organically, or do you use chemicals to combat pests? This is a subject that people feel passionate about on both sides of the debate. But where does AG stand? We are pro-organic, but accept that many readers want to have greater contr
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Ask John Negus John Will Reply Personally To All Your Gardening Questions Every Week
Q Can I leave my regal lilies in a pot over the winter, or should I store the bulbs in a greenhouse tray during the colder months? Rebecca Anderson, Somerset A Your regal lily (Lilium regale) bulbs are best left undisturbed in their pot of compost ov
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Give Organic Gardening A Try
THE natural world is in a perilous state as a whole, and the effects are felt in our own little worlds, as insect numbers fall, green spaces are gobbled up, agriculture intensifies and wildlife spotting becomes a rare event. It feels like a lot to re
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Sweet Smell Of Success
In this extract from AG 17 January 1957, Christopher Lloyd, of Great Dixter fame, looks at herbaceous plants with a fragrance TO earn our highest praise, a plant must not only look beautiful over a long period of time, but it must also be pleasantly
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Pests, Diseases And Biodiversity
A BALANCED garden is a healthy garden, and if your plants are in good shape they are more able to withstand attacks from pests and diseases. Lay the foundations by nurturing your soil, feeding it with lots of well-rotted leafmould, compost and manure
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Peculiar Plants: Bird Of Paradise
THERE are many ways in which plants can be peculiar. Most of these are linked either with pollination, seed distribution, or with their mode of life and the conditions in which they live. Others have developed curious habits and organs, as occurs wit
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Forced Bulbs For Winter
THERE is enough to consider over Christmas without worrying about fresh flowers for the house, which is why it’s such a good idea to start your forced bulbs now. Prepared bulbs of hyacinths, ‘Paper White’ narcissi and hippeastrum (tall, exotic, trump
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A Gardener's Miscellany
How to recycle and repurpose in the garden RECYCLE Week (20-27 September) is a celebration of recycling – in the home, garden and in industry – organised by the charity Waste & Resources Action Programme (WRAP). Most of us fill our council recycling
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Heal The Soil, Feed The World
GARDENERS are the custodians of the earth, nurturing it for future generations, but if we want to be able to hand over a healthy planet, we need to start at ground level, literally. Being a friend of the earth is the ethos of an organic Cumbrian farm
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Word Search
This word search comprises words associated with garden recycling. They are listed below; in the grid they may be read across, backwards, up, down or diagonally. Letters may be shared between words. Erroneous or duplicate words may appear in the grid
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Rare Nerines
VISITORS to Exbury Gardens in Hampshire can get up close to dazzling jewel lilies this autumn when their world-famous collection of Nerine sarniensis go on show. Nerines were discovered in the 1600s in the mountains around Cape Town in South Africa.
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Crossword …just For Fun!
1 and 6 across The occasion subject of this week’s Miscellany! (7,4) 6 See 1 across 7 Twig or small branch on a tree that carries fruits – as in spurge (4) 8 The ‘Taupe’ polypropylene one is recyclable! (3) 9 Within a cocoon is this gentle pigeon noi
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Houseplants In Autumn
1 Deadhead and remove any dead and damaged leaves to keep plants neat and healthy through winter, when they are dormant. 2 Deal with any pests by spraying or wiping leaves. A bottle lid filled with almond oil will attract and drown irritating fungus
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Killing Weeds In Autumn
I CAN’T see the point of using a weedkiller to tackle annual weeds, unless you have a huge infestation. It’s almost as easy to pull them out or to hoe them as it is to spray, and they make great compost or will feed the soil like a green manure once
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Gone With The Wind!
THE weather forecasters made great play on the two storms last month, telling us it was unusual to have such strong winds so early. Not to my memory, it wasn’t – pretty well every year, gales thrash runner beans standing full of leaf and play havoc w
Amateur Gardening2 min de lecture
What’s Wrong With My Rattle?
Q Keen to attract more wildlife, we let a small area of our lawn develop as a meadow. The grass is lush, and we’ve read that rattle will help reduce its vigour. Last autumn, I sprinkled seed in but nothing happened. How do you get it to take? Sally O
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The Ultimate Social Climber
THIS week’s packet of seeds is a ‘keeper’ in every sense of the word. Morning glory ‘Grandpa Otts’ is one of the most stunning and striking of annual climbers, with lush, large, indigo-hued trumpets fanning out from their vivid ruby central stars. Ho
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Letters to Wendy
IMAGINE my surprise as I started to write this letter when I received this week’s AG and found inside a free packet of Rudbeckia hirta ‘Marmalade’. These flowers were to be the subject of my letter. Spooky! I have had a fantastic display of these in
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Bird Watch: The Willow Warbler
SOMETIMES known as the willow wren, the species is distributed throughout the British Isles. It is slightly larger than the chiffchaff, which it closely resembles, except that the willow warbler has pinkish-brown feet and legs, and there is a slightl
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Cheesy Onion And Beetroot Tart
Prep time: 35 minutes Cooking time: 35 minutes Ingredients: ■ 1lb (450g) onions■ 1lb (450g) beetroot■ 2tbsp olive oil■ 3oz (75g) caster sugar■ 2tbsp balsamic vinegar■ 2tbsp cranberry sauce■ Salt and pepper■ 4oz (100g) garlic and herb soft cheese such
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Trees To Plant Now
NOW’S the time to plant more fruit and nut trees. The soil’s still warm, which means that those put in during the next month or so will be well established by next spring. Indeed, many may crop in summer (which you really ought not to let happen by d
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Amateur Gardening
Editorial: Editor: Garry Coward-Williams Email: 0330 390 3732 (Mon-Fri 9.00am-6.00pm) Gardening Editor: Ruth Hayes Assistant Editor: Janey Goulding Art Editor: Al Rigger Picture Editor and Letters: Wendy Humphries
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Get More From Apples
THE apple is our most commonly grown fruit, and just about every other garden has a tree or two – quite rightly, for apples are reliable croppers, long lived, and seldom failing, even when suffering from a host of minor problems. If you take no actio
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International Day of Peace
This week it’s: THE International Day of Peace is held each year on 21 September. Started in 1981 by the United Nations, it provides a shared date for all humanity to commit to peace, and to help build a ‘culture of peace’. Whether it succeeds in pro
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