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Treasures Hidden in Plain Sight
Although much of art-making can be solitary, artistic collaboration isn’t uncommon. Sometimes the collaborators work in the same artistic field—think of Andy Warhol and Jean-Michel Basquiat. Other times, a project might pair artists who work in diffe
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Meet The Artist
Atanas Matsoureff ( is a self-taught watercolor artist. He was born in the town of Bansko, Bulgaria, and graduated from the woodcarving class in his native town before eventually moving to live and work in the nation’s capital, Sofia.
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Natural Art
Diatoms, such as those pictured here, are both important scientific paleoenvironmental indicators [signifiers of a geological age] and beautiful organisms, rich in texture and detailed structure. The incredible patterns that characterize different di
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Great crises often generate great art along with profound social change. The Renaissance, perhaps the greatest efflorescence of science and art in Western civilization, was sparked in the 14th century by the search for a response to the bubonic plagu
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High And Tiny
After an arduous hike to an elevation of nearly 11,000 feet in the High Sierra, Stevens found and sketched the elusive mountain laurel in pencil. Her botanical painting of the flower, completed in the studio, reveals its easily overlooked beauty. Not
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Giving Nature Her Due
For those artists who feel driven to depict the splendor of the plant kingdom, the fractals of nature are an alluring and infinite source of inspiration. Colorado native Heidi Jung brings these patterns into her art with a method of her own devising.
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Itinerant Artist
A dedicated botanical artist might travel anywhere on earth in quest of specimens. Below, Stevens is seen hiking relatively close to home in the High Sierra of California. She has also visited rain forests and hopes to go to Antarctica—always with th
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Natural Setting
Jung’s work speaks softly in muted tones, but the enlarged view of her organic subject matter carries a huge impact, as seen in this 2016 exhibition photo taken at the Denver Botanic Gardens. The ink and charcoal drawings seem fully at home among the
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We Asked...
“I’d enjoy a week of daily visits to the Prado.” JIMMY WRIGHT ARTIST AND PRESIDENT, PASTEL SOCIETY OF AMERICA “A long road trip through the countryside of France, Italy and Switzerland. Driving is the only way to get a real feel for a region, its pe
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Meet The Artist
Heidi Jung began her college-level arts education with an emphasis on photography before switching to drawing. She holds a BFA degree from Metropolitan State University of Denver. Her drawings are widely exhibited in the Southwestern U.S. Michael War
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We Asked... You Answered
“The island of Santorini. To be surrounded by nothing but the bluest waters while sitting at an outdoor cafe having a cappuccino is the creative boost I totally need.” —CAT CARBONE “The Isle of Skye captivates and calls to me. Rugged misty mountains
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The 37th Annual Art Competition
Every year, Artists Magazine has the happy job of showcasing the exceptional art being made today by artists who deserve time in the spotlight. With the help of five distinguished art jurors, we have awarded three prizes and 10 honorable mentions in
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Surface Exploration
While on a visit to the Getty Museum, in Los Angeles, I came across a remarkable painting by a 21-year old artist. Despite its small size, the painted figure it depicted drew me in with its carefree expression of youthful optimism. The masterful work
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Art News
Opening an art gallery takes commitment, energy, vision and resources. A new venue focusing on marginalized Native American art faces additional challenges, especially when the launch occurs in the midst of a pandemic. Entrepreneur Dave Kimelberg, a
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Still Life: Painting On Copper
To demonstrate painting on a metal surface, I put together a still life with two Venetian masks and a small drawer filled with colorful bow ties. The masks are known as bauta, which the Venetians introduced in the 16th century. The clever constructio
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Declare Yourself
sometime between the end of one year and the beginning of the next, many of us decide to transform ourselves into an idealized state of perfection. The idea is inspiring—but the follow-through often ends in deep disappointment. The new year is a grea
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Snow Day
Who doesn’t love the look of freshly fallen snow? A good winter storm can turn even the most mundane scene into something spectacular to paint. The first time I bundled up and hauled my gear out in winter conditions, however, I learned just how chall
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Independent Study
Botanical Art Techniques: A Comprehensive Guide to Watercolor, Graphite, Colored Pencil, Vellum, Pen and Ink, Egg Tempera, Oils, Printmaking, and More (Timber Press), by the American Society of Botanical Artists (ASBA), offers 400-plus pages of step
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Caring For Canine Painting Companions
My dogs love the snow and will do anything to go with me whenever I head out to paint, but even dogs with the thickest fur can get cold during a long outdoor painting session. If you decide to bring your furry friend along on your next cold-weather p
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Artists Network Online
After 20 years of painting outdoors, Kathleen Dunphy (see page 18) has honed her gear down to the essentials. Read the article: Artists Network offers a host of no-cost art tutorials in the form of ebooks writ
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My Plein Air Toolkit
The contents of my plein air painting pack, from top to bottom, left to right are: tripod, GPS tracker, extra food, water bottle, glasses, marker, sketchbook, sunscreen, bug repellent, solvent containers, mirror, Easy-L umbrella, MSR bottle for extra
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Lasting Impression
“This powerful painting byWinslow Homer(1836–1910), one of America’s great realist painters, was completed during his 27-year stay on the coast of Maine, living and working only 75 feet from the ocean. In it, Homer delivers his most enduring theme—th
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Demo: Paint The Snow—in The Snow
1 As with all my paintings, whether working en plein air or in the studio, I started with a thumbnail sketch to plan the design and format of the composition. 2 I toned the canvas with a light wash of warm yellow paint. (The wash shows through in p
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Take the Detour
Do you find yourself reaching for the same supplies whenever you start to sketch? Are you working with the same tools and techniques over and over again? Do your sketches look like more of the same when you flip through the pages of your sketchbook?
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A Round Of Applause
It’s a great pleasure to present in this issue the 15 prizewinning works of art and 50 honorable mentions (page 59) which were selected from thousands of entries received in the 37th Annual Art Competition. While these exceptional pieces of art are c
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A Masterly Technique
When I first saw, as a freshman in art school, the portrait drawings of Hans Holbein the Younger, I immediately began to wonder how the artist could have captured likenesses with such apparent accuracy in so few lines. Over the years I was fortunate
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Comparator Video
Drawing with a comparator isn't tracing—it's more like completing missing portions of line segments, little by little, as you adjust your viewing angle. Words and still photos don't do the technique justice, so I created a very short video—just a few
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A Powerful Portrait of Power
Edmund Tarbell (1862–1938), was one of the best painters of the Boston School. He first earned a reputation for painting scenes of women in sunlit landscapes in a manner reminiscent of French Impressionism. He proved equally proficient painting women
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Layers of Time
I met Atanas Matsoureff at a beer garden in Sofia, Bulgaria, on a bright summer day in July 2020. At a time when most meetings were happening remotely, it was a privilege to talk in person, especially with an artist who cares so much about materialit
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