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Fresh Trends for Spring
There’s no denying that we’ve all been through a lot during the pandemic. So, it feels especially good to look at beautiful beaded jewelry and plan new projects. You might choose one opulent design for Zoom meetings and a subtler but elegant piece fo
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Style & Innovation in Beading How Trends Influence Five Designers
When beaders describe their personal relationship with fashion trends, there doesn’t seem to be much gray area: most either categorize themselves as trendy (where they love to follow fine-jewelry and celebrity styles), or they design to the beat of t
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Eblyn Ensemble
USE TRIANGLE WEAVE AND rightangle weave to make luxurious, crystal-studded components that are stunning three-dimensional additions to any necklace or earring design TECHNIQUES Tubular right-angle weave Triangle weave Netting PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERI
Beadwork6 min de lectureFashion
Laguna Cuff
FRAME CRYSTAL BICONES AND faceted turquoise stones with circular square stitch, then join them in a beautifully patterned cuff embellished with crystal rose montées. TECHNIQUES Circular square stitch Picots PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 6 g 24k gold-pl
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The Empress
USE RIGHT-ANGLE WEAVE to stitch this royal collar-style necklace that was inspired by color. TECHNIQUES Right-angle weave variation Netting PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 2 g silver-lined watermelon Duracoat size 15° seed beads (A) 7 g ocean blue galvan
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Nicole Vogt: A Passion for Beading
NICOLE VOGT started beading the same way many of us do—she received a strung necklace as a gift and wondered how to make a similar one. Her two sisters loved the necklace just as much as she did, so they ventured to a local handicraft shop in search
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THIS DAZZLING NECKLACE, named after flowering tropical plants, features right-angle-weave bezels that encase sparkling Swarovski crystal rivolis. TECHNIQUES Right-angle weave Circular netting PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 3 g higher metallic June bug s
Beadwork4 min de lectureFashion
Navette Lariat Set
USE THE NEW NAVETTE BEADS to stitch up these fast beaded beads and attach them to a sinuous chain for this classy set. TECHNIQUES Circular netting Right-angle weave variation Wireworking PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 2 g gold galvanized Duracoat size 1
Beadwork7 min de lectureFashion
Carmen FANtasy
USE SEED BEADS, SWAROVSKI crystal bicones and pearl rounds, and ZoliDuo beads to make a paisley-patterned necklace band with fan-motif focals, inspired by Bizet’s opera Carmen. The matching earrings are double-sided, so the back is just as beautiful
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Fresh Flowers
Clusters of beads, like little bouquets of flowers, highlight the colors of a ceramic pendant. this simple technique is an easy way to dress up single strand beaded designs. Some pieces of jewelry are also time capsules. This necklace contains the de
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Captured Pearl
THESE BLINGY BEADED-HOOP earrings are made using a simple netting technique that is beautiful and versatile. TECHNIQUE Two-needle netting Netting PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 2 g sea green galvanized size 15° seed beads (A) 74 metallic green iris 3×2m
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Beadwork See our beautiful showroom on our website. We specialize in Swarovski crystals, Delica beads, seed beads, interesting lampwork, creative classes—and much, much more! Join us for our monthly Beadathon. We’re worth a visit!
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Frisco Necklace
THIS NECKLACE MADE OF DRAGON Scale beads, rose-petal beads, and seed beads was inspired by the old song by Scott McKenzie that says "If you're going to San Francisco, be sure to wear some flowers in your hair." TECHNIQUES Right-angle weave variation
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Squares Around
TECHNIQUES Circular peyote stitch Herringbone stitch Fringe PROJECT LEVEL OOO MATERIALS 1 g Capri blue transparent size 15° seed beads (A) 6 g matte Caribbean teal AB size 11° cylinder beads (B) 6 g salmon opaque size 11° cylinder beads (C) 1 teal 13
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Dress Up Your Mask
WHO COULD HAVE PREDICTED that face masks would become such an essential accessory in our daily lives? Online retailers, Etsy shops, and even department stores have jumped on the bandwagon with their creative mask designs. But leave it to beaders to k
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Project Rating
BEGINNER LEVEL Quick and easy INTERMEDIATE LEVEL Moderate time commitment ADVANCED LEVEL Longer time commitment ■
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Cleopatra Eyes
GO BEYOND THE AVERAGE rope with this beautiful crystal-encrusted diamond-motif kumihimo braid formed in sections to create a teardrop focal. Kumihimo Simple wireworking 30 g Ceylon gray transparent size 8° Japanese seed beads (A) 10 g matte metallic
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Telling Your Story
The projects in this issue cover all of your favorite techniques, from bead embroidery to beaded bezels and beyond. Each one offers the opportunity to make it your own. Jill Mackay’s pendant is called Meraki (page 37), a Greek word which means puttin
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Kumihimo 101
› If your nylon cords are curly, lightly steam them to straighten. Doing so will make stringing your beads much easier. › Cut a ½" slit in the back side of each bobbin to anchor your cord ends. › Using a kumihimo stand allows you to use both hands fo
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Leather & Pearls
Rustic meets refined when you combine textured leather and copper elements with matte pearls in a subtle ombré pattern. Debbie Blair Stringing Crimping Simple wireworking 12 white 4mm pearls 12 crystal light gold 6mm crystal pearls (small) 4 crystal
Beadwork2 min de lectureFashion
Cool Stuff
1. Caravan Beads celebrates the stars in our night sky with their Orion’s Belt Necklace Kit. Shown here in their Chapel colorway, each kit contains all the items you need to make this dainty and beautiful necklace at home. Three other colorways are a
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Knotted Pearls & Fringe Deb Floros
Deb Floros Stringing Simple wireworking Knotting 80 metallic bronze size 15° seed beads 19 white 10mm cotton pearls 2 brass 2mm crimp tubes 45" of natural 1mm leather cord 20 ½ " of natural 1.5mm leather cord 15" of antiqued brass 22-gauge wire 12" o
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Handpicked Favorites In The
Beadwork Favorites: Susan Sassoon Crystal Beading Pattern Collection Sparkle and shine with our new pattern collection! Find five beading patterns from Susan Sassoon to create vibrant beaded jewelry. Each pattern uses crystal beading to make necklace
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Teardrop Pearls Michelle Owens
Michelle Owens Knotting Gluing 2 white 7×5mm large-hole irregular pearl rounds 1 silver 6×10mm lobster clasp 3 silver 5×6mm oval jump rings 2 stainless steel 4mm glue-one end caps 12" of metallic pearl 0.5mm round leather cord 9" of natural black 1.5
Beadwork3 min de lectureFashion
Kings & Crowns
YOU’LL FEEL LIKE ROYALTY wearing this narrow cuff with a crown motif stitched in oddcount flat peyote. 1) BAND. Use odd-count flat peyote stitch to form the band: Rows 8 and 9: Note: You may download the word chart for this pattern at www.interweave.
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Cryptic Cicada Anne Perry
Anne Perry Simple wireworking Knotting 4 olive green 8×7mm pearls (small) 6 patina green 10×9mm pearls (large) 1 green 30×38mm dyed jade 2-hole flat oval pendant 12 silver-plated 7×6mm stamped large-hole rounds 1 silver 20×55mm cicada pendant 1 silve
Beadwork3 min de lectureFashion
Rosette Beaded Bead
Inspired by the rose windows of Gothic cathedrals, the Rosette Beaded Bead features shaped beads to build a beautiful three-dimensional piece. Use this versatile beaded bead in many ways. Circular peyote stitch Circular netting 1 g berry-lined light
Beadwork4 min de lectureFashion
Meditative Moments Tracy Proctor
Tracy Proctor Stringing Pearl knotting Cold-connections (eyelet setting) 18 white 8mm pearl rounds 6 brown snowflake jasper 8mm rounds 2 antiqued brass 6mm daisy spacers 2 antiqued brass 6mm daisy bead aligners (or 6 brass size 11° seed beads) 1 anti
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