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Handmade & Homemade
Handmade in Taos, this hat represents the New Mexico essence. Mesa Sun fashion hat ($525), These half-moon cluster earrings are a timeless jewelry staple. E. Spencer cluster turquoise earrings ($525), Add subtle e
Cowboys & Indians4 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
It’s A Comfort Filled Christmas At Perini Ranch
FROM THE FESTIVE DEEP-RED NEW MEXICO RISTRAS HUNG ON ITS PATIOS TO THE old-fashioned multicolored Christmas lights strung on all of its buildings, Perini Ranch Steakhouse serves up the holidays with extra sides of nostalgia. Tom and Lisa Perini live
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The Fort Worth Stockyards are the Western crown jewel of Dallas-Fort Worth for locals and travelers alike. It can be hard to put a finger on what makes the Stockyards feel so special — the red dirt country music scene, the daily cattle drives down Ma
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Holiday Menu
Serves 8 or more Prime Rib Rub ½ cup coarsely ground black pepper¼ cup kosher salt1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon garlic powder1 tablespoon plus 1 teaspoon crumbled dried oreganoOne 4-rib rib roast (prime rib), about 8 pounds, bones removedLogs to fuel
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Karina on Canyon
The soul of Santa Fe is free-spirited, an aura that Karen Galindo, owner of Karina on Canyon, has embraced in her journey to opening a storefront in the City Different. “Santa Fe is the most charming city in the world,” says Galindo, whose decision t
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Perini Holiday Cheer
“Our friends at Fess Parker Winery and Vineyard in Los Olivos, California, make a fabulous sparkling wine, Fesstivity. And for a serious treat, it’s Billecart-Salmon Brut Rose.” “Tom has a pretty serious sweet tooth, so you’ll sure find toffee from S
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Prescott Frontier Days
I t’s billed as the World’s Oldest Rodeo. And Frontier Days in Prescott, Arizona, didn’t allow the pandemic to stop its 133-year tradition. While social distancing trimmed the grandstand crowd to just a fifth of its usual 5,000 fans, organizers were
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2020 ■
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Flying H Polo
Wyoming is certainly the Cowboy State. But it’s also the summertime home of some of the best polo players in the world. They’ve played for spectators during summers at the Flying H Ranch outside Sheridan. The Flying H has hosted weekly tournaments wi
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In The Bunkhouse With Red Steagall
The Official Cowboy Poet of Texas Hard Times Will Be The Best Times I hear they’re hiring men in Oklahoma And I’ve been blessed with two hard working hands And I’ll take the job till the mill goes back to turning And we’ll make it through the hard ti
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lecture
Happy Trails
MAX EVANS, the son of a Texas ranching family, made a strong impression in 1960 with his first novel, The Rounders, a seriocomic story about two modernday cowboys who match wits with an apparently untameable horse. The novel was adapted into a 1965 m
Cowboys & Indians3 min de lecture
HOLLYWOOD Mackenzie Foy
Cowboys & Indians: So what’s more difficult and challenging — riding a horse, as you do in Black Beauty, or riding a mechanical “wolf,” as you did in Twilight: Breaking Dawn? Mackenzie Foy: [Laughs.] Probably a … wolf. I will say, I’ve never been ask
Cowboys & Indians4 min de lecture
Micqaela Jones
THE GREAT-GREAT GRANDDAUGHTER OF CHIEF TUTUWA OF THE TOSAWIHI SHOSHONE TRIBE, MICQAELA Jones has been creating works inspired by her Shoshone culture for more than two decades. She grew up on the Duck Valley Indian Reservation 100 miles northeast of
Cowboys & Indians3 min de lecture
Z.S. Liang
IT’S A LONG WAY FROM CHILDHOOD POVERTY IN THE 1950S CHINA OF CHAIRMAN MAO TO THE AMERICAN dream in the affluent Los Angeles suburb of Agoura Hills. The talented paintbrush of Z.S. Liang has taken him on that remarkable journey. Today that artistic tr
Cowboys & Indians3 min de lecture
30 YEARS OF Double D Ranch
EVEN AFTER 30 YEARS IN THE WESTERN APPAREL INDUSTRY, AUDREY Franz and Cheryl McMullen, fearless leaders of the Double D Ranch brand, are still blazing a trail and have the stories to prove it. “It was like two or three weeks before the Grammys, and s
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The I Go Back Collections From Cheryl McMullen
“Matagorda basically represents Audrey, [our sister] Hedy, and my growing-up years. It’s very ’70s-influenced, as well as by the places we’ve traveled. Lots of quarter horse racing and Native American history comes in, and because we were so close to
Cowboys & Indians3 min de lecture
TOM SELLECK BELIEVES THE 30TH ANNIVERSARY OF HIS POPULAR big-screen western Quigley Down Under is worth celebrating — and knew exactly how he wanted to do it. “I called a guy who restores antique firearms and had him restore an 1878 Colt revolver,” S
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Last chance to submit your photos for our 2021 Home on the Range Photo Contest! Featured categories include Portraits, Native Culture, Living West, and more. The deadline is November 8, so search “Photo Contest” on our website to enter your images! E
Cowboys & Indians1 min de lecture
The Quigley Shoot
The Montana town of Forsyth is renamed “Quigleyville” every June, with the pandemic-related exception of 2020, as hundreds of the world’s top long-range shooters arrive to test their skills in competition. Sponsored by a local gun club, the Matthew Q
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Cowboys & Indians8 min de lecture
Black Beauty Rides Again
“WHEN OUR PRODUCERS WANTED TO REMAKE BLACK Beauty, they wanted two things: to modernize the story and to make Black Beauty female,” says Ashley Avis, who directed and wrote the screenplay for the new adaptation of the classic horse tale due out on Di
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
I don’t know if anyone else thinks of fried chicken during the holidays, but that’s what we always had for brunch on Christmas morning. Fried chicken, fried chicken livers, cream gravy with little crunchy bits from the fried chicken, and my mom’s hom
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lecture
Behind The Scenes Shooting On The Beach
Shooting the beach scene that director Ashley Avis first envisioned when she was developing the Black Beauty screenplay presented a logistical puzzle. Given the tight production schedule, both predawn and sunset shoots would have to happen the same d
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lecture
Happy To Have You
IT WAS A MUCH-ANTICIPATED HOLIDAY adventure in the eyes of the C&I staff. Every December the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo roared into Las Vegas. Many of us left our North Texas homes on planes — some left in giant trucks full of magazines and merch
Cowboys & Indians9 min de lecture
Up On Triple Creek
I NEVER LEARNED BOOMER’S REAL NAME, WHICH IS JUST AS WELL, because nobody ever calls him that, anyway. Boomer — my flyfishing guide at the ultra-luxurious Triple Creek Ranch in Montana — got that nickname before he was even born. He kicked his mom’s
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lecture
Two Western Worlds Collide I have been watching Longmire and noticed that in Season 3, when Cady is in the hospital, Ruby is sitting with her and is reading an issue of Cowboys & Indians. … Seeing my favorite magazine on one of my favorite shows was
Cowboys & Indians2 min de lecture
Winter At Elk Meadow
IF WILD HORSES COULDN’T DRAG YOU away, maybe wild elk will do the trick. At least that was the case for Barbara and Craig Barrett, the owners of Triple Creek Ranch, the luxurious guest lodge situated in Montana’s Bitterroot Mountains. When the time c
Cowboys & Indians1 min de lecture
Rodeo Restart at Cave Creek
It’s time to kick open the chutes! That was the feisty motto as Arizona’s Cave Creek Rodeo Days relaunched its 2020 PRCA season. Cave Creek’s Memorial Day weekend event was the first PRCA rodeo since the mid-March shutdown of the sport during the Hou
Cowboys & Indians3 min de lecture
What else can you do with your new favorite bourbon or rye aside from the same old-fashioned? Try one of these for your next pour. A simple but classic Old West request that goes back at least as far as Harry Johnson’s 1882 New and Improved Bartender
Cowboys & Indians4 min de lecture
Happy Trails
CHARLIE DANIELS excelled in several musical genres as singer, songwriter, instrumentalist — on fiddle, guitar, banjo, and mandolin — and influential mentor during a performing and recording career that spanned six decades. A native of Wilmington, Nor
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