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Combatting Erosion
In Valtellina, in the far north of the Lombardy region close to the Swiss border, there are 2,500km of dry stone walls, according to the region’s wine consortium. Similar to Switzerland, the northern Rhône or the Douro in Portugal, this valley is one
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Your Letters
In 2019 I was hospitalised in Quito, Ecuador and on recovering found that I couldn’t return home for at least seven days or I would be quarantined. So with time to spare, my partner and I found time to visit a winery just outside the city. The staff
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Friuli-Venezia Giulia’s Native Whites
Back in the 1970s, Friuli-Venezia Giulia was hailed as ‘the promised land’ for Italy’s burgeoning fine white wine scene. Winemakers such as Silvio Jermann and Mario Schiopetto, having embraced modern winemaking philosophy and new technology, became l
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Top 20 Buys: Soave
To ‘know your label’ has never been sounder advice than it is in the case of Soave. This northern Italian classic white has many facets, and the best guide is the system of denominations which distinguishes styles and places of origin. The first dist
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The Bordeaux Index View
Fine wine & spirits specialists Bordeaux Index kindly sponsor this section of Decanter, and provide their view on the market here. They can be found at Tuscany has clearly been one of the market’s standout performers across the la
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Brunello di Montalcino 2015
Brunello di Montalcino is renowned for its elegant fruit expression and long ageability, but the 2015 vintage marks a different approach for the wines of this esteemed Tuscan DOCG. Though our judges were extremely positive, rating 10 wines Outstandin
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Standout Producers
Palpably committed to making complex and characterful Monferrato Barbera. Undeniably the reference for powerful, ageworthy, Barolo-esque Barbera. Veteran champions of Barbera as well as the Asti zone, the Chiarlo family has been an important driv
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Michaela Morris Selects 10 Top Piedmont Barbera Reds
£29.99-£36.95 Alliance Wine, DBM Wines After working with barriques for a number of years, the Bertolini brothers switched to 25hl casks of French Allier oak in order to achieve a more elegant expression of Barbera. From the northern sector of Nizza,
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The Wine Educator-turned-private Buyer
What’s the best thing about your job? I get to develop a career where my passion truly lies. The life of a private buyer is similar to that of a hunter. When target wines appear on the market, I need to snap them up quickly. The sense of accomplishm
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The Judges
Andrea Briccarello is business development manager at Jascots, a specialist on-trade wine merchant. Formerly head sommelier and wine buyer at Galvin restaurant group, he also previously worked as a brand manager for Bisol Prosecco, and judges regular
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Sicily, Then And Now
Sicily is recognised today as being one of the world’s most exciting wine-producing regions, with wine lovers and tourists flocking to sample its myriad wines and enjoy the island’s cultural riches, scenery and delicious food. The once-obscure Nerell
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As we went to press, the annual Bordeaux en primeur tastings were taking place. Our correspondent Jane Anson tasted more than 800 wines from the 2020 vintage, and has given about 10% of these a score of 95 points or more, including five at 98-100pts.
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Capalbo’s Pick: The Soul Of Sicily In 10 Delicious Wines
£87.25 Field & Fawcett, Sociovino This definitive wine of pure Carricante is given extensive contact on the lees, without wood, taking its structure from the grapes and terroir. Pale with golden highlights, it offers iodised notes on the expressive n
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Andrew Jefford ‘You May Be Suspicious Of Celebrity Wines...’
Last summer I was researching rosé, and thinking about the celebrity-wine phenomenon, much of it clustered around Provence rosé. It’s the perfect match. Provence rosé is aspirational, visually alluring and can be artfully packaged; and quality in ros
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While certain spirits embody their country of origin and can only be produced there – think tequila in Mexico – others can be made anywhere in the world. Of those, and perhaps more than any other nomad spirit, gin can capture the flavours of the plac
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Brilliant Barbera
A talent contest of Piedmont’s native grape varieties might well see the top prize going to Nebbiolo. It’s Barbera, however, that gets my vote for congeniality. Grown throughout Italy, Barbera is among the country’s top 10 most planted grapes. It is
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This Month’s Experts
Sebastian Riley-Smith is founder and MD of Smith & Taylor, specialising in the storage and management of wine Nigel Greening is the owner of Felton Road Wines in Central Otago, New Zealand Tim Hall is director of Scala Wine, a UK-based Champagne
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Barolo 2013: A Retrospective
Young Barolo is far easier to taste than it used to be, and probably all the better for it. It has little to do with the varying approaches of traditionalists and modernists, and everything to do with extraction: grapes tend to be picked at higher ri
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Give Celebs A Chance
A fascinating and timely column from Andrew Jefford in your March edition, ‘Great wine needs no help from designers or celebrities’. Like Andrew, I believe that one of the small upsides from the dreadful pandemic is the opportunity it afforded us to
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Tasted & rated for Decanter Premium
This was recently rated 98pts by Monty Waldin, who reviewed it alongside several vintages after co-hosting a Decanter virtual masterclass with the SuperTuscan estate. Waldin praised its ‘remarkable, Peter Pan-like freshness’ with generous fruit and ‘
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The Next Rising Stars?
With increasing numbers of collectors seeking opportunities from Bolgheri to Barolo, Italy has arguably been the star of the fine wine market in the past two years. An exciting run of vintages, notably the back-to-back successes of 2015 and 2016 in P
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Brunello Hits The Heights
After the excitement surrounding Barolo 2016 releases last year, has the mantle passed to Brunello di Montalcino? ‘Demand is furious,’ says Giles Burke-Gaffney, buying director at UK-based merchant Justerini & Brooks, commenting on the rush to acquir
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In My Glass This Month
My reviews of Kylie’s Provence rosé wines are online, but the Kylie Minogue, Rosé, Vin de France 2020 (£9 Tesco) is an excellent blend: delicate peach, pear and quince scents, with nothing overstated or obvious, and a pithy, zesty style which contras
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The Best English Winery Visits
Not that long ago you would struggle to catch a glimpse of vines in England. Now, slope after sunny slope is carpeted in vines, in the southeast particularly, with more than 160 wineries open to the public in some form or other. And as wineries have
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Weekend Wines
Clean and flinty nose with lemon and lime blossom. Lovely texture, round and supple with a juicy lemon and Mirabelle plum freshness, balanced acidity. Precise and refined, and a great food wine. GH Alc 13% Fernão Pires, Arinto and Vital. Ripe orcha
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Five Of The Best: Grappas
Grappa is a fragrant Italian spirit made from the grape solids left over from wine production, known as marc or pomace. There are about 130 distillers making grappa, primarily in the north – the Veneto region is the heartland of grappa production. Tr
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Editor-in-Chief Chris Maillard Magazine Editor & Regional Editor (Champagne, Alsace, Loire) Amy Wislocki Content Manager & Regional Editor (US, Canada, Australia, NZ, South Africa) Tina Gellie Digital Editor Eleanor Douglas Editor, Decanter Premi
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Sea Bass Baked In Salt
The River Cafe founders Rose Gray and Ruth Rogers published the restaurant’s first book The River Cafe Cookbook back in 1996. Our most recent cookbook, River Cafe 30, was published in 2017 to mark the restaurant’s 30th birthday. It returns to classic
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Barbera: Great Recent Vintages
2017 Barbera responded well to this exceptionally dry, hot year. Surprising balance despite opulence and high alcohol. 2016 Though not as warm as surrounding vintages, long, slow ripening allowed Barbera to reach sufficient ripeness. Exceptional ele
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The Wines To Match
Hailing from the Friuli region in the northeast of Italy, bordering Slovenia and Austria, Friulano typically offers orchard fruit and almond aromas but also a delicate acidity and minerality. Lees ageing gives it a slightly creamy texture, adding bod
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