Design Anthology2 min de lectureFashion
Elevating the Everyday
Progressive yet nostalgic, stark yet emotionally charged — fashion designer Carl Jan Cruz’s aesthetic is more than a look, it’s a feeling. A soulful, tactile, ‘virtual autobiography’ of what it means to be a modern Filipino, to be precise. And just f
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Join Us On-site Or Online
Through a series of in-person and online events, our annual calendar brings the best of Design Anthology together with key thought leaders and captains of industry to unpack the future of design, and inspire the people making it happen. EXPLORE THE
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Conversations With Luminaries
In Design Anthology’s new original audio series, our editors take an international tour to meet some of the most recognisable names working in design, architecture and interiors. LEARN MORE ■
Design Anthology2 min de lectureArchitecture
Urban Oasis
South Korean architect Chanjoong Kim, director of THE_SYSTEM LAB, is a self-proclaimed maverick. Regardless of domain, he says, he seeks out projects that allow him to try something new and unorthodox. So, when the Seoul Metropolitan Government commi
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Mexican Wave
The tree-lined streets of Colonia Americana and Lafayette are home to some of Guadalajara’s most fashionable restaurants, bars and hotels, including Design Hotels ™ member Casa Habita, where smartly dressed tapatíos, as the locals are called, can be
Design Anthology4 min de lecture
Yellow Brick Road
People have always been drawn to waterfronts. They offer an opportunity for work, a connection to the world beyond and a chance to clear the mind with a fresh sea breeze. But for generations of urban planners, waterfronts have represented something e
Design Anthology2 min de lecturePsychology
From The Editor
Over the course of this year and since COVID-19 was officially labelled a pandemic, I’ve overheard and taken part in several conversations about what this period means for humanity, our planet and the future of cities, what we can learn and how or wh
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Discovering São Tomé and Principe
The remote two-island nation of São Tomé and Principe off the coast of Gabon in Central Africa is as close as any of us will ever get to The Lost World — without, of course, the prehistoric animals and vicious apes. The landscapes are dramatic, almos
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
On Grief and Growth
Staying home was fun — until the nightmares started. I can’t say what they were about, exactly, only that I woke up every morning with a sense of dread. Too much news, I thought. Too much social media. Things got better when the epidemic receded and
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Design Anthology
Editor-in-Chief Suzy Annetta Editorial Director Philip Annetta Managing Editor Simone Schultz Creative Director Jeremy Smart Commercial Director, Hong Kong Petula Kincaid psk
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Retreat into Nature
The word ‘alpine’ may evoke images of peaked chalets with decorative wood features, but the new Park Hyatt Niseko Hanazono reflects a more modern interpretation of alpine aesthetics. Located in Japan’s northernmost island of Hokkaido, a region long f
Design Anthology1 min de lecture
A restored hutong in Beijing’s historical heart is now home to multi-brand design company HOUSE OF WANG. Founded by Ruby Ren and Eric Wang, two business leaders in China’s design scene, HOUSE OF WANG is the sole distributor of a selection of internat
Design Anthology3 min de lecture
New Hotels
Harilela Hotels’ second property has opened in its founder’s home city of Hong Kong. Located in Wan Chai, the 210-room hotel is designed by London-based Tara Bernerd — also behind The Hari’s original London location — and is characterised by a polish
Design Anthology3 min de lecture
Singaporean industrial designer Karyn Lim was prematurely repatriated during her postgraduate studies in Switzerland due to the pandemic. Back home and without access to the school’s facilities and prototyping equipment, and conscious of minimising n
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Seaside Luxury
Along the Andaman coast of Thailand’s southern Phang Nga province, just a short drive from Phuket International Airport, is a boutique luxury development like no other. Veyla Natai Residences (veyla being the Thai word for ‘time’ and Sanskrit for ‘a
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Comfort & Style
In the wake of Salone del Mobile’s cancellation earlier this year, Italian leather furniture producer Baxter has conceptualised Baxter Worldwide 2020 as an alternative platform to share its new collections, an initiative involving a series of interna
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Your Design Briefing
Four issues, with global delivery to your home or studio Complimentary access to the Design Anthology digital edition Special invitations to events and more, exclusive to subscribers 10% discount on magazines, products and events in our store START
Design Anthology5 min de lecture
Humans have long held a fascination with abandoned places; while this arguably reflects deeper feelings about the ephemerality of our own existence, the publishers of Cities of Silence find images of COVID-19 lockdown-affected urban environments calm
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Regional Revival
This autumn marked the opening of He Art Museum in Guangdong’s Shunde district, designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Tadao Ando to house business tycoon He Jianfeng’s extensive art collection, which began with a focus on artists from the Ling
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Where Life Imitates Art
Since its founding almost 40 years ago, Kukje Gallery has been a tastemaker in the global arts industry, representing significant Korean and international artists such as Park Seo-Bo, Lee Ufan, Louise Bourgeois, Anish Kapoor, Haegue Yang and Jenny Ho
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Lady of Light
Ritsue Mishima,born in Japan but Venetian by adoption (having moved there in the late 1980s), was immediately attracted to the medium of glass, instantly captivated by the thrill of the flames, the incandescent paste and the way bubbles of molten san
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Inside Project 810
The year is 2017, and Indian design studio Project 810 is pressing full steam ahead. A host of exciting projects are running smoothly, but Vritima Wadhwa and her team are feeling the pinch of working from the 110-square-metre basement of her row hous
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The Collector’s Edition
Our first ever large-format book, Design in Asia is an exposition of the most promising emerging designers working throughout the region today. With a foreword by Aric Chen, the deluxe edition is hand-numbered and limited to 500 copies. Stored in a r
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Head and Heart
Sean Zhang’s interest in design goes back a long time. ‘When I was about fifteen, I started to become deeply interested in the objects around me: a water bottle, shoes, an eraser,’ he recalls. ‘I began asking myself why they all looked the same and h
Design Anthology2 min de lectureArchitecture
Tropical Treatment
The relationship between architect or interior designer and client can often involve a delicate balancing act. For every dream combination, there’s another fraught with stress. Thankfully for all parties, the creative process that resulted in Pillar
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Following the Rhythms
As Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, Dylan Davis and Jean Lee have been making lighting, furniture and accessories in their Brooklyn studio since 2010, but they’ve been partners for even longer — long enough to navigate different habits and routines. Davis
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Daily Inspiration
There are three things that Chicago-born, Milan-based designer Eric Egan believes characterise his work: the celebration of artisanal craft, comfort, and the creation of a space for people and their things that feels like their own. ‘When you look at
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Space to Wander
Dreams are often associated with imagery of clouds, an idea the founders of Kumulo Creative Compound had in mind when they named the newly developed enclave in Jakarta. The visual imagery of a pillowy, heaped cumulus in the vast blue sky was both the
Design Anthology2 min de lecture
Soulful Selection
‘When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it,’ Khánh Nhã Võ says, quoting her favourite author, Paulo Coelho, to describe how her apartment came to be. Just a few steps away from her children’s school in a new bui
Design Anthology1 min de lecture
An Icon Reborn
Five decades since it was originally launched by B&B Italia, architect and designer Mario Bellini’s Camaleonda sofa system is making a welcome return, looking just as contemporary as it did in 1970 — a fact that reinforces its status as an icon. Its
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