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No./1 Disney’s Biggest Bombshells, Digested
Disney were not shy about revealing new footage at their Investor’s Day presentation on December 10; it’s not every day you get four shiny new Marvel trailers in one go. The first Loki trailer gave us lots of tantalising glimpses of what Tom Hiddlest
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Where Toad was a crazed-but-loveable biker in Stone, there’s nothing remotely pleasant about Toecutter, the leader of the bikie gang that murders the family of Max Rockatansky, which sends him more than a little “Mad”. Displaying a flair for OTT hum
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American Utopia
OUT NOW CERT M / 105 MINS DIRECTOR Spike Lee PARTICIPANTS David Byrne, Chris Giarmo, Tendayi Kuumba PLOT In February 2020, David Byrne’s Broadway show American Utopia is drawing to a close. For this end-of-run filmed performance, Spike Lee captures
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Adult Entertainment
Lucy Kirkwood [writer]: It was impossibly hard to get this made: it took nine years to [get a] commission. I was continually surprised by how wary people still were of the subject matter. We were adamant we were making a serious, high-minded drama th
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Instant Trivia
1 Todd Phillips was initially planning on using a grimy South Bronx step street that had featured in Ridley Scott’s American Gangster, but it had since been spruced up. 2 Writing as Fleck, Phoenix filled journals with musings. Phillips told him step
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No./ 2 “Dave Was The Opposite Of Everything Darth Vader Was”
THE FIRST TIME I met Dave was when he came on set in the full Darth Vader outfit. I’d seen Ralph McQuarrie’s concept art, but to see it fully realised was stunning. A big part of that was just Dave’s size. He was a towering figure with this magnifice
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No./ 16 Etched in Stone
THE MEMBERS OF the Grave Diggers — the outlaw bikie gang who are the focus of 1974’s violent thriller Stone — were portrayed as rebels. But none were more rebellious than its producer, director, co-writer and star, Sandy Harbutt. The Aussie auteur —
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OUT NOW / CERT MA 15+ / 98 MINS DIRECTOR Miles Joris-Peyrafitte CAST Finn Cole, Margot Robbie There’s nothing in Dreamland that you haven’t seen a million times before. A mismatched pair gradually bonding while on the run from the cops was done as
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We Loved Suzie
I HATE SUZIE, created by Billie Piper and writer Lucy Prebble, follows Piper’s Suzie Pickle, a flighty, co-dependent actress whose life gets upended when compromising photos of her and a man who is not her husband are published online by phone hacker
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Lake Mungo
IT’S BECOME A highly regarded cult horror flick overseas, but 2008’s Lake Mungo — the chilling tale of an Australian family haunted by the spirit of their teen daughter following her death by drowning — is barely known in its home country. Why is tha
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No./ 3 How Toby Kebbell Found His Ideal Role
TOBY KEBBELL HAS gone from junkie to monkey during his 20-year career: after hurtling onto radars in Shane Meadows’ Dead Man’s Shoes , and later as a drug addict in Guy Ritchie’s RockNRolla , he later moved into motion capture as Koba in War For The
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No./ 17 John Carpenter’s music masterclass
Carpenter scored his debut film, 1974’s Dark Star, out of “necessity”, he says. A long-time fan of electronic music, he realised that with synths, he could make epic-sounding music on his own. “We needed original music, so we figured it out.” What ma
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OUT FEBRUARY 11 CERT M / 95 MINS DIRECTOR Thomas Vinterberg CAST Mads Mikkelsen, Lars Ranthe There’s a delicious high concept at the heart of Druk (aka Another Round) that makes it ripe for an Adam Sandler comedy. Four middle-aged, jaded teachers
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Do Not Adjust Your Set
THE ‘M’ IN the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s official acronym is a contender, for obvious reasons. And where would Thanos have been without the ‘U’ to snap away? But actually it might just be the ‘C’. “Cinematic” is a word that conjures thoughts of sco
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Dawn Of The Deaths
TOM SAVINI HAS a tattoo on his left arm. It’s a doodle of a pair of thick-rimmed glasses, accompanied by the words “STAY SCARED”. It’s his way of keeping George A. Romero, the director who gave Savini his big break, close after Romero died in 2017. “
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He Hanks them on the beaches, he Hanks them on the landing grounds, he Hanks them in the fields and in the streets. And he never surrenders. HANKRANK: 10/10 Houston, we have a template for the Tom Hanks Is An Everyman Captain Thrown Into Extraordina
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Jason Clarke
Do you have a nickname? There was one that I had, the weird one: two friends called me ‘Plugger’. It’s because I wouldn’t stop, I’d always keep going. I know they were mocking me, but I was okay with it. Do you have a signature dish? I’ve only got
Empire Australasia2 min de lectureDiscrimination & Race Relations
Red, White And Blue
OUT NOW (BINGE) CERT TBC / 80 MINS DIRECTOR Steve McQueen CAST John Boyega, Steve Toussaint, Antonia Thomas, Tyrone Huntley PLOT In ’80s London, Leroy Logan (Boyega), a research scientist, becomes a police officer to combat racial prejudice within t
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Shrinking Down
In the Karate Kid series, a fresh-faced LaRusso painted fences and chased flies, watched closely by his guru Mr Miyagi. Decades on, the iconic character has returned in buzzy TV series Cobra Kai, now a car salesman who’s lost his lust for life. The o
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The First Take Club
SKYLIN3S DIRECTOR LIAM O’DONNELL LETS LET THE RIGHT ONE IN IN FOR THE FIRST TIME I definitely have some embarrassingly great movies sitting in my queue judging me as I watch Predator again for the 100th time. That said, I felt pretty good that I’d s
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Black In Focus
JODIE TURNER-SMITH AS ANNE BOLEYN IS THE KIND OF CASTING WE SHOULD SEE MORE OF I LOVE A good period drama. The fashion, the colourful characters, the intrigue — when it’s well made, a period drama can be immensely satisfying. But one thing that’s al
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Coming Soon
A new crime drama, based on a magazine article about a dark web drug-trafficking site. Clarke plays Richard ‘Rick’ Bowden, aka the Jurassic Narc, a DEA agent going undercover to take it down. An Adam McKay-produced HBO drama about a classic era for b
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The Mandalorian: Season 2
OUT NOW (DISNEY+) EPISODES VIEWED 2 OF 8 DIRECTORS Jon Favreau, Peyton Reed CAST Pedro Pascal, Timothy Olyphant PLOT Entrusted with returning his ward, The Child, to a group known as the Jedi, The Mandalorian (Pascal) starts scouring the galaxy for
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Sean Connery 1930 - 2020
Suave, swaggering, sardonic, he went from Edinburgh milkman to Hollywood titan. Over the next 14 pages, we celebrate the man with the Midas touch ■
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Our Critics
Touch him again and he’ll kill you. Which seems harsh. He attacks his job with a certain exuberance. Also, apathy. He’s too middle-aged for this shit. Her password is WARMACHINEROX. Don’t tell anyone. ■
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Classic Pick Of The Month
With his third directorial effort, Chris Rock (also writer and star) balances sharp industry observations with a sweet-natured romance and his trademark biting wit in this endearing and consistently funny comedy. Come for the truths about showbiz. St
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Penguin Bloom
OUT JANUARY 21 CERT PG / 95 MINS DIRECTOR Glendyn Ivin CAST Naomi Watts, Andrew Lincoln, Jacki Weaver, Rachel House PLOT When adventurous, athletic Sam (Watts) suffers a crippling accident in Thailand she becomes lost in depression. While husband Ca
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Star Trek: Discovery Season 3
OUT NOW (NETFLIX) EPISODES VIEWED 6 OF 13 SHOWRUNNERS Alex Kurtzman, Michelle Paradise CAST Sonequa Martin-Green, Doug Jones, Anthony Rapp, Mary Wiseman PLOT After the events of Season 2, Discovery is propelled 900-plus years into the future. With n
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The Reluctant Spy
THE SOFT BUT distinctive Scottish burr, the sharply etched features and world-weary gaze, the smooth charisma that goes hand-in-hand with sudden violence; for many of us, James Bond is Sean Connery. “The thing that is indisputable is that Sean Conner
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Shane Black Movies
Chris: For me, Shane Black is Hollywood’s finest purveyor of pulp this side of Quentin Tarantino, and maybe even beyond Tarantino. But why are we ranking his films now? ’Cos we’ve just had Christmas, and Christmas plays a huge part in a lot of Shane
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