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When saleswoman and single mom Anne D found herself checking into Joburg’s Houghton House outpatient clinic at age 48 for an addiction problem, she couldn’t quite believe it. ‘It wasn’t like I was using cocaine, heroin, or even abusing alcohol,’ she
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Who wouldn’t want to have a home that breeds creativity, love, good health, luck – and even wealth? It’s said that by using the elements of feng shui, you can invite all these things into your living space. Maybe you don’t buy into all of that, but e
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Beauty & Tried tested
If you’re looking for a budget-friendly warm-toned eye palette, this is a good buy. Of the 18 shades, most are warm (besides one random teal green) and it has a nice balance of matte and shimmer shades. I would suggest doing your eye makeup before yo
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Make a date with your intuition and a glass of wine. An intriguing tug between you wanting to stay in your shell for longer than usual and a funny, vague feeling that ‘something big’ is rolling towards you at a rate of knots calls for a catch-up with
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You Could Have A Codeine Abuse Problem If:
• You use it even when there are no symptoms to alleviate. • You use more of it, more often or for longer than the recommended dosage. • The headaches for which you might be taking it keep recurring and get worse. • You visit multiple pharmacies to o
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Top Tips
Balance is important no matter what room it is, especially when it comes to colours. ‘If there is too much yin (blacks, whites, dark blues), you need to bring in warm colours (yellow, reds, orange) just to balance the yin and the yang,’ says Elaine.
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Plates To Share
It is very important to remove excess moisture from the base to ensure that it holds together when cooked. SERVES 4; MAKES 1½ CUPS PESTO PREP TIME: 15 MINUTES • 200 g broccoli, cut into florets• ¼ cup (40 g) unsalted roasted cashews•2/3 cup loosely
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Take Steps To Overcome Dependence:
1. Wean yourself off painkillers. If you suffer severe migraines, ask your doctor or pharmacist about triptans (tryptamine-based painkilling and anti-nausea drugs) such as Sumatriptan instead; ignore minor headaches. 2. Use non-medical methods to ma
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Filmmaking can be a bit like Broken Telephone: real life sparks an idea, it is passed from one writer to the next, the script is reworked, a director chops and changes it, actors add their creative flair, and editors ultimately decide what’s importan
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T Est Kit Chen Not Es
You can use bitter greens such as curly endive or radicchio, or even rocket. Good Cheddar is the star in this recipe, so you want one that has been aged and has developed extra flavour. Look for one that is labelled 'vintage Cheddar'. ■
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Ed’s Letter
You may already know that from this issue on, FAIRLADY will be published once every two months, as opposed to monthly. It’s very sad for us, for many reasons, but at the same time we do understand that it’s the right decision to make in this economic
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Home Horror Stories
John and his mother Ann are ordinary people with ordinary jobs. As far as they knew, no criminal activity had ever taken place at their home. And yet they regularly had strangers turning up at their Pretoria home, accusing them of stealing laptops an
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Bipolar Disorder
Bipolar disorder is characterised by episodes of extreme moods. The highs are known as mania or a manic episode, and they’re typically followed by the lows of a depressive episode. ‘Depending on which type of bipolar diagnosis you are describing, som
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Test Kit Chen Not Es
The trick is to keep things simple. You can use any of the following as your principle flavouring: the vanilla bean and five sprigs of thyme used in this recipe, or a sprig of bay or rosemary, two broken cinnamon sticks, or a few slices of fresh ging
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What I’m loving
Lauren is a phenomenon anyway, but I especially love her this month for getting a FULL-PAGE glowing review in The New York Times for Afterland, her most recent book – by none other than Stephen King. I don’t think it gets much better than that. Oh ye
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Combat-trained And COOKING
‘I had an audition on Friday, but everything is self-taped now so you aren’t getting any kind of real-time feedback. And there’s no personal connection, which is an important part of what we do,’ says actress Kate Liquorish. I can imagine she makes q
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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (ocd)
Not all people with OCD are concerned with neatness, checking things or asymmetry. ‘In reality, OCD can include a variety of concerns,’ says Bernice. ‘Usually people with OCD have a feeling that things are “just not right” if they don’t act on the co
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One - Pan Wonders
SERVES 2 Cooking rice in the oven like this is not risotto in the strictest sense – although on the north-west coastal strip of Italy, the home of pesto, they do cook rice this way. • 45 g butter• 2 tbsp olive oil• 2 shallots, finely sliced• small
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This Month’s Fabulous Prize
Luminous Gold is an all-in-one drinkable collagen solution to prevent and help remove age spots, reduce wrinkles, and increase your skin’s moisture and elasticity. It contains a powerful antioxidant derived from Polypodium leucotomos (the golden fern
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Quick-fire Questions For Kate
What books would we find on your bedside table right now? Less by Andrew Sean Greer, Daisy Jones & The Six by Taylor Jenkins Reid, and Dear Mrs Bird by AJ Pearce. Who is your favourite celebrity chef? Chef Katlego Mlambo of The Marabi Club in Mabo
Fairlady3 min de lecturePsychology
While some people with depression might be sad and tearful, that’s not true for everyone. Some might also feel agitation, irritation, anger, exhaustion or numbness. ‘Someone with depression could sleep for 12 hours, wake up and still feel tired. It’s
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( you the most) MAKES ONE 20CM CHEESECAKE FOR 10–12 TAKES Start the day before so the baked cheesecake can chill overnight to set. KEEPS For up to 1 week refrigerated. Then frozen, if desired; it thaws nicely. My everything. The first cake I truly
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Seriously, FAIRLADY? That is the most representative photo you or your source agency could find to illustrate beauty tweakments [August 2020] and those who need or have them? I respect your publication immensely, but please assume we have some intell
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Life’s A Drag And So It Should Be...
‘If you allow someone else’s negativity to affect you, it’s because you forgot that you are fabulous. It’s not my responsibility to make you feel good all the time. That’s your f*cking responsibility! The fact that you’re here is because you’re a sta
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This condition is largely misunderstood and is often pushed to the fringes of mental health discussions. One misunderstanding is that schizophrenia is all about hallucinations. Hallucinations and delusions are categorised as ‘positive symptoms’ of sc
Fairlady1 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
PLAIN You don’t have to add nuts. Cool the caramel and make plain crushed toffee. SAUCY (NO NUTS) Add 200ml cream and a pinch of salt when the caramel reaches a mahogany colour (be careful, it will sputter), and boil briefly to make a life-changing
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Reading Love for Imperfect Things by ‘Twitter monk’ Haemin Sunim was my way of mourning the year that could’ve been. In March, I was supposed to have a huge party to celebrate my engagement. In June, I was supposed to explore Europe by train. And, in
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Feel free to cut out these works of art, frame them, and hang them in your home! Catherine is a collage artist and illustrator who works with mixed media to embody a humorous and nurturing approach to the world. Her work initially evolved from the
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Yes We Can!
IN March, there were murmurs that South Africa was about to be put on lockdown. A group of mutually connected volunteers realised that while a complete shutdown was necessary, it could be devastating for many communities. They decided to act quickly.
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IT’S BEEN A WILD YEAR BY ANYBODY’S STANDARDS, SO LET US TAKE OUR COMFORT WHERE WE FIND IT. If you’re planning to take part in the OcSober challenge and quit alcohol for a month, Seedlip Spice 94 distilled non-alcoholic spirit (R379) is, as it says o
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