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I live in Melbourne with my husband, James. While I love how close-knit Melbourne can be, I feel very grounded whenever I go back home to Darwin. It’s not only the change of pace but the whole mentality of the people there. It forces you to slow down
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Ripe For The Picking
When it comes to picturesque wine regions, Australia is blessed. Emerging among them quietly but confidently is Orange in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales. Home to an impressive number of boutique and family-owned wineries, breweries and acc
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Maggie Beer
I first met Maggie Beer 20 years ago at a fundraising dinner in Sydney, where we were both cooking. Her big heart, effervescence, delicious cooking and natural way with food made an enormous impression. White-cooked chicken was one of our Billy Kwong
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Revisiting the Riverina
Many regional Australian towns rely on tourism to flourish, and due to recent bush fires and Coronavirus restrictions, places such as the Riverina region in south-western New South Wales have experienced a dramatic decline in visitors. But after a ch
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Perfect Partners
Ripe, soft and ultra-creamy cheeses like double-cream brie are often the first we reach for on the cheese board. Pinot noir is a remarkably flexible grape when it comes to food pairing, thanks to its fresh acidity and drinkability – and a juicy-yet-r
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A Grand Old Dame
It is only human to be dazzled by the new, drawn to shiny hotels and captivated by slick concept restaurants. We are on a lifelong quest for the surprising and the novel, mainly because it gives us something to talk about. As epicurean adventurers, w
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August Fast
SERVES 4 50 gm butter, plus extra melted for brushing2 medium fennel bulb, finely chopped200 gm crème fraîche2 tbsp baby capers2 long green chillies, seeds removed, finely chopped55 gm (1/4 cup) plain flour1.2 kg skinless firm-fleshed white fish, cu
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Auckland, New Zealand
It’s fitting that Kiwi chef and one-time San Pellegrino Best Young Chef Pacific winner Leslie Hottiaux talks so much about community and neighbours. Apero, the Auckland wine bar she opened with maître d’ partner Ismo Koski, is a cosy hangout that wel
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Mapo Tofu
If there’s a single dish that defines the flavours of Sichuan, it’s this fiery classic. Mapo tofu, like most Sichuan dishes, relies on a harmonious balance of sweet, salty and spicy. A blend of aromatic Sichuan peppercorns and facing heaven chillies
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The Art Of… Rediscovery
As learning experiences go, it turns out there is nothing quite like a global pandemic that confines us all indoors for months, tests our personal relationships to the extreme, and reconfigures daily life as we know it. I can’t be the only one who fe
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Editor’s Letter
One of the things I missed most during lockdown was an afternoon at the pub. Long Sunday lunches spent solving the world’s problems and laughing away your own. The first time I went to Sydney’s Old Fitzroy Hotel was one of those afternoons. It came j
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Parisian Flan
A proper tart shell should be golden brown, uniformly thin, crisp and have smooth, clean edges. When you bite into it, it should melt in your mouth as you chew. I’m practical when it comes to tart shells. To me, a tart shell must serve a purpose: it
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Ovolo Nishi, Canberra
Set in an energetic dining, cultural and entertainment precinct, the architecturally designed Ovolo Nishi (formerly Hotel Hotel) is a destination in itself. The foyer, complete with open concrete fireplaces, restored 20th-century furniture and origin
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What We’re Drinking…
Domaine de Sulauze, Hyper Modeste I’ve been dreaming about this biodynamic pet nat since I first tried it. Fresh, fruity and fragrant, it was the perfect drop to end a Sunday lunch. Georgie Meredith, writer & editorial coordinator  Tash Sultana cockt
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Pastry Cream For Flan
Combine 535ml milk and 65gm caster sugar in a saucepan. Bring to a boil over medium heat, whisking continuously. Remove from heat. Combine 65gm caster sugar and 50gm cornflour in a large bowl. Slowly whisk in one-quarter of the warm milk mixture. Add
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Kitchen Update
Simplicity is key in this neutral kitchen, where a pared-back colour palette, organic finishes and geometric shapes create a warm yet minimal look. Create a super-luxe, inviting kitchen with a statement marble benchtop and splashback, elegant curves
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After studying visual arts, fashion and costume design, Olivia Blackmore fortuitously came across the world of food styling and has never looked back. For this issue, she took to our cover shoot with gusto. “This shoot was a dream brief for me: fun,
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Love Bites
When it comes to food, a cult classic is a dish that inspires a following beyond its own neighbourhood. Something so good, it justifies time-consuming detours to sate the deepest of cravings. Here, we celebrate some of Australia’s best-loved bites
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Cult Classics
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What We’re Eating
A long Sunday lunch is one of life’s true pleasures and this one started on a delicate high, thanks to this elegant salad, where butter-soft confit squid met the tart crunch of pickled garden vegetables, grown just a few metres away. Paired with a gl
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From London to Sydney
Opening a new restaurant on the opposite side of the world during a global pandemic is no easy feat. But if there is one person fit for the task, it’s Clare Smyth. The Northern Irish chef and owner of two-Michelin star restaurant Core, in London is c
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Party Glassware
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Restaurant News
With a touch of normality returning to the Harbour City comes a suite of new openings. Sekka in St Leonards has former Ichibandori chef Hideto Suzuki cooking down a rich 15-hour-cooked tonkotsu broth and snacks inspired by his hometown of the Akita P
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Lights, Camera, Snack-tion!
There are two types of people in this world: those who are lifelong fans of the Julie Andrews’ singing nanny Mary Poppins, and my sworn enemies. There’s something magical about this musical with its technicolour costumes, zany songs and its comic boo
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New Horizons
Australians still have a fierce taste for adventure, but their destinations of choice are ever changing, not surprisingly. Research undertaken by online travel company Luxury Escapes reveals Australians’ desire for a destination vacation has not wane
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Puttin On The Fitz
The key to mastering a classic, says chef Nik Hill, is simple. You just need to follow the rules. “A Scotch egg is simple but if you don’t follow the exact technique it doesn’t work. It’s as much work to make a Scotch egg as it is to do the latest tw
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On The Pass
Tell us about your new pop-up, Esmay. I’m going to be taking over the space at Wasabi for three months. I love Noosa – I did my apprenticeship there. After time off [during lockdown], I have a renewed purpose and I think it’s going to be a good learn
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Nose To Scale
Josh Niland describes his award-winning debut cookbook as a “brain dump”. The humble head chef and co-owner of Sydney’s esteemed Saint Peter restaurant wrote The Whole Fish Cookbook in just eight weeks, all while running one of Australia’s top kitche
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Three Of The Best
These days, if you say “I’ll bring an Ottolenghi salad,” to any party host, you’ll be greeted with both understanding and praise. It’s the book that launched the London-based, Jerusalem-born chef to global prominence, and for 120 good reasons. The ev
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