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A Cup Of With A Local
We dare you to not get hungry as you scroll through the colourful Instagram feed of @chef_ilona. The Charlottetown chef posts pics of gorgeous charcuterie boards, mouth-watering pies and salads and, of course, lobsters and potatoes. So there’s no bet
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Got a kitchen garden you tend to in the summer? We’d love to see your pics! Send them in, along with a wee story about how you got started, and what you grow and why, for a chance to win a copy of The Long Table Cookbook: Plant-Based Recipes for Opti
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Let It Bean, Let It Bean
Some people associate summertime with barbecue season. But for a growing number of vegetarians, vegans and those simply seeking to curtail their meat consumption, that image no longer works. When asked to conjure up a vegetarian picnic, we think no
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Harrowsmith Radio Guests You’ll Love, Topics That Matter
In each episode, host Wayne MacPhail interviews innovative, engaging and inspiring guests who share their lives and life lessons. In recent episodes, he has spoken with David Suzuki about his career, his regrets and his learnings. Dan Needles, the cr
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Ecosystems Edible
There are many opportunities to diversify our neighbourhoods using the underused and marginal green spaces in our communities, such as yards, medians and parks. Fresh fruits, berries, herbs and more can be just outside our doorstep if we follow a few
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The Disappointment Phase Of Technology
Our old washing machine quit last month after a quarter century of doing a wash a day for a family of six. We were sad to see it go. Our old repair guy, Lee, had replaced pumps and screens and control panels over the years, but when the motor finally
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How To Build Your Own Solar Food Dryer
Sun-dried fruits and vegetables are one of the best and most reliable forms of preserved food. That’s why equipping yourself to quickly and safely dry garden produce and fruit is one of the smartest ways you can increase your self-reliance. It’s fun,
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Kids' Reads
Climate change is overwhelming for adults as it is, so how do we explore the topic with our kids? How to Talk to Your Kids About Climate Change is here to help. By offering advice for addressing the realities of today, along with sharing opportunitie
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Dimmer Switch Know-how
Control the light intensity in your home, and you control the emotional atmosphere of the space. This is what dimmer switches are all about, and though we’ve had basic dimmers for many decades, these days there are more to choose from. Dimmer switche
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Farming has often been thought of as a large-scale operation on acres of land, far away from the busyness of city life. It is rare that those of us in town are able to create connections between growing our own food and consuming it, due to the dista
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Dangerous Worms
When we think of invasive species, earthworms rarely come to mind. And yet earthworms are foreign invaders that were first introduced to this country by European settlers hundreds of years ago and have been making their home here ever since. “We’ve
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Things We
Travelling while staying conscious of your waste and consumption habits can be difficult, even with the best intentions. Packing a reusable bottle takes up precious space and can be a nuisance to lug around while out sightseeing. Enter the cleverly d
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Summer Nights
The night sky doesn’t change very much, or so we are told. Aristotle (384–322 BC) set the stage for this assumption with his philosophy of the unchanging starry realm. His teachings persisted for almost 2,000 years. After it was adopted by religion,
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Making Hay While The Sun Shines
When the wind is in the East, it is good for neither man nor beast; When the wind is in the North, the old beasts should not venture forth; When the wind is in the South, it blows hay into the horse’s mouth; When the wind is in the West, it is of all
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Splendour In The Grass
T he future of food is fermented, faux, functional and entomological. We’re looking for alternatives that create a smaller “foodprint” and promise good health. We aren’t just feeding ourselves; now we know we’re feeding our gut microbiota too. Each o
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Taking Out The Trash
Picnicking can be a trashy business, and plastics play a big role: plates, cutlery, cups, bottles, baggies, wrap, straws and paper napkins. But there are ways to take the trash out of your picnic, and here are a few of our favourite alternatives. Ins
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Our Contributors
RASHEEDA ALI After graduating with an honours BA from McMaster University in social sciences, Rasheeda worked in international development and travelled across Canada and the world, completing projects that mainly focused on the well-being of women a
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The New Wave
The world is changing, and that includes our food. Climate change, pressure on our resources, and growing consumer awareness are forcing producers to innovate, prioritizing wellness, sustainability and ethical practices along the way. By rethinking k
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The Future Is Now
We are always Canada proud, but this issue it’s especially thrilling to share and see Canadians changing the world of food growing and production. In “The New Wave” (page 60), we feature some of the innovators leading the way. They base their busines
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Inspired To Grow
It’s one helluva meet-cute that brought Stephanie Lipp and Leo Gillis to Bonavista, Newfoundland, and led them to create their gourmet mushroom production company. But while their mushroom-growing business initially appealed to them out of curiosity,
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I was pleased to see Harrowsmith on the shelves and readily purchased the Winter 2019/20 issue. I only hope that this reincarnation will not become a platform for the spokespeople who deride modern agriculture. It’s fine to talk about garden plots or
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Seafood Differently
Fish counters can be overwhelming for the best of us home cooks. We wonder if the fish is fresh and how long it has sat there. Then there’s the source: Where does the fish come from and how long did it take to get here? How was it grown and in what c
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Yolanda Thornton yolanda@moongate.ca 416-930-1664 Jules Torti jules@moongate.ca Catalina Margulis catalina@moongate.ca Steve Maxwell Food Editor Signe Langford Gardening Editors Mark Cullen, Ben Cullen Copy Editor Jennifer Krissilas Harrowsmith
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Many years ago, I ventured with my best friend to B.C.’s Sunshine Coast. With my 10-month-old son in tow, we hiked, explored and ate to our heart’s content, and my memories are full of the sublime pleasures of the easygoing communities we explored th
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Taste the Difference
Last summer, we finally started a kitchen garden at home. The kids got a kick out of helping themselves to fresh strawberries and tomatoes and finding new cucumbers every time they went outside to play tag. This year, I’m hoping to increase our harve
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The County
A young couple from Mississippi were visiting rural Ontario, their first time in Canada. Staying at the renowned Drake Devonshire Inn, they signed up for my 3-hour Parts Unknown of Prince Edward County guided tour. They didn’t realize just how unknow
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On the Road
We say that there are two kinds of people in the world: those who love to garden and those who love to sit on a bench and enjoy the fruits of labour produced by gardeners. Here in Canada and in points beyond, we enjoy an abundance of wonderful public
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The Beer Capital Of Canada
In his history of beer making in Canada, Brew North, Ian Coutts credits the rise of modern craft brewing to an article written by Frank Appleton and published in this very magazine over 40 years ago (“The Underground Brewmaster,” Harrowsmith, May/ Ju
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All Fired Up
Baby, it’s cold outside, but this issue is sure to heat things up! Gardening editors Mark and Ben Cullen show us how to grow our own hot peppers and prepare them so we can enjoy them year-round (page 18). Then, home and property editor Steve Maxwell
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Winter Wonders
Living in one of the most diverse and beautiful countries in the world has a huge drawback, one I’m sure many Canadians will recognize: the seemingly endless winters. However, there is much beauty to behold in the colder months, even when hidden unde
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