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Nakamichi Deck Renewed
Tim Jarman’s piece on repairing vintage hi-fi [HFN Jan ’21] had me reflecting on what is now available with respect to accessories, parts and calibration tools. In particular my question relates to finding and purchasing the different accessories nee
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Moose On The Loose
Taking care of the BR-20’s networked music playback is the ‘Manic Moose’ platform also found on other Bryston models. It’s based on locally stored open-source MPD (Music Player Daemon) software, tailored towards Bryston’s hardware and file playback c
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Great Savings
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Pegaso Audio P50A
As a new arrival from Tuscany, Italy, and with just the P50A integrated amplifier in its inventory, it’s possible you’ve not yet heard of Pegaso. On the other hand, many readers will be familiar with fellow Italian brand Audio Analogue [HFN Nov ’20 &
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Also In HFN This Month In 1982
WHY THE DELAY? O J Hosking cogitates an artificial ambience. GETTING FURTHER BEHIND Ivor Humphreys describes a practical delayed Hafler system. CHEAP REAR CHANNELS Alan Davis offers some rear speakers for the unemployed. BELL LABS STORY Barry Fox con
Hi Fi News2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Lab Report
I compare the performance of the X5 with the X3 in our boxout [p61] so I’ll keep this report focused on the X5 as a solo product. Rated at 350W and 600W into 8/4ohm, respectively, it succeeds in delivering 2x450W/8ohm and 2x775W/4ohm at <1% THD with
Hi Fi News2 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Lab Report
Second generation it may be, but this early 16-bit CD player still faced strong competition from Philips’ first-generation CD100 [HFN Oct ’11], CD303 [HFN Nov ’13] and CD104 [HFN Apr ’14]. Their 14-bit/4x technology offered the potential of lower dis
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Record Breakers…
Taking its cue from last year’s multi-date drop [HFN Nov ’20], 2021’s Record Store is split across two Saturdays internationally – the 12th of June and the 17th of July. Created in 2008 to encourage vinyl devotees to support their local independent r
Hi Fi News6 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
SPL Phonitor xe
Well, it makes a change from the usual choice of silver or black… Yes, you can have the German-made SPL Phonitor xe USB DAC/headphone amp, which starts from £1899 depending on specification, in either of those colours if you want, but it’s also avail
Hi Fi News1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Atomic For’phones
Naim has unveiled a ‘Headphone Edition’ of its Uniti Atom all-in-one networked music system. Available now priced £2399 (the same as the standard edition), it replaces the 2x40W Class AB amplifier of the original Atom with a headphone amplifier stage
Hi Fi News1 min de lectureComputers
Rotel’s Trio Now In MkII
Japanese manufacturer Rotel has announced updates to three integrateds from its 14 and 15 Series, endowing them with a MKII status. The new models – the A14MKII (£1195), RA-1572MKII (£1595) and RA-1592MKII (£2295) – feature ‘circuit design innovation
Hi Fi News1 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Professional Fidelity
SPL’s initials stand not for ‘sound pressure level’ but ‘Sound Performance Laboratory’. The company was founded in 1983 by Hermann Gier and Wolfgang Neumann, the latter with his own recording studio in the late ’70s, as well as designing and building
Hi Fi News1 min de lectureComputers
Armour-plated JitterBug
AudioQuest’s JitterBug USB data and power line noise filter [HFN Oct ’15] has been tailored with a new ‘Full Metal Jacket’ (FMJ). This includes both a shielded metal case and ‘noise-stopper’ carbon cover for its ‘A’ connection. This £50 USB 2.0 acces
Hi Fi News3 min de lectureInternet & Web
Unknown Unknowns…
Science Journalist Technician and writer on all things audio for some 30 years, Paul Miller took over the editor’s chair in 2006. He invented the QC Suite, used across the audio Around 30 years ago I was delighted to see a new magazine appear in our
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Under The Covers…
If ever there was a band that arrived on the scene fully formed, it was Roxy Music. Before they were even signed to a label, they had a startling, glitter-flecked, faintly androgynous image, and a unique hybrid sound. This blended stomping glam pop w
Hi Fi News1 min de lecture
Roxy Music’s covers would become as hotly anticipated as their records, and the theme of channelling vintage glamour would continue on 1973’s For Your Pleasure, which featured French model Amanda Lear, again photographed by Karl Stoecker and styled b
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Hi-fi News? Just Ask…
If you can’t always find a copy of this magazine, help is at hand! Complete this form, hand it in at your local store and they’ll arrange for a copy of each issue to be reserved for you. Some stores may even be able to arrange for it to be delivered
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Hi-fi News’ Nuggets
A year in the making, Bach’s complete Cello Suites are now available from audiophile label Chasing The Dragon. Captured using just two tube mics, the performances in London’s Temple Church and St Botolph’s Church in Kent include the 3rd Suite on the
Hi Fi News9 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Mission 776/777 combo
While first established and based in the UK, Mission also now has a design facility and manufacturing plant in Canada. It’s here that its latest amplifiers were developed by Henry Azima, the brother of Farad Azima who founded Mission Electronics some
Hi Fi News1 min de lectureComputers
Alpha Class
The KANN Alpha shares its software with the rest of the Astell&Kern family, processing being handled by a Quad-Core CPU that appears to be both fast and stable in use. Options for customising the player’s performance are extensive, with filter and EQ
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Lab Report
Very nearly meeting its rated high 90dB sensitivity, Paradigm’s 100F clocked-up a full 89.6dB/1m/2.83V at 1kHz and a slightly lower – but far from low – 89.1dB averaged 500Hz-8kHz. As anticipated, this high sensitivity has been achieved, in part, thr
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Alternate Format Discography
Born To Run came out in a gatefold cover in 1975 with the lyrics on the inside. In the US it appeared with an error on the rear sleeve crediting ‘John’ Landau, which was corrected with a sticker on some copies and reprinted on the second pressing. Th
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Thorens TD 124 DD
As occasionally backward-looking as hi-fi is – if no worse than cars, fashion or watches – one needs to raise the dead with care. McIntosh, for example, has dazzled enthusiasts with its continuing evolution of the revered MC275 power amp [HFN Nov ’93
Hi Fi News5 min de lecture
Springsteen Born To Run
In May 1974 rock critic Jon Landau’s review of a Bruce Springsteen concert was published in Boston’s The Real Paper. It included what became one of the most famous lines by a journalist in rock music history, ‘I saw rock and roll future and its name
Hi Fi News3 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
Swede Sounds Of Success
It was around 1965 that my interest in music really began, with groups from England such as The Beatles, Stones, Kinks and Small Faces the driving force, followed by those making up the British Blues revolution. hi-fi became a passion for me in the 1
Hi Fi News2 min de lectureComputers
The Missing Tape Size
As a young chap in the 1960s I used to collect and pore over hi-fi leaflets. Among them would have been brochures from Ferrograph that featured reel-to-reel recorders using the ‘Wearite’ deck. This deck was also used by Vortexion, which I strongly fa
Hi Fi News6 min de lecture
Bryston BR-20
There’s so much functionality under the bonnet of Bryston’s BR-20 that you might wonder where to start. I would suggest the manual – this £7500 networked USB DAC/preamplifier isn’t, it must be said, the most instantly intuitive of system hubs I’ve ev
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Magico A5
Finding positives during a time when audiophiles and civilians alike are under the cosh of ‘that-whichshall not-be-named’ is important, and celebrating those rays of sunshine when we discover them, doubly so. And Magico’s flagship A series floorstand
Hi Fi News1 min de lectureChemistry
Grappling With Graphene
Graphene is a one atom-thick lattice of carbon, a two-dimensional structure that not only demonstrates remarkable thermal and electrical properties but also lays claim to be the toughest material on the planet. It was first isolated in 2004 by two re
Hi Fi News6 min de lectureTechnology & Engineering
T+A Caruso R
Are we downsizing, simplifying, or just looking for more from less? Whatever the reasons, it seems the one-box system, to which one only needs add some speakers, is in the ascendant [see boxout, p53]. There’s no denying a movement is growing, with ev
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