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TOP 15 Speaker systems
➜ £7,350 This array finds the larger models in the 700 Series proving their mettle with formidable power and precision, an expressive mid-band and detailed highs. Excellent. HCC #285 ➜ £8,550 The in-wall IW150 speakers offer the transparency and deta
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Face to Face
Oppo UDP-203. A fantastic discspinner that allowed me to finally appreciate my SACD collection! Jason Beardsall Pioneer Kuro plasma TV. Still going strong after 14 years. Colours are still beautiful and the black is still black. Going to run it 'til
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TOP 5 Blu-ray movies
Brandon 'son of David' Cronenberg's compelling, disturbing and extremely violent sci-fi thriller cuts a fine figure on Blu-ray. No Atmos or DTS:X mix, but the 5.1 DTS-HD MA track is up to snuff. HCC #318 Russell Crowe brings star quality – and a real
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Star Letter…
As I saw from Mark Craven and Steve May's tweets when Zack Snyder's Justice League arrived on Sky, neither of them were able to view the film in 4K HDR with Dolby Atmos for quite some time. I experienced the same problems, which I guess were down to
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WIN! Great Blu-rays Up For Grabs…
Eureka Entertainment celebrates a cinema icon with its Karloff at Columbia Blu-ray boxset. Limited to 3,000 copies, this sensational release features all six films Boris Karloff made for Columbia Pictures – The Black Room, The Devil Commands, The Man
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Has REL's 10in Sub Got The X Factor?
FOR A WHILE now REL has favoured upgrading its subwoofer ranges rather than cooking up entire new ones. This makes sense when the likes of its Ti models have proved extremely popular. But a worthwhile upgrade obviously involves more than a tarted-up
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Meze Audio 99 Classics
DON’T BUY THESE Meze 99 Classics if you want Bluetooth wireless connectivity or confoundingly good Active Noise Cancelling, and definitely give them a wide berth if you’re looking to have a digital assistant chirp sweet notifications into your earhol
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Game On For Pana OLED
Panasonic has announced its full OLED TV lineup for 2021, and the headline news is a 48in screen size, the use of its custom Master OLED panel design across two ranges, and the introduction of HDMI 2.1 features including VRR and HFR. Yet there's a wr
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Full-throttle AV
'It's called driving, Marcus!' proclaims Will Smith during the opening road race sequence of Bad Boys for Life. You could also call it a perfect demonstration of this Denon receiver’s ability to lift and separate high and low. After only a few second
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Fire Up The Console!
Projector brands have been falling over themselves lately to cater for the newly important gamer market. Optoma’s new £1,100 UHD38, though, is the most game-focused projector I've seen to date, partnering ultra-bright images with PC and console-frien
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Virtual Fighter
FOR A COUPLE of years now, I've had a bee in my bonnet about JBL's soundbar lineup. Generally, they sound good and offer great value for money, but I can never quite keep track of what's what. The new Bar 5.0 is a case in a point, as you might think,
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John Archer: The experienced TV tester cut his teeth as an early HCC staffer Jon Thompson: Film producer and post-production expert delves into Hollywood and AV Steve May: HCC’s former Ed. is one of the UK’s most respected AV journos Anton van Beek:
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Shiver Me Timbers!
Intended for premium cinema rooms and stereo setups, Paradigm's new Founder Series sits below its flagship Persona models and ranges in price from £2,400-per-pair for the 40B standmount to £8,600-per-pair for the active/passive 120H hybrid tower (pic
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TOP 5 Headphones
These noise cancelling headphones with useful Ambient Aware mode are fine value for money. Bluetooth spec may only be 4.0, but the Y500s are musical and revealing with both movies and music Unusual over-ear/in-ear hybrid cans that measure the acousti
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In this enthralling historical deep dive from 1997, Spielberg tackles slavery in 19th century America with his customary nose for a good story – even if factual accuracy around the Supreme Court case at its heart is binned in favour of tugging at hea
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Our Top 15 guide is here to help All prices quoted are approximate and may have changed ■
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TOP 5 Back-catalogue Blu-rays
Roland Emmerich's bonkers, globe-trotting, explosive 2009 disaster movie now packs a Dolby Atmos soundmix that hits like an earthquake. Sony's release includes a second BD disc full of bonus material. HCC #319 Jackie Chan's second movie as director s
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TOP 10 Accessories
➜ £50 This upgraded streaming dongle brings 4K HDR (HDR10+; Dolby Vision) and Dolby Atmos to your movie den. Voice control improves search, while a new quad-core processor yields quick load times and stream optimisation. A little stunner. HCC #295 ➜
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Panasonic's Slim And Sonic
Billed as being able to 'fit below most TVs', Panasonic's £350 2.1-channel SC-HTB490 squirrels four forwardfiring racetrack drivers into a cabinet measuring just 56mm high, backed up by a (considerably chunkier) wireless subwoofer with 6.25in driver.
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Let's Get Ready To Rumble
Husband and wife duo Paul W. S. Anderson and Milla Jovovich team up for another video game adaptation (having previously struck gold with Resident Evil), and the result is the silly but strangely entertaining Monster Hunter. The simple plot involves
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This 1997 follow-up stands in the shadow of its prehistoric forebear, but is better than both its reputation suggests and all subsequent Jurassic sequels. Eschewing the awe and wonder of the original, The Lost World… doubles-down on the jeopardy, del
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TOP 5 Wireless speakers
Portable Bluetooth speaker (aptX-capable) with stereo driver array and gorgeous design. Excellent blend of low-end punch and mid-range/treble detail. Rechargeable battery life is rated at 24 hours This battery-powered wireless portable Bluetooth spea
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The £2,000 5.1 system
NOW WE'VE DOUBLED our budget, it's time to get serious. And by that we mean a more premium flatscreen, genuine multichannel audio, and an AVR. With £2,000 that should be easy, right? Sort of. As well all know, you can easily spend more than £2,000 ju
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Minority Report
Disney, BD A much more confident and exciting slice of cinematic sciencefiction than the previous year’s A.I. Artificial Intelligence, Minority Report [2002] stands alongside Blade Runner as one of the best Philip K. Dick screen adaptations. Spielber
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I recently read Mark Craven's piece about being asked to help friends and family with their TV purchases [Digital Copy, HCC #319]. This is something I also get roped into doing. Last month my parents asked for advice on a new TV as their current mode
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Micro Machine From SVS
In addition to its new 1000 Series Pro range (see p7), SVS has also launched a dual-driver compact subwoofer designed to deliver big bass without ruining your AV feng shui. The 3000 Micro, the latest SVS sub to trickle down technology from the brand'
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An OLED Work Of Art
DOUBLE TROUBLE The Falcon and the Winter Soldier streams into action, p99 LG’s DECISION TO call the new higher-brightness panels in its 2021 G1 OLED TVs ‘Evo’ seems a bit odd. LG’s regular annual OLED updates feel like evolutions; using a radically d
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Monster Hunter ➜ Sony Pictures ➜ Ultra HD Blu-ray Milla Jovovich has a holiday to remember with Tony Jaa in Paul W.S. Anderson's adaptation of the long-running Capcom videogame franchise Monster Hunter. We set our subwoofers to stun with the US 4K BD
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Pixar's Matter Of Life And Death
Warner Bros. ➜ All-region BD £15 (HMV-exclusive) Possessed landed Joan Crawford an Oscar nomination for her performance as an emotionally unstable woman haunted by a lost love and the death of her husband’s former wife. A psychological melodrama with
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Avoid These!
The ‘Boy Who Wouldn’t Grow Up’ has done just that in this 1991 sequel to J.M. Barrie’s Peter Pan. While the concept would appear to be a natural fit for Spielberg, the finished film is an atypically messy and uninteresting affair. The stunning sets a
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