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#14: Polyvinyl chloride There’s a very specific vernacular that goes along with wearing PVC. Whether its a Kardashian-style rubber dress or a pair of throwback go-go boots, the oil-slick, reflective quality is striking and futuristic. This is a mater
Little White Lies3 min de lectureGender Studies
Haifaa Al Mansour
As the first female film director from Saudi Arabia, Haifaa Al Mansour’s career has been built on breaking barriers. Her early, quietly radical documentaries about the women behind enforced veils, led to her entering the global stage with Wadjda, abo
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Eric Rohmer: Comedies and Proverbs
Directed by ERIC ROHMER Starring MARIE RIVIÈRE PASCALE OGIER AMANDA LANGLET 1981-87 Released 20 APRIL Blu-ray The great French filmmaker Eric Rohmer mostly made films which were individual fragments of a wider series. His first grand project is refer
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Pedro Costa
Portuguese filmmaker Pedro Costa makes flinty visual poems addressed to the disenfranchised and disenchanted. He projects empathy and envelops himself in the world of his subjects. He tries to make films which transmit something truthful about the in
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Our Ladies
Directed by MICHAEL CATON-JONES Starring EVE AUSTIN TALLULAH GREIVE ABIGAIL LAWRIE Released 24 APRIL 3 ANTICIPATION. A beloved, award-winning novel finally makes it to the screen after 20-plus years. 4 ENJOYMENT. Teen horniness is not a crime. 4 IN R
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Kansas City
Directed by ROBERT ALTMAN Starring JENNIFER JASON LEIGH MIRANDA RICHARDSON HARRY BELAFONTE 1996 Released 2 MARCH Blu-ray We do not treasure the singular talent of actor Jennifer Jason Leigh half as much as we should. Her ‘90s run alone cast most cont
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Vitalina Varela
Directed by PEDRO COSTA Starring VITALINA VARELA VENTURA MANUEL TAVARES ALMEIDA Released 6 MARCH 5 ANTICIPATION. A new Costa is an event – not “event” like a party, “event” like an earthquake. 4 ENJOYMENT. An ideal introduction to Costa’s work – don’
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Directed by ALICE WINOCOUR Starring EVA GREEN ZÉLIE BOULANT MATT DILLON Released 8 MAY 3 ANTICIPATION. The writer of Mustang, Eva Green in the lead and space as the subject is an intriguing combination. 3 ENJOYMENT. Going to space looks really hard.
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The Cranes Are Flying
Directed by MIKHAIL KALATOZOV Starring TATYANA SAMOYLOVA ALEKSEY BATALOV VASILIY MERKUREV 1957 Released 13 APRIL Blu-ray It’s become a cliché of film criticism to reference the dour, intellectually imposing work of Andrei Tarkovsky when writing about
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Saint Maud
Directed by ROSE GLASS Starring MORFYDD CLARK JENNIFER EHLE, LILY KNIGHT Released 1 MAY 4 ANTICIPATION. Good buzz from its festival premiere. 4 ENJOYMENT. A queasily tense descent into the blindest of faith. 4 IN RETROSPECT. Two expertly performed, i
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Alice Winocour
Space movies have repeatedly provided the most intense and highstakes examples of works in which the wife stays home worrying about her husband while he is busy worrying about survival. But in Alice Winocour’s Proxima, a woman astronaut played by Eva
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Pink Films Vol 1 & 2
Directed by MASAO ADACHI ATSUSHI YAMATOYA Starring AKI SASAKI MIKI WATARI MAKIKO KIM 1967, 1978 Released 16 MARCH Blu-ray This Blu-ray twofer set contains a pair of mid-century features from Japan: 1971’s Gushing Prayer by Masao Adachi; and 1967’s In
Little White Lies2 min de lecture
And Then We Danced
Directed by LEVAN AKIN Starring LEVAN GELBAKHIANI BACHI VALISHVILI ANA JAVAKISHVILI Released 13 MARCH 3 ANTICIPATION. A lot of unknowns with a promising premise. 4 ENJOYMENT. Every entrancing movement will leave you in awe, never wanting the film to
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Koko-Di, Koko-Da
Directed by JOHANNES NYHOLM Starring LEIF EDLUND PETER BELLI YLVA GALLON Released 27 MARCH ANTICIPATION. The poster has a cat on it, so interest is instantly piqued. ENJOYMENT. Weird, repetitive and jarring – like a nightmare. IN RETROSPECT. A Twilig
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The Sundance Film Festival
Before I had actually attended a film festival, I assumed they were deeply social occasions, in which critics hobnobbed with stars, all brought together and bonded by close proximity and their shared love of cinema. My preconceptions were swiftly sha
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Promising Young Woman
Released 21 APRIL In an interview with The New York Times that ran in February 2020, Harvey Weinstein’s attorney, Donna Rotunno, was asked by reporter Megan Twohey if she had ever been a victim of sexual assault. “I have not,” Rotunno replied. “Becau
Little White Lies2 min de lecture
Directed by JULIANO DORNELLES KLEBER MENDONÇA FILHO Starring SÔNIA BRAGA UDO KIER BÁRBARA COLEN Released 13 MARCH 4 ANTICIPATION. A film that has galvanised the public in Brazil. Need to see this. 5 ENJOYMENT. Revolutionary and vital. 5 IN RETROSPECT
Little White Lies2 min de lecture
Krabi, 2526
Directed by BEN RIVERS, ANOCHA SUWICHAKORNPONG Starring ARAK AMORNSUPASIRI, NUTTAWAT ATTASAWAT, PRIMRIN PUARAT Released 8 MAY What year is it? In this stimulating, collaborative work by filmmakers Ben Rivers and Anocha Suwichakornpong, it initially s
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Little White Lies
Published by TCO Little White Lies – Huck - 71a Words, pictures, thanks… Mark Asch, Biju Belinky, Anton Bitel, Tom Bond, Charles Bramesco, Max Copeman, Jess Duffy, Katie Goh, Rogan Graham, Trevor Johnston, Ella Kemp, Elena Lazic, Emily Maskell, Caitl
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Emerald Fennell is an actor, author, screenwriter and filmmaker with an enviable CV. Her 2018 short film Careful How You Go premiered at the Sundance Film Festival, and she returned there in January 2020 with her debut feature, Promising Young Woman
Little White Lies3 min de lecture
Kleber Mendonça Filho
Ex-film critic turned writer-director Kleber Mendonça Filho has made three features in creative partnership with production designer Juliano Dornelles. Their first, Neighbouring Sounds, from 2012, offered a portrait of a walled housing conurbation, w
Little White Lies2 min de lecture
Directed by SCOTT GRAHAM Starring MARK STANLEY, AMY MANSON, MARLI SIU Released 13 MARCH Scottish writer-director Scott Graham regularly explores isolated communities in the furthest reaches of Scotland. His third feature, Run, advances his exploratio
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No, Thank You.
Laura Callaghan (cover) is an Irish illustrator living in Belfast. Her work is largely hand painted and depicts women in colourful environments, part fashion illustration, part satire. She creates images that are ostensibly bright and beautiful but t
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FIGHT Starter
“I’ve never been in a film people might actually see before,” Carey Mulligan says with a knowing grin. It’s not quite true, given that she burst onto the scene a decade ago when her role as a lovestruck teenage girl in An Education garnered a Best Ac
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Sulphur and White
Directed by JULIAN JARROLD Starring MARK STANLEY, EMILY BEECHAM, ANNA FRIEL Released 6 MARCH David (Mark Stanley) is your classic overconfident city boy, a workaholic with a slick smooth veneer who does everything to the extreme. He attempts to impre
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County Lines
Directed by HENRY BLAKE Starring CONRAD KHAN, ASHLEY MADEKWE, HARRIS DICKINSON Released 17 APRIL In the opening moments of Henry Blake’s County Lines, a woman out of shot explains the meaning of an ‘acceptable loss’ to 14-year-old protagonist Tyler (
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Lost Careers Of Difficult Women
“If a man says a woman is crazy or difficult, ask him, ‘What bad thing did you do to her?’ That’s a code word. He is trying to discredit her reputation.” These are the words of actress and activist Natalie Portman, spoken in a speech at Variety’s 201
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Fire Will Come
Directed by OLIVER LAXE Starring AMADOR ARIAS, BENEDICTA SÁNCHEZ, INAZIO ABRAO Released 20 MARCH Shots of lush greenery, verdant hillsides and the awe-striking spectacle of untrammelled, overgrown farmland blanketing the rolling hillsides take up the
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The Painted Bird
Directed by VACLAV MARHOUL Starring PETR KOTLAR, HARVEY KEITEL, STELLAN SKARSGÅRD Released 27 MARCH This punishing but undoubtedly brilliant monochrome epic opens on a travelling shot of a small boy, running as fast as his legs will carry him while c
Little White Lies4 min de lecture
A Female RAGE manifesto
The camera loves women. It loves watching us move, it loves watching us get dressed, get undressed, smile, cry, fall in love, get hurt, get drunk, have sex, be assaulted, be wronged, be distressed… But there’s one thing it does not like us to do: it
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