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Trump’s Tragics
I’m a big fan of protests. As a teenager, I giddily marched against the Vietnam War and generalised about US imperialism. I believed in the cause, loved big crowds and felt lucky to have had it all happening just 12km from my home in Washington, DC.
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecturePsychology
Going The Extra Mile
Reduced speed limits have been encroaching on Wellington. Since July 2020, all central city streets except main arterial routes have moved from 50km/h to 30km/h, following reductions in Kelburn in 2019. Now, the lowered speed limit has spread to my h
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ONE NIGHT IN MIAMI directed by Regina King Much is said but not a lot happens in One Night in Miami. True, one character becomes the heavyweight champion of the world. Another delivers one of the greatest songs of the era. Mostly, though, it’s all ta
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecturePolitics
The End Is Nigh
It is 2021, yet it feels as if we as a country are stuck like a freezeframe in the dark days of 2020. As we listen to a constant refrain from public health Jeremiahs warning of the potential for a new outbreak of some super-version of the coronavirus
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If The Caps Fit
Last summer, the Black Caps crossed the Tasman as the second-ranked test team in world cricket. When they flew home on a tailwind of Australian derision after being trounced in all three tests, I asked, “Did you really believe the Black Caps were the
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Stayin’ Alive
When the Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, who knows a thing or two about siblings singing together, inducted the Bee Gees into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 1997, he called them “Britain’s first family of harmony”. But that Bee Gees aural signature was on
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Ardern the Ruthless
Ruthless, quite ruthless. To affix such a malign and foreboding attribute to the persona of Ardern the Adored is to risk incurring the wrath of the many thousands of voters who have difficulty being objective and honest in assessing the complex chara
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Publish Or Be Damned
So, you’ve written a book? Well done. They say everyone’s got a book in them, and you’ve upheld the accuracy of this unreliable adage. It took a year or 10? Well, that’s to be expected. Now what? Monumental though the writing part is, the next steps
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So, why is it called WandaVision? Because it’s a show about Wanda and Vision, two characters from the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) last seen in the film Avengers: Endgame. But it’s also about television – it seems Wanda “Scarlet Witch” Maximoff an
New Zealand Listener9 min de lecturePsychology
Fail Well
Failure – everything from blunders and botch-ups to catastrophes and disasters – attracts its fair share of glib bumper-sticker solutions. Fear and shame are the bedfellows of failure, while its twin, success, enjoys all the limelight. And that’s bec
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Prose & costs
PROJECT MANAGEMENT 30 hours @ $80 an hour ($2400) COVER DESIGN $2200 estimate INTERNAL DESIGN AND LAYOUT $2000 approx PROOFING AND CORRECTIONS 8 hours @ $65 per hour ($520) PRINTING (1000 COPIES) NZ printer (quoted $14,228 or $14.22 a copy) China pri
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IT’S A SIN (TVNZ OnDemand). Best known as the man who revived Doctor Who in the noughties, screenwriter Russell T Davies returns to his other speciality – gay-themed drama with a human touch. It’s a Sin is set among a group of young men, mostly new a
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Back To Black
Failure is democratic. It’s an equal-opportunity provider and can affect us all. Just ask Akira Ioane, the Blues loose forward and All Black. Seven years ago, when he left Auckland Grammar, Ioane’s destiny seemed assured as he went straight into prof
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecture
Chronicle Of A Plague
It was inevitable that one of the consequences of Covid-19 would be an attempt by fiction writers to cope, understand and share by way of their craft. Aware of this, the New York Times Magazine has created an anthology with the aim of offering “persp
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecture
TV Films
MEET THE PARENTS (TVNZ 2, 7.00pm) The funniest of what became an awkward comedy trilogy for Ben Stiller – playing nurse Greg Focker in his first encounter with his girlfriend’s father, a retired CIA operative played by Robert De Niro. (2000) THE ADVE
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One big takeaway from your podcast and new book Failosophy is that we can’t always do much about our failures, but we can shape our reactions and processing of them. The idea behind it all is that failure exists as a fact and it is inevitable. No mat
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Ben Sanders
Whenever I want a laugh and a lesson on great fiction, I re-read Martin Amis’ best novel, The Information (Penguin). It’s about a 40-year-old writer who tries to wreck the life of a more successful writer friend. The prose is superb: Amis’ high style
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Radio January 23-29
FREEVIEW 51 SKY 422 iHeartRADIO News and Weather 6.00am, 7.00, 8.00, 9.00, Noon 6.00 Summer Mornings 10.00 Summer Days 1.00 Onstage 2.00 Worlds of Music with Trevor Reekie 3.00 Summer Afternoons 5.00 Inside Out with Nick Tipping Jaz
New Zealand Listener13 min de lectureAmerican Government
It was entirely fitting that President Donald Trump’s term should draw to a close with a mob of white neo-fascist yahoos running wild in Washington, DC, storming the seat of US power and rubbing in their vandalistic presence in that hallowed space. W
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Mortality On Her Mind
Margaret Atwood’s name is most often associated with The Handmaid’s Tale, her 1985 novel of a dystopian, ultra-patriarchal religious state – a book that has acquired a new generation of readers during the Trump years. Atwood’s prolific and distinguis
New Zealand Listener2 min de lecture
A Brighter Shade Of Blue
Brighter than Blue is an elegant new CD perfect for summertime listening. Guitarist Matthew Marshall features chamber music with guitar by three New Zealand composers, the album’s title referring to a line in Alistair Campbell’s poem The Fall: “I had
New Zealand Listener7 min de lecturePsychology
Attention, Please
Just before the end of 2020, the culture section of the London Sunday Times lauded an elite list of people from the arts as “bright sparks in a year full of gloom”. In among The Charlatans’ singer holding Twitter parties and Andrew Lloyd Webber tryin
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecture
Troubling, Tense And Traumatic
Through three impressive crime novels starring deaf Swedish journo Tuva Moodyson, Will Dean has conjured up a great sense of rural landscapes seasoned with creepiness and claustrophobia. He dials that up to 12 in his standalone THE LAST THING TO BURN
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecturePsychology
It’s Behind You
As a psychodynamically trained psychotherapist, Philippa Perry’s base belief is that, as a subheading in the opening chapter of her book says, “The past comes back to bite us (and our children)”. Our attitudes to parenting are formed by our own child
New Zealand Listener3 min de lecturePolitics
In Living Memory
This is a fascinating book about what nations seek to remember and forget. James Robins, a New Zealand journalist, demonstrates that the founding mythologies of Turkey, Australia and New Zealand are intertwined, and argues that Australian and New Zea
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A Place On The Chase
Here’s a question for quizzing genius Jenny Ryan from The Chase: does she ever feel bad when she beats a team of contestants? Even the slightest bit sorry? She has to think about the answer for a moment. “Sometimes. It’s tricky,” says the professiona
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Two Portraits Of Home
from Magnolia, Seraph Press, $30 morpheus butterfly wing bluealbatross whiteplastic-orchid bluehawthorn-blossom white the blue of the soundsskimmed-milk whitethe blue of the soundsthe blue of the soundsunripe-mango greendistant-forest greenfeijoa-tre
New Zealand Listener3 min de lectureAmerican Government
The Road Back
Donald Trump is down but not yet out, and an axe attack on our Parliament is possibly another indication of the ugly forces he has unleashed against democracy and the rule of law. Whatever comes of the impeachment process, few would dispute that Trum
New Zealand Listener3 min de lectureMedical
Breast Test
Mammography has been the gold standard for breast-cancer screening for decades now, and the technique hasn’t developed much in that time. Women aged 45-69 who participate in the free public programme, BreastScreen Aotearoa, will be familiar with the
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