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Dan Grec is an adventurer, snowboarder, and photographer who now hails from White-horse, Yukon, Canada. Growing up in Aus-tralia, family camping trips gave Dan a passion for wilderness exploration in remote destinations. After studying and working as
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Overland Routes: The Lost Coast of California
Despite California’s urban reputation, the state holds many adventurous destinations, ranging from the largest national park (Death Valley) to the remote and clandestine Lost Coast in Northern California. Few know about this rugged section of coastli
Overland Journal1 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Snow Peak Takibi Fire and Grill
Huddling around a campfire at the end of a long day fulfills a primal need that is hard to articulate. Nothing technology offers can deliver the satisfaction and ambience of undulating flames dancing across freshly split logs, filling your nostrils w
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Overland Conservation: Leading by Example
Patagonia has been at the forefront of the sustainability movement for over two decades, showing that profit-making does not contradict environmentalism and the three Rs: reusing, repairing, and recycling products. In addition, the company has helped
Overland Journal1 min de lectureAutomotive
Scotts Steering Stabilizer
The Scotts Steering Stabilizer has one purpose: keep you in control of your motorcycle by limiting wobble, weave, and unintended deflection of the front wheel. The device is a hydraulic shock absorber housed in a gold-anodized aluminum box that mount
Overland Journal6 min de lectureMedical
Overland Medicine: Global Travel in a Pandemic
As responsible international travelers, we should strive to minimize infectious disease risk to ourselves and the populations we visit by planning and executing our travel plans carefully. Use the following timeline/checklist to ensure you’re prepare
Overland Journal2 min de lectureAutomotive
AltRider Crash Bars
Disaster can strike at any time on a motorcycle, the chances increasing when a rider leaves the pavement for the sketchy traction of dirt and gravel roads. For that reason, most adventurers fit aftermarket protection to their mounts. I put AltRider c
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Skills: Propane-It's a Gas
Let’s start with the basics. No matter where your adventures take you, you’ve got to eat, and at least some of the time, that means cooking. There are many fuel choices, including wood, alcohol, kerosene, white gas, unleaded gasoline, diesel, inducti
Overland Journal1 min de lecture
Benchmade Osborne 940-1
You may have come across the phrase, “Jack of all trades, master of none,” but I challenge its validity when it comes to pocketknives—or at least one pocketknife. My manual-opening Osborne 940-1 pulls top scores across all the essential elements of a
Overland Journal6 min de lectureAutomotive
Classic Kit: The Little Bread Loaf That Could
Bold but brutal, the UAZ-452 is a true one-of-a-kind experience—a perplexing mix of oddity and simplicity that has stood in open defiance to any automotive design trend of the past 50 years. It is a motorized anachronism that just won’t die. Whilst t
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Women's Filson Double Canvas Overalls
I live in a rural Utah cabin at 8,000 feet. Regular chores include shoveling snow, clearing brush, chopping firewood, wrangling dogs, and recovering two-wheel-drive vehicles that didn’t think 4WD and chain requirements applied to them. At first, I th
Overland Journal2 min de lectureRegional & Ethnic
Overland Chef: Shrimp Boil Foil Packet
SERVES 2 COOK TIME 10 minutes ASSEMBLY TIME 5 minutes EQUIPMENT Aluminum foil, parchment paper, heat-resistant gloves or tongs 1 ear of corn, cut into 8 pieces1 medium zucchini, sliced thick4 cloves garlic, minced½ pound uncooked shrimp2 andouille sa
Overland Journal2 min de lecture
Kinsmen Hardware Rapid Deploy 270 Awning
Kinsmen Hardware is the quintessential example of American small business. Their story doesn’t begin with an angel investor, a flashy viral video, or funding from a multinational conglomerate, but with a need, and a craftsman who was willing to do so
Overland Journal6 min de lectureAutomotive
Tail Lamp: San Felipe Blues
The raw wind prowled through the desert night, blowing grit into my eyes and ears. Unloading jerry cans from the roof rack of a Land Rover Discovery, I skirted the swarm of activity surrounding the nearby Range Rover perched on a red Hi-Lift jack lik
Overland Journal1 min de lecture
Overlandr Coffee Press
Planetary Design spent three years researching, designing, and testing the Ovrlndr, a French-style press that provides the opportunity to make a cup of coffee that can travel. Though it will not fit in a cup holder, you can drink directly from it aft
Overland Journal4 min de lectureEarth Sciences
Between The Andes And The Sky
AND THERE WE FINALLY WERE, ON A FULL-MOON NIGHT AT 17,388 FEET ABOVE SEA LEVEL (ASL), 14°F, miles away from any clue of human existence, surrounded by stunning beauty. We had reached Pampa de los Bayos, an area that remains mostly unexplored because
Overland Journal20 min de lectureAutomotive
Overland SUV Of The Year
There are few vehicles as iconic as a 4WD wagon bouncing along the Kalahari or bounding effortlessly across the Empty Quarter. The modern SUV can quite literally do it all, transporting kids on a Tuesday and visiting the North Magnetic Pole a month l
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Only the Lonely
I have always enjoyed solitude, and have manipulated my life in various ways to get more of it. I’m not sure what that says about me socially, though more often than not, I am perfectly content with my own company and a good book. I can go for days a
Overland Journal13 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Overland Chef: Thinking Outside the Oven
Cooking meals during off-grid adventures can be rewarding, but often requires innovation, preparation, and a willingness to work with what you’ve got. I have fond memories of baking cinnamon rolls with a fry-bake and a white-gas stove in Wyoming’s Wi
Overland Journal7 min de lecture
The Ryovan Project
Removing your shoes at the doorway, you slide your feet into a pair of slippers before stepping onto a wooden floor. Ducking under a pair of fabric dividers, adorned with hand-painted kanji script, you enter the space and take a seat. Your surroundin
Overland Journal12 min de lecture
Motorcycle Soft Luggage
After purchasing a BMW F 800 GS in 2009, I quickly sourced a set of expensive aluminum panniers, thinking that’s what you had to use on a GS. Victims of their own mass and structure, combined with progress in the textile world—namely waterproof soft
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Overland Journal
Overland Journal13 min de lectureWorld
One Way or Another
The year was 1986, and the British government had given the go-ahead for the undersea Channel Tunnel to be built linking Britain with France. Dr. Gordon Thomas, a Canadian adventurer, was flying to the UK when he first heard the news; like many other
Overland Journal2 min de lecturePsychology
The Feed
Thought of the magazine and the forum when I snapped this (top right photo). It’s no exaggeration to say that ExPo and Overland Journal significantly changed my life trajectory. We don’t have the ability to go the extreme distance that frequently, bu
Overland Journal9 min de lectureAutomotive
1994 BMW R 100 GS Paris-Dakar
Okay, class: G as in Gelände and S as in Strasse. Any questions? Forty years ago, BMW introduced the R 80 G/S to the world. BMW’s decision to launch a new concept bike targeting the then vague enduro sector, into an untried large displacement motorcy
Overland Journal1 min de lecture
Guzzle H2O Stream Water Filter
Sustained remote travel typically requires a means of resupplying water stores, with vehicle-based camping, bathing, cooking, and drinking. Why leave that idyllic mountain stream campsite when all you need is a proper volume filter to supply 2-3 gall
Overland Journal8 min de lecture
Down To Earth In Jordan
Racing the sun to reach the Seven Pillars of Wisdom before dark, our cavalcade of SUVs bumps along the red sands of Jordan’s Wadi Rum desert as we gun it toward the horizon. We reach the base and tumble out of our trucks with minutes to spare. Named
Overland Journal10 min de lectureComputers
Navigating Adventure
As travelers, we embrace the serendipity and randomness of travel, the paper map unfurled on a dusty hood, each direction yielding a wonder. There are also times when we get two flats in one day and just really, really want to find a campsite. Planni
Overland Journal11 min de lecture
Mission Driven
“Do you feel safe down there?” It’s the question we hear most often from fellow Americans regarding our travels in Baja California, and the answer is, “As safe as anywhere else.” But, really, there’s more to the story. A tunnel of cactus constricts t
Overland Journal8 min de lecture
Tea for Three
“I think we should cross today. Rain is predicted tomorrow for this side of the pass,” Coen suggested, while pointing out the weather forecast on his iPhone. We were having lunch on a beach along Lake Issyk-Kul. Even though it was mid-August, we were
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