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American BEAUTY
Anyone with a love of all things nautical would gaze in heart-palpitating joy at the sight of this classic Huckins 38 Sportsman rushing by at 35 knots. They’d smile in admiration at its sleek Art Deco design, its swoosh of mirror-varnished mahogany,
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Fired Up
Sirgae’s Wood-Fire Pizza, the latest addition to the Northwood dining scene, opened in September under the supervision of veteran chef Andrew Castardi. Owned by businessman Sirgae Jewell, the restaurant offers 44 seats inside and another 20 on a full
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Dreaming GREEN
The sustainability conversation is not new, but this year it’s taken on increased urgency. Some of that, no doubt, is due to the pandemic-induced awareness of the world around us, but there’s also a wholesale reevaluation of our practices, on both th
Palm Beach Illustrated2 min de lectureDesign
Amanda Hearst believes that one does not need to sacrifice style for sustainability. “It is my personal and professional mission to prove that luxury, fashion, and sustainability can be seamlessly blended,” says Hearst. She co-founded Maison de Mode
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The Long Island wine industry has come a remarkably long way in a very short time. Louisa and Alex Hargrave planted the first vines on the South Fork in 1973; their winery is still there, although it was sold in 1999 and is now known as Castello di B
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Party Pics
WHO: 211 Palm Beach WHAT: 211 Envelope Stuffing Party WHERE: Private residence, Palm Beach HIGHLIGHTS: Harking back to classic event hosting, 211 Palm Beach held an open-air Envelope Stuffing Party to personalize invitations to the 211 Virtual Lunche
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EAT LOCAL, Think Global
Food is the route to a better future for farms, animals, and people. Rick Mace, executive chef at Café Boulud on Palm Beach, knows this better than most. Raised on a 100-acre farm outside of Cleveland, Ohio, that’s been in his family for five generat
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The ART of Multitasking
Designer Andrea Martoccia-Fava of Motivo Home was tasked with breathing new life into a 1980s beachside pad. Her client’s desire for this Gulf Stream condo, which once belonged to his parents, was to transform it into a staycation destination ideal f
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Natural BEAUTY
Brazilian-American watercolor artist Amanda Costa Marino has expressed herself through art since childhood. The Boynton Beach resident now teaches occasional online watercolor workshops from her home studio and recently launched LUA Watercolors, a li
Palm Beach Illustrated5 min de lectureArchitecture
How Does Your Garden GROW?
We catch up with two lauded local landscape architects—Jorge Sanchez, principal designer at SMI Landscape Architecture, and Keith Williams, lead designer at Nievera Williams—for insight into their botanical mastery PBI: Describe your landscape archit
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Storied Charm, MODERN GLAM
Chinoiserie design has been popular across the Western hemisphere for centuries, but its origins can be traced to seventeenth-century Europe. The term “chinoiserie” is derived from the French word for Chinese; it denotes a form of decorative art insp
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Better Year, BETTER YOU
West Palm Beacher Nicole Kowanetz launched personal-assistant service and household-management firm Palm Beach Poppins when she realized that if she was struggling to juggle her job and homelife obligations then she couldn’t be the only one. Now an e
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Bloom where You Are Planted
Bring the outside in. Houseplants may have been Instagram’s domestic darling in recent years—there’s more than 5 million posts tagged #houseplants—but the value of having living plants indoors is nothing new. “People have been growing plants indoors
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The Collection
Naples Illustrated Orlando Illustrated Palm Beach Illustrated Naples Charity Register Palm Beach Charity Register Southwest Florida Relocation Guide Waypoints: Naples Yacht Club Palm Beach Relocation Guide Traditions: The Breakers The Jewel of Palm B
Palm Beach Illustrated1 min de lecturePsychology
Good Morning
After a complicated pregnancy and battle with postpartum depression, business strategist, speaker, and Lake Worth Beacher Tiffany Lanier realized that taking time each morning to process all she was facing was vital to her growth and healing. This le
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Coming up Roses
One of Florida’s showiest natives, these ornate blossoms are lightly fragranced and often play host to the “the magnificent zebra longwing butterfly,” says Kim Frisbie, a member of the Garden Club of Palm Beach. “If you have passionflowers, you are g
Palm Beach Illustrated2 min de lecturePsychology
Mastering the MENTAL GAME
John Murray, a North Palm Beach–based licensed clinical and sports performance psychologist, is well aware that succeeding in golf requires more than a strong swing and short-game finesse. “The physical activity of hitting a ball represents less than
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Florida Power & Light Company, headquartered in Juno Beach, is taking full advantage of the Sunshine State’s namesake resource. Across Florida, FPL has 14 universal solar energy centers under construction simultaneously, adding approximately 4.1 mill
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An electric Mustang SUV? You heard right. Ford’s all-new, all-electric crossover is a Mustang with a plug, able to gallop for up to 300 miles on a single charge. Targeted at Tesla’s Model Y, the five-seat, super-roomy Mach-E is offered with rear- and
Palm Beach Illustrated2 min de lectureBiology
Tiny Treasures
More than just a chichi garnish, microgreens are nutritional powerhouses in a petite package. By definition, microgreens are baby plants that fall between a sprout and a baby green. While sprouts have a growing cycle of two to seven days, microgreens
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Cycle On
Walking into UpCycle—Juan Orellana’s recently opened Industry Alley bike shop—feels less like an errand and more like stopping in at a friend’s place: an open environment where you’re met with a warm welcome and a comfortable space to kick back. Form
Palm Beach Illustrated3 min de lectureIntelligence (AI) & Semantics
It’s Not Easy Eating Green
Environmental awareness is all the rage in the modern push to go green. By now, we’ve long known to reduce, reuse, recycle, and lighten the ecological footprint we leave behind. But it’s not just the big, bold moves that make a difference. Our food c
Palm Beach Illustrated1 min de lectureDiet & Nutrition
Small Bites
Chef Andrew Bennardo, affectionately known as Chef Baba, is on a quest. “It would be my dream to dedicate my remaining life and career to educating children, parents, and schools on how to eat healthier,” says the culinary instructor. His passion was
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Happy As A CLAM
When the state of Florida banned net fishing in 1995 to save wild clam and oyster populations, many shellfish harvesters turned to farming, a practice known as aquaculture. The fastest growing domestic food sector, aquaculture products represent near
Palm Beach Illustrated2 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
SEA to Plate
After they’re pulled from the waters of the Atlantic Ocean, stone crab claws are immediately steamed and transported to Cod & Capers, a North Palm Beach seafood market that has been family-owned and-operated since 1984, before making their final stop
Palm Beach Illustrated1 min de lectureBiology
The Brush Off
Touted by celebs such as Gwyneth Paltrow and Miranda Kerr, the beauty technique of dry brushing is growing in popularity thanks to its ability to exfoliate dead skin cells. It also has the purported benefit of improving and stimulating the nervous sy
Palm Beach Illustrated1 min de lectureDesign
50 Shades of Denim
COLOR STORY: Chambray, faded, and indigo shades look fresh this season. ICE, ICE, BABY: Denim and diamonds make the perfect pairing for day or night. CLASSICAL NOTES: Opt for accessories that have timeless shapes and styles. ■
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GREEN Cuisine
While each of us individually can aim to make better food choices, our impact is limited without the participation of heavy hitters like restaurants. Fortunately, these local initiatives incentivize eateries to go greener. Loggerhead Marinelife Cente
Palm Beach Illustrated1 min de lecture
Drink It In
Treat your skin to happy hour with Intoxicating Beauty’s spirits-infused clean beauty products. Former model and Cicerone-certified beer expert Teresa Norvell started mixing skin care cocktails in her kitchen to treat her problematic, sensitive skin.
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