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What I’ve Learned From Covid Times
Like you, I was horrified. Though we all wanted to cooperate and “flatten the curve,” the continual extending of the need to stay at home played havoc with businesses around the world. Sadly, the plein air community was not immune. Organizations, mus
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The Results Are In
Due to the coronavirus, the 9th annual PleinAir Salon was extended to June 2020. Those awards will be announced soon.
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Art Goes On
While the pandemic has put the brakes on many aspects of our lives, art goes on. Forced to close at various times to the public, museums now offer free virtual tours of permanent collections and special exhibits. Plein air event organizers are pivoti
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Winners’ List
The 10th annual PleinAir Salon will take place from July 2020 to March 2021. Those awards will be presented at the Plein Air Convention & Expo on May 27, 2021, in Denver, Colorado. First, Second, and Third Place, along with the category winners of e
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Sunrise, Sunset
An endless source of inspiration for poets, painters, and romantics of all stripes, sunrises and sunsets have known positive psychological effects on observers. To capture these fleeting moments of color and drama, plein air painters must work quickl
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A More Laid-back Plein Air Easton
For the past 16 years, artists from across the country have descended on the Eastern Shore of Maryland to participate in Plein Air Easton. All systems were go for this July’s event when COVID-19 brought the world to a screeching halt. Organizers move
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Out Of India
The dog has to go out, laundry needs folding, a family member calls, and in no time you’re on social media scrolling through a friend’s photos. No matter your good intentions, the comfort of routine distractions can get in the way of painting, and be
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Pipaf In Isolation A Success
Despite the challenges brought on by the pandemic, organizers report that the 2020 Parrsboro International Plein Air Festival topped last year’s numbers. In its fourth year and the largest of its kind in Canada, the festival was conducted online only
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Artist’s Toolkit
Surface: I bought a big linen canvas roll that I cut into several 11 x 14-inch pieces and a few 16 x 20-inch pieces, as well as some even larger, which I cut to size while I was there. The sheets were lightweight and didn’t take up much room. I attac
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Postcards From The Road
When COVID-19 hit, Nancy Tankersley and her Easton, Maryland, painting group could no longer meet in person. Missing her friends and the weekly painting sessions, member Rhonda Ford had an idea that would keep them working safely apart, but with a co
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The Long Game
Success for plein air artists can come down to fortunate timing — a welcome break in the weather, a fleeting moment of perfect light, a remarkable pause that will soon pass. But for oil painter Shaun Horne — who returns to a scene as many times as he
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Prana-yama: Health Benefits Of Breathing And Meditation
Prana-yama is systematic inhaling, exhaling, and pausing of air. While the goal is to achieve a state of suspended animation of breathing, most practitioners are advised to stop short of that. “Meditation can be defined in several ways, but one pract
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By The Numbers
1989 The year Horne began painting en plein air 2002 The year he became a professional painter 23,000 Hours spent plein air painting, lifetime (as of 2020) 1,000 Hours spent plein air painting, per year 20 Hours spent plein air painting, per
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Mark Fehlman why I Start In The Field
When I was a young boy, we lived on an orange grove in the San Fernando Valley. When the navel orange buds started to bloom, there was always a special aroma in the air. Eventually, the oranges would start to appear and grow into the most delicious f
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DEMONSTRATION: Adding a Hint of Humanity Among Nature
This painting was the spring installment of a four-season commission Horne made for the owner of this property. He generally spends about 30 hours on a painting of this size. “I knew I wanted an afternoon scene with backlighting, but I didn't see tha
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5 Tips To Maximize Your Painting Time
• Dress appropriately, in layers that may be easily added or removed for comfort. • Pick large sections of the day to paint, like the afternoon. Paint different parts of a large canvas at different times in the afternoon. • Bring food and water to su
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Lasting In The Wind
Wind is the first foe of the outdoor painter, Horne says, especially when working on a larger surface. “The wind has broken my French easels a hundred times,” he says. Horne extensively modified his current one, made by Mabef, to withstand up to 30 m
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Capturing The Magic Of The Moment
As a plein air artist, I have a love-struggle relationship with painting skies. All the aspects I love about them — the ever-changing cloud shapes and formations, the dynamic expressions of light, and the endless variety of color and moods — are the
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DEMONSTRATION: On the Road to Dramatic Skies
While scouting out a location to paint, I relax and engage with my emotional response to the landscape. I let my eyes take in the sweet details of color, light, and interesting cloud shapes and store them away in my memory. I savor the sensory impact
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Why Acrylic Is Perfect For Plein Air
I started out painting with oil — and still do for many of my works — but switched to using acrylic at some of the plein air competitions I participate in. Acrylics dry super fast, which allows me to build up multiple layers in my paintings — somethi
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Acrylic Know-how
• It’s easy to achieve “bright and bold” with acrylics. The challenge is to learn how to mix a variety of grays. • An overall glaze of a “mother color” can unify a painting after all the underlying layers are dry. • The more thickly the paint is ap
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Plein Air Heritage
A student of the sky, John Constable (British, 1776-1837) felt that a thorough understanding of the formation of clouds, their influence on the quality of light, and their contribution to atmospheric effects would give his landscapes greater truth. I
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Mediums Make A Difference
Adding a medium to acrylic paint can lengthen its drying time, make it thicker, or change the texture. • Surface mediums are for priming and prepping canvases, paper, board, and other surfaces for paint application. • Fluid mediums can change the
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PleinAir Magazine
B. Eric Rhoads • Twitter: @ericrhoads • Facebook: /ericrhoads Anne W. Brown • 435.772.0504 Kelly Kane • Brida Connolly • 702.665.
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11 ARTISTS TO COLLECT NOW: The Emerging Plein Air Painters You Need to Know
Art education: I majored in art at DePauw University in Indiana, and, atypically for the ‘70s, it was a tough academic education, thanks to Robert Kingsley. I spent a semester in New York City as an apprentice to Jack Beal (figurative) and Jane Freli
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The Magic Of San Miguel De Allende
Perched 6,000 feet above sea level in the central highlands of Guanajuato, this colorful colonial enclave has long been a magnet for creatives in the know. Although it very nearly fell to a devastating influenza pandemic at the beginning of the 20th
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Thomas Jefferson Kitts
In San Miguel, life is lived on the street. You can find things to paint anywhere you look, but the Jardín (the lush town square) is the place to start. Vendors, shop owners, and locals make the Jardín their living room on Friday and Saturday nights.
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Painting Water In Motion
My connection to the seashore reaches back to the earliest days of my childhood. I grew up with free rein to explore the gravelly and muddy beaches by our home on Passamaquoddy Bay, part of the Bay of Fundy, albeit under strict rules to not go in the
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DEMONSTRATION: Finding Inspiration at the Water’s Edge
I started with a value study, establishing the position of the rocks as they appeared at the moment I arrived. The tide moves quickly here, as much as six vertical feet an hour, so I knew they would be quickly covered by the water. What I most wanted
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Plein Air Heritage
The son of a sailor, Eugène Louis Boudin (French, 1824–1898) grew up near the sea in Normandy. While he enjoyed only a brief stint as a cabin boy at age 11, ships and harbors remained a muse for much of his painting career. Largely self-taught, the a
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