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Cycling Gear
As growing numbers of cyclists seek traffic-free routes away from the roads, there has never been a better time to have a bike that covers all terrain. Ribble’s CGR, for example, is an excellent option, and what’s more, it is available as an ebike, t
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Buying Advice
There are some important choices and checks to be made when you pick your next motorhome. Take notes while you are assessing the ’van and use any repairs that are required to bargain the price down. Before viewing, and even if you’re not intending to
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Norway’s West Coast
Why tour here? Norway’s west coast, with its fjords, forests and mountains, offers a road trip of truly spectacular scenery, breathtaking ferry crossings and one or two hair-raising roads. Best of all, Norway is motorhome-friendly, with plenty of ove
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Hooray! After three months of not being able to go anywhere, as we went to press it was looking as though the touring season was finally starting, with caravan parks across the country beginning to reopen from the start of July. It should be good new
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2000-2010 Auto-sleeper Coachbuilts On VW T5 Transporter
Two pedigree brands this month, Auto-Sleepers (our oldest volume motorcaravan converter) and Volkswagen – the largest German car and light commercial vehicle manufacturer. We enter our specified time-slot to find there is already a VW Auto-Sleeper co
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This is the 1981 motorhome my wife and I bought to tour Australia. It was our pride and joy. But we made two miscalculations! First, it had no air-con. Second, despite a full mechanical check before buying, we found we had a broken head gasket on arr
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Well, there had been rumours for months, but late on a recent Friday afternoon came the announcement – this year’s October NEC Motorhome and Caravan Show had been called off. Given how important the show is to the industry and its customers, it’s a s
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Sometimes it’s amazing (and concerning) to see the DIY fixes that some owners have made – especially when it’s on a gas system! A couple of recent cases spring to mind – the first was a mid-2000s ’van in for habitation inspection. All was going well,
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‘Tentative’ is not a word I’d normally use for the leisure industry, but as I write this just a few days after campsites were at last allowed to reopen, it’s a very useful one to describe how I think many are feeling. Whether that’s site owners, manu
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New ’vans
The Motorhome and Caravan Show, scheduled for this October at the NEC, has been cancelled. Organiser NCC Events said it took the decision to cancel the UK’s biggest leisure vehicle show because there was no indication on when the ban on mass gatherin
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This really has been a very strange year so far in the workshop. Everything started off quite normally but then, of course, Covid-19 kicked off and we all had to shut up shop. The problem for us was that the Government put a ban on unnecessary travel
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New Gear
It’s picnic season, and what better way to celebrate than this classic hamper? It has an insulated inner and comes with a smart rug. Price £115 Web This LED lantern and UV midge/mosquito killer should enhance nights in the awn
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Industry Faces
Tell us about your current role – what do you do? I’m managing director of Adria UK, a subsidiary of Adria Mobil in Slovenia. We run all operations from here in the UK – we define how the products should look for the UK market and we brief the manufa
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Now we really can hit the road again, it’s a good moment to give the ’van that all-important pre-tour inspection and carry out some of those basic maintenance jobs that always seem to need doing. In the final part of our DIY series, our experts have
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1 This picture was taken overlooking Salthouse, North Norfolk, on our first day out during the initial easing of the lockdown rules. Our first year of owning a motorhome has been greatly restricted, owing to that lockdown! ‘Betsy’ is 22 years old, bu
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Hiring A Motorhome Part 2
The uncertainties over lockdown and lingering concerns about a second Covid-19 spike have persuaded you – no travelling abroad for now. Instead, the safety of a hired motorhome. Good choice! But perhaps you are still a bit unsure about renting? Let u
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Fit Truma Inet And Levelcontrol
Some years ago, I fitted an Alde Smart Control unit to our ’van. This enabled us to control the heating remotely, using my mobile, and I must admit, after my cynicism wore off, it was used to great effect, especially in cooler months. Perhaps the bes
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Ask The Experts
WHAT’S THE BEST WAY TO CLEAN CASSETTE TOILET FLUSH TANK? My 2011 coachbuilt motorhome has a Thetford cassette toilet, but recently when I’ve been flushing it, a load of black bits come through into the toilet as well. We usually use the specialist pi
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More Top 2020 motorhome DEALS
Was £72,255 Now £64,995 Saving £7260 Where Becks Motorhomes Web With an island bed and parallel settees, this 7.5m-long low-profile manages to include two travel seats that fold out of the settees and face different directions. Th
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Stay Legal When Installing Led Lights
About 20 years ago, I remember swapping out the sidelights in my Mk 1 Golf GTI for newfangled LEDs. They gave a feeble blue glow and rewarded my efforts with an MoT fail. But fast-forward 20 years and the situation is very different, with a variety o
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The reopening of Britain’s campsites, and the hospitality industry as a whole, is certainly something to celebrate. This is perhaps the final hurdle to jump in the return to some sort of normality, but we do so with caution, and for businesses, with
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Best Travel Tech For 2020
Enjoy the smooth sound of a Bose speaker while on tour. Tough, water-resistant and colourful, the SoundLink weighs only 0.54kg, and has a soft-touch silicone exterior and a built-in microphone for calls. The rechargeable lithium-ion battery gives you
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Fit A New Grab Handle
Motorhomes are not normally equipped with grab handles by the door, although even able-bodied motorcaravanners can find it a bit tricky to get in and out. But if you have limited mobility, I think you would be especially well advised to fit the large
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This Month
If you are planning a tour of Italy and want to experience the culture, food, drink and scenery first-hand, Agricamper Italia ( can help. This new scheme works in a similar way to France Passion – an annual subscription gives
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Google Earth and Street View are miraculous. Those awesome techies have scanned and ‘photographed’ almost the entire planet from space and from the road, to create a free tool that’s perfect for motorcaravanners who want to explore (virtually) their
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People get attached to their motorhome; it can become almost part of the family. But the threat of theft is very real. “We have seen a rise in motorhome thefts in the past 12 months,” says Craig Thompson, marketing director of insurance specialist Ca
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Ré Of Light
Duration Four days When August 2019 Why? As sunny as the South of France! Charming villages, beautiful scenery Ile de Ré is a gem of an island off the west coast of France, just perfect for a weekend stopover while travelling to or from your destinat
Practical Motorhome1 min de lectureTech
Set Up A Spirit Level App
Good old technology. Just about everything that we used to work through manually can now be done automatically or digitally. Using a digital spirit level on your smartphone is a great example for motorcaravanners, because it’s unlikely that you’ll ev
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Low Profiles
How to use the guide Setting a budget Begin by setting a realistic budget, not just the initial cost, but ongoing maintenance – both the base vehicle and the interior will need regular servicing – fuel consumption and insurance. The price of a new mo
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Norfolk’s always been celebrated for its sandy beaches, but it is pretty good out on the water, too, especially at Hunstanton Beach, which has low tides and is perfect for a variety of sporting activities. Hunstanton Watersports offers tuition and ki
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