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Editor's Note
It is growing season in the northern hemisphere, and on any given day you’ll find me knee deep in my garden—weeding, planting, or just admiring the tiny plot that feeds my family and provides a bounty of flowers all season long. This year our raised
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Studio Style
THE GRAY MUSE Enamel pins are all the rage as a fashion statement, for trading, and for personal proclamations. These large and beautiful pins are even more—the top dial spins so they are also functional color wheels! Be sure to wear this pin for col
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pincushions are so ubiquitous we sometimes take their significance for granted. They sit, stalwart soldiers, next to our sewing machines or chairs where we do handwork. They are constantly jabbed by pins and needles, hold our thimbles and a random sa
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The Last Word.
I have the greatest table in my studio. It has a glass top that I can’t ruin. Everything washes off it with ease. The metal frame the glass sits on leaves an empty gap that runs along the length of the table. This serves as a groove to run my scissor
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Snippet Scrolls
Makes a 2½ " x 40" scroll • Bits and pieces/scraps leftover from other projects, any size and color• ⅛ yard backing fabric (See note.)• Bits of lace, ribbon, or other flat ephemera• Center ‘baton’ to mount the strip onto such as a large wooden spool
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Make Your Own Marbled Fabric
marbling has been around for centuries and continues to be popular today. While some patterns and techniques can be very complex you can also achieve beautiful results as soon as you start marbling. You can create unique, one-of-a-kind fabrics perfec
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It’s Your Turn
Dear Quilting Arts, I designed and made a COVID-19 quilt inspired by Laurie Ceesay Landry’s article in the April/May 2020 issue. The size is 44" x 47". I had a blast blinging it up; glitter for her eye shadow, crystals on each eye brow. She also has
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Light the World
light is our primary tool for perceiving and understanding the world around us. Without light there is no vision. It allows us to appreciate the world through shape and form and evokes emotions. SAQA’s most recent traveling global exhibit, “Light the
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About Our Contributors
Frances Holliday Alford is an internationally known quilt artist living in Grafton, Vermont. She encourages fellow artists to collaborate and share her home studio. She is known for quirky subjects, vivid colors, and unusual embellishments. francesho
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Create Functional Art from Scraps and UFOs
When we reach for a pincushion, we rarely consider its origins. Before the pincushion, came the pin. Pins were made as early as the Paleolithic Era from thorns and bones. Prior to mass production, they were carefully made from sharpened wire in silve
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Interpreting ‘Isolation’
back in May of 2019, when the members of the international artist collective Cloth in Common selected ‘Community’ as its two-year overall theme, we had NO IDEA of the extent to which our communities worldwide would be impacted by Covid-19 between the
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Dr. Carolyn Mazloomi
dr. Carolyn Mazloomi doesn’t want to talk about her Ph.D. in aerospace engineering or her brief career as a nurse. No, long ago she moved on from that. Quilts are her thing now. Born in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, and educated in California, she now live
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Fiber Fusion
quick to create from your leftovers, these unique ‘Fiber Fusion’ pieces can hang anywhere in your home or make nice gifts. They put to good use the saved bits of threads and other fibers you’ve been hanging on to. This is also a perfect group project
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Exploring Layers
in the past three issues, we’ve covered a selection of basic hand stitches and ways to change them to create different effects. You were introduced to basic design concepts in art: line, pattern and rhythm, and texture. You learned the importance of
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Braided Curves
a braided curve is a versatile improv unit that can be used in an assortment of quilt compositions from pieced landscapes to traditional pieced quilt blocks. The following instructions show how to make your very own basic braided curve units. As you
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Snappy SCRAPPY ’Scapes
What inspires your art quilts? For me, inspiration often strikes when taking a walk and observing my surroundings very closely. I give myself permission to visually explore in new ways, which can promote creativity. As a self-taught artist, I find la
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as an avid nature lover and scuba diver, I’m saddened by the negative impact of discarded plastics on the health of reefs and wildlife in and around oceans. I’ve been searching for ways that I might be able to keep plastics out of the oceans entirely
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Scrolls AND Rolls
Art for art’s sake is a beautiful, enjoyable thing! We are so fascinated by the artwork of Ana Buzzalino in this issue plus the countless creatives who have been posting their own snippet scrolls and rolls on social media. Their work is charming, tho
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Cool It!
have you ever spent so much time trying to get everything just right as you create a work of art, that you simply despair of ever finishing? It’s time to Cool It! Take a step back, loosen up, and make some ‘bad art.’ Spend a little bit of time with j
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Indigo Dye Party
this is the final installment of our series exploring indigo vat dyeing. Here we will focus on a particular type of shibori called itajime. Shibori is a Japanese word meaning ‘shaped resist’ and itajime is translated as ‘board clamp,’ so itajime shib
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WANTED: You and Your Work
Now that you’ve experienced our latest issue, isn’t it time for you to become part of QUILTING ARTS? What do you want to read—how about writing it yourself! Share your inspiring work, unique techniques, and new ideas with us and our readers. If you a
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The Remembrance Project
Leader of the SJSA’s Junior MQG and member of the Chicago MQG, respectively founded in 2017, the Social Justice Sewing Academy (SJSA) is a youth education program that bridges artistic expression with activism to advocate for social justice. Through
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Beneath the Surface
it took a series of little quilts for me to develop my method to produce a modern wholecloth quilt incorporating my signature organic curves, accurate grid work, and pops of color. I often struggle with stray threads shadowing through my work when I
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Don't Throw it Out … Use it Up!
i love hand dyeing and dye lots of fabric. But there is always leftover dye … sometimes a little, sometimes a lot. Although the dyes most of us use are relatively safe and non-toxic when mixed and used according to the directions, the leftovers shoul
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Maria Shell
peeking into an artist’s workplace can open a window into their creative process. When you consider how much time and effort it takes to create a body of work like Maria Shell’s—full of intricate improvisational piecing, exuberant color, and innovati
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My mom sewed my clothes when I was a kid; she said she had to, I was too tall and thin for commercial garments! I learned to sew from her, designing and sewing my costumes for Halloween, school themed-dances (luau or sock hop anyone?) and even my hig
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most business owners in the sewing and quilt industry have pondered whether running a business centered on their beloved hobby is a good idea. The thought of having to be creative ‘for a job’ brings with it the fear that our creative well might somed
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What is Tyvek?
Tyvek is a synthetic material that is lightweight, durable, water resistant, and versatile. It comes in many forms: Tyvek is used in the construction industry as a moisture barrier that is wrapped around houses, sewn into jumpsuits as protective equi
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Tips For Getting Through ‘Business Burnout’
Identify the Block: Is it that your financials are not done yet? Is the need to reply to emails getting in your head before you can start your next quilt? Take time to write out what’s bothering you so you can break through those problems first. Work
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