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It has always been reassuring that the shooting, hunting and fishing community could see that the House of Windsor also upheld the tenets of our way of life. We are being attacked from many directions for what we do, and the good that comes from our
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Covert Corvid Control
Though crop protection is a job I usually carry out with a 12-bore, the airgun has been the tool of choice on several occasions this autumn. When pigeon and corvids are hammering seed drillings, a shotgun enables me not only to take birds on the wing
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“If I understand the… rule of six correctly, it is illegal for seven children to feed ducks but legal for 30 men to shoot ducks.” So read a letter to the Financial Times. Highlighting the apparent anomalies of various Government structures during the
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Next Week In Shooting Times
The unique challenge of scooping an invasive species Macnab. Has the public perception of shooting changed in the past 50 years? What can shooting learn from the fight for hunting before the ban? Sustainable sport — how we can shoot woodcock respo
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Volvo XC90 £73,970
I was surprised when I learned that the Volvo XC90 has been on our roads for 18 years. The overall silhouette hasn’t changed dramatically in two decades, but it is an entirely different matter when it comes to propelling the Swedish beast. Ladies and
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Country Diary
This has been a summer of extremes, a year of restrictions, challenges both judicial and governmental — 2020 is a year we will not forget. Nonetheless, the seasons come and go, spring into summer, summer into autumn. Birds nest, hatch, fledge and fly
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NOW, THE INSCRIPTION PRO IS high-end and jam-packed with gadgets and gizmos. Its understated luxury and newfangled technology comes at a price. That price is £73,970, on the road. I know that’s a load of money, but when compared with its rivals with
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Call Of The Wild
Last Saturday was gloomy. At about half-past eight, I remembered, on seeing my boots in the hall, that I was meant to be shooting in Bedfordshire but COVID-19 had put paid to that. The day was going to be at a friend’s farm where we shoot most years.
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I feel it would be wrong of me to write about something else when the vast majority of us are quite rightly concerned about the very worrying increase in cases of COVID-19 and the associated local and national lockdowns. National lockdowns, such as t
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Need To Know
Manufacturer Volvo Model XC90 T8 Inscription Pro Max power Petrol engine 303bhp, 400Nm of torque; electric motor 87hp, 240Nm of torque. Top speed 112mph 0-60mph (secs) 5.5 Emissions (g/km) CO2 63-76 Fuel economy combined 83.1-100.9mpg Towing w
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Defra Issues New General Licences For England
The new general licences for England have been issued by Defra and will come into force on 1 January 2021. While most aspects of the licences are unaltered, a small number of significant changes have been introduced. The most important of these chang
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The Wild West
The packing up and loading of gear came with special anticipation. A Christmas or New Year trip to south-west Scotland is an annual event for the Swans, but late October for autumn half-term is less common. By Christmas, the local wildfowlers have th
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Getting The Collar Felt
AS A PROFESSIONAL writer, I’ve always tried to write plain English that’s easy to understand. Unfortunately, lawyers don’t do the same, as I was reminded last year when I sold one house and bought another. I’m not sure what trainee solicitors are tau
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Kennel Theft Police Appeal
Bedfordshire Police have appealed for help after seizing what are believed to be stolen dogs. The force removed 12 dogs during a raid earlier this month. Eight of them have now been reunited with their owners; however, police have been unable to find
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Duck From Dusk Till Dawn
The teal descended as lightly as a butterfly hovers over a flower. Once settled in the centre of the oval pool she began to busy herself with preening, sending ripples out to the barley that lay at the water’s edge. Patrick Galbraith, the Editor, and
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Cancelling Events Was Only Option
When, in early November, the Kennel Club announced the cancellation of the AV Spaniel, Cocker and HPR Championships, along with five of its own trials, nobody can have been surprised. Not only was it becoming increasingly difficult for dogs to qualif
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Woodcock Falls Under Way
Of all the UK’s migrant quarry species, only European white-fronted geese are yet to arrive as woodcock falls begin. Early signs that a fall of the birds was under way included a sudden movement by Fonthill Abbie II, the GWCT-tagged woodcock, which
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The Gloriousness Of Late-season Grouse
Everybody knows about the Glorious Twelfth. The very words seem to conjure up whimsical images of pointers in the purple heather; sunshine, gunpowder smoke and bottles of beer left to cool for lunch in some pretty beck or burn. The Twelfth is famous
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A Hedgerow Moralist
I was born, very soon after the beginning of the century, in a small Essex village and, after a few years, went to live in an even more remote one in the same county, where I remained until well into my teens. It would be difficult for the modern you
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To Do This Week
Anyone looking after poultry or gamebirds must be on high alert for outbreaks of avian influenza, otherwise known as bird flu, after another case of a highly pathogenic strain was detected last week. If you are unsure about how to identify bird flu y
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Praise Be: The Creed Of Horse And Hound
Who is the most famous vicar ever? This was the subject of a pub argument I once had with friends, all would-be clergy at the time, back in the days when such a waste of weekend afternoons — you know the drill, raised but cheerful voices, sleeping do
Shooting Times & Country2 min de lectureCookbooks, Food, & Wine
Game Cookery
I love a good curry, especially a nice aromatic coconut one. I have written a handful of rabbit recipes over the past year, but this one is a particular favourite. As we head deeper into the winter, it makes for really hearty soul food and is absolut
Shooting Times & Country2 min de lecturePolitics
Lack Of Support Leaves Keepers Under Attack
The Scottish parliament is to debate the abuse and harassment of gamekeepers after a report found that 60% of Scotland’s keepers had experienced verbal or physical abuse because of their job. The recently published report on the economic and biodiver
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Best Left For The Laddies, Ladies And Old-timers?
The proposition was put to me recently that the ideal gun for walked-up shooting is a 20-bore side-by-side shotgun. It got me thinking, in these days where 20-bore mania is still gripping the nation, what is the enduring appeal of the Victorian ladie
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Coconut Rabbit Curry
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They Said What
“We’re calling on the public to contact Monmouthshire County Council and propose councillors take a stand and ban hunting on their land.” Who said it: LACS Why: The League Against Cruel Sports (LACS) has called on local residents to demand that h
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Why We Shoot
A total of 170million cartridges are purchased in Britain every year In 1851 there were 2,867 gunmakers working in the famous Birmingham Gun Quarter Learning to make guns traditionally used to take seven years, but these days it’s usually three
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The Good Life
The return of my pigs from the butcher has finally given me a bit more variety in my cooking. The legs, neatly cut into 1kg joints, have been roasted to great acclaim, also slow cooked for more than seven hours in cider and ‘pulled’. I have managed t
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Crackdown On Antiques As Firearms Used In Crime
New restrictions are to be introduced on the possession of antique firearms as the Government seeks to crack down on the use of antique guns in crime. Under the Firearms Act, a certificate is not required for antiques. Now the list of calibres that a
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Speed, Agility And A Beak For Danger
I remember the first time I was invited to a wild bird day. It was a cold January morning and I stood on the edge of an old woodland filled with oaks and ash that sloped away into a deep valley where the other Guns stood waiting, nervously shifting t
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