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Venison Meatballs In A Tomato Sauce
1lb minced venison1 small onion, finely chopped1 egg, beaten4 tbsp seasoned pain flour1 jar passata2 tbsp Worcestershire sauce salt and pepper to season to taste Put the venison and onion in a large bowl and mix well. Add the beaten egg and continue
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Eye Contact
Developing good eye contact is a vital part of a gundog’s training, and I have found the place board really helps to focus the dog and develop this behaviour. Once the puppy is sitting confidently on the board, hold your hand (with a treat or ball) a
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Teenage Troubles
I have a 10-month-old working cocker who’s recently decided that he doesn’t want to listen to me when we are doing retrieves and will refuse to sit while he marks the dummy. Should I insist he sits and carry on with the routine? Fran says: He has h
Sporting Gun3 min de lectureCrime & Violence
On The Scrapheap
Ever since an antique revolver was recovered from the crime scene of the killing of Fusilier Lee Rigby in 2013, and the high profile arrest and sentencing of antique arms dealer Paul Edmunds three years ago, collectors of obsolete calibre central fir
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That’s your Lotte
Lotte has been introduced to the long tracking lead. We were out trying to find a deer that had been lost. Lotte picked up the track from the fence into a huge rhododendron bush. As she approached the bush, in she went, yipping excitedly. She only do
Sporting Gun3 min de lectureMedical
The Problem: It’s Mange — Or Is It?
To be perfectly honest, he probably doesn’t know what he was talking about either, though I am sure he was trying to be helpful. Mange seems to be used as a generic term by some people to describe any skin condition with clinical signs that include i
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Laminate Immaterial Compared With Feel
In the last issue I noticed that you were using the new Browning shotgun with a laminate stock. Is there any advantage with a laminate stock for a pigeon shooter? I’ve always found them rather heavy. Peter says: When my Perazzi gave up the ghost af
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Make and model Benelli 828 Silver Calibre 12-bore Barrel 30in Choke multi Price £1495 CONTACTDETAILS Name Mick Henson Tel 07795103658 Email County Dorset Make and model Bettinsoli Side Plate Deluxe Calibre 12-bore Barrel 30in Choke m
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Family Day
Situated in a small, Leicestershire valley and overlooked by Burrough Hill fort, Moscow Farm is the perfect place from which to lay siege to a few gamebirds. And to share the experience with close friends and family. Such is the sense of camaraderie
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Bolt Action!
Ferreting is in full swing for me at this time of year. We are busy working our way around the farms now that the vegetation has finally decided to die down. The use of ferrets is a big part of my business and a method I utilise in a variety of habit
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Adventures of Nick & Ted
Age 58 months I have tried to stay upbeat during this difficult year but the latter part of the autumn has been quite testing. I am grateful that I live in a nice part of the country and I have the dogs to train. On a positive note, the rest Ted had
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Snap Caps And De-cocking
Should I de-cock my gun by firing the triggers on empty chambers when I’ve finished shooting? Tony says: Doing this may put undue stress on the firing pins. You can de-cock a shotgun by using snap caps in the chambers, with the gun together or with
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The Best Of Intentions
The only resolution still going strong is kicking the tobacco habit. I feel a whole lot better breathing fresh air and the money saved has helped buy more shooting and fishing days than usual. But other resolutions? The one I make most years is to re
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I Am Sure Many Of Us Will Be Glad That We Have Kicked 2020 Out Of The Door.
I had hoped that 2021 would be a year of rebuilding, but as I write a new variant of coronavirus is already taking its toll in south-east England and this will undoubtedly have an impact on the shooting community. The owner of a small shoot confided
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Pipe Team
When you work with animals, strange things can happen. One day we were at a disused part of an airport with various derelict buildings. We had caught a handful of rabbits from a small area when a ferret followed the scent of a bunny into an old pump
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Spiced Pigeon Breasts With Sweet Potato And Parsnip Mash And Wild Mushrooms
PREPARATION TIME: 30 MINUTES COOKING TIME: 25 MINUTES SERVES 2 1 tsp black peppercorns, crushed1 tsp coriander seeds, toasted and crushedpinch ground cinnamonpinch ground ginger4 pigeon breasts2 tbsp sunflower oil25g/1oz unsalted butter1 heaped
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Goose Makes Light Work For Tom
Do you find your white labrador stands out a lot on the marsh and scares birds? I would have thought that white wasn’t the best colour for a shooting dog. Tom says: It is fair to say that Goose wasn’t picked for his colour. He was the right dog at
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Shooting groups have expressed their dismay at the Scottish government’s decision to introduce a licensing regime for grouse moors in the country. The proposal was announced by Mairi Gougeon, the rural affairs minister, at the end of November in resp
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Red Deer Cervus Elaphus
Every autumn, moor and forest from the high tops of the Highlands to the woodlands of East Anglia and the expanses of Exmoor echo with challenging roars and the rattle of clashing antlers. The red deer rut is on. The stags are battling to establish t
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Letter Of The Month
The Orton packable jacket retails at £199.99 and is available in both men’s and women’s versions, size EU 48-58 for men and EU 36-46 for women. It is a lightweight, waterproof jacket that is breathable, quick drying and packs into its own pocket. It
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Foil Rabbits
I want to stop rabbits burrowing in my field because I have horses in it from time to time. I’ve heard it’s the doe who digs the burrow, so would it be best to kill does when you are controlling rabbits in a field? Ed says: If you are serious about
Sporting Gun2 min de lectureMedical
News In Brief
The coronavirus pandemic continues to have an impact on the shooting world and the 2021 IWA Outdoor Classics Show has been cancelled. The show, one of the highlights of the European shooting calendar, was due to take place in Nuremberg from 12 to 15
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Red Deer Facts
DISTRIBUTION: Various subspecies are found across most of Europe and the Caucasus mountains, and eastwards through Turkey and into northern Iran. The only deer species occurring naturally in Africa, it can also be found in the Atlas mountains region
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Letter Of The Month
I am writing from Guernsey, where we have been fortunate to have largely escaped the privations of the coronavirus. Life has pretty much carried on as normal – no masks or limitations on group sizes, pubs and eateries open as normal. But there is a v
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Implant Will Test Castration Option
Due to some behavioural issues I am considering having my three-year-old labrador castrated but I am worried what effect this may have on his working ability. Neil says: Castration of male dogs is ‘routinely’ carried out in the UK, with about 70% o
Sporting Gun2 min de lectureNature
The Details
This replaces GL34 and the main difference is apparent in the title. The previous licence covered activities for conserving all wild birds; now you may only use it to conserve endangered wild birds. These are defined as birds of conservation concern
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Breaking Bad Habits
Foxes are clever creatures, and if you do the same things week in week out it won’t take long for them to recognise this. For example, if there’s a field that often has Reynards in it and you always stop your vehicle in the same place to look it over
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Sporting Gun
Editor Matt Clark Deputy editor Philip Reynolds Group art director Dean Usher Design editor Nicola Jones Picture editor Max Tremlett Group chief sub-editor Di Cross Sub-editors Sarah Potts, Nicola Jane Swinney, Amanda Stroud Ad director Toni C
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Narrow Down Choke Options
What’s your favourite factory choke for most wildfowling situations? Tom says: Before moving on to aftermarket chokes, I always used half choke for wildfowling. The main thing to do is find a cartridge and choke combination that works well for you.
Sporting Gun3 min de lectureCrime & Violence
New General Licences For England
The new general licences for England came into effect from 1 January and are valid for this calendar year. They were announced by Defra in November after the withdrawal and subsequent reinstatement following a challenge by Wild Justice. It would be n
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