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A very warm welcome to the final Stuff of 2020 and the final word on tech this year – because yes, this is our eagerly anticipated Stuff Awards issue. To give you an idea of the sheer number of new gadgets, games and gear that have come our way in th
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Stuff Awards 2020
Smartphone of the year: cause of more arguments at Stuff HQ than “No, of course this isn’t Tottenham’s season”. While the Galaxy S20 has been perched in the No1 position of our Top Ten since launch, the late arrival of Apple’s most powerful ever iPho
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PS5: A Demon Among Consoles
Demon’s Souls is a true graphical showcase for the PlayStation 5. It’s uncanny seeing characters’ faces so clearly, complete with lip movements – and the same can be said about your own character, as there’s a richer array of presets and customisatio
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1 HOT BUY NEW from £579 / The 4th-generation iPad Air ushers in big changes. It looks the spit of an 11in iPad Pro (at least from the front), and supports Apple’s snazzy Magic Keyboard and second-gen Pencil… and the A14 chip makes it
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Bike GPS units
What’s the story? Simplicity is the selling point here. Open the app on your phone, tap in your destination, give it a quick once-over and mount the unit to your bars (or stem) with its silicone strap, and you’re good to go. Now all you have to do is
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Assassin’s Creed Valhalla
Eivor is a Viking, and has no desire to conceal her ‘Hidden Blade’ from anyone. True warriors have no time for that kind of cowardice… which makes this game an odd fit for the Assassin’s Creed brand. Never mind all that stealthy scouting – Eivor and
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1 HOT BUY NEW £450 / The PS5 is not a modest upgrade. Its hulking design means it’ll make a bad first impression on some, but spend time playing it and it’ll soon win you over – and then some. This is essentially a high-spec gaming PC fo
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Hot Stuff
Apple AirPods Max When Apple unveiled the original AirPods, everybody laughed. Nobody’s going to be seen dead with those toothbrush heads stuck in their ears, we scoffed. But who’s laughing now? Everywhere you look these days there’s a pair of those
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Oops Upsize Your Hand
from £1099 / For the most part, the iPhone 12 Pro Max matches the basic Pro model for features. An A14 chip deftly deals with any app you throw at it, and provides extra headroom for computing-heavy tasks. The 6GB of RAM helps when
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Tour Of Booty (not That Kind)
If you spent time with either of the most recent Assassin’s Creed offerings, Origins and Odyssey, this one won’t feel completely unfamiliar. Some argue Ubisoft’s routinely recycled open-world template is feeling a little stale, but it works best in t
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Take your time exploring – you’ll find key resources, notes, even some fun Easter eggs. Not keen on all the violence? A lot of confrontations can be avoided. Just look out for sniffer dogs! 1 HOT BUY £35 / PS4 Just as The Last of Us showed the previo
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One Zepp Beyond Zepp Z
€350 / Zepp is a partner brand of Amazfit and a sub-brand of Huami, which is itself part-owned by Xiaomi. Not confusing at all. So what’s its Z got to offer? •Skip to the blood bit Six months ago nobody cared how much oxygen was in their
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Rewrite my Fire
£40 / ■ Amazon has updated 2019’s Fire TV Stick to include HDR and Dolby Atmos support. Confusingly, the new third-gen Stick sports exactly the same name as its predecessor and sits below the 4K version launched in 2018, but above
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Sackboy: A Big Adventure
Sackboy’s peaceful world has been invaded by the wicked Vex, a sort of evil jester who kidnaps and enslaves the simple sackfolk, forcing them to help build a device that will transform Craftworld from a place of happy dreams and imagination into a ba
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E-bikes Etc
1 HOT BUY £1798 / VanMoof’s second-gen S3 (or X3 if you’re under 5ft 8in) looks like a normal bike, rides like a normal bike and, crucially, doesn’t cost a ridiculous amount of cash. The chunky 50mm tyres, slightly swooped bars and
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If it’s a creepy new year you’re after, look no further: M Night Shyamalan’s claustrophobic psychological thriller series is returning for a second season. A couple hire a nanny to care for their infant son… but not only is the nanny not all she seem
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Plumbing Around Again
Despite the tiny screen bordering on squint-o-vision, it’s sharp. The D-pad is responsive and the buttons, while a bit odd, are OK. Things can get crampy after a while, but you can pause a game and pick it up later. We’re less impressed with the sele
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Get Fit For Life
6 ISSUES FOR £12 •Receive a subscriber only weekly E-newsletter •Never miss an issue of The UK’s leading fitness magazine for men •Pay just £12 for your first 6 issues •Continue to save 24% after your trial •Every issue delivered to your door at no e
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Electric Cars
1 HOT BUY from £83,580 / It was about time someone took the fight to Tesla, and boy has Porsche delivered with the Taycan. This electric four-door saloon is the EV that petrolheads have been waiting for. In full-fat Turbo S flavour, t
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Nike Air Jordan Xi Adapt
$500 / Nice sneaks. Hold on, no laces? No requirement here, because while Nike has used its Adapt auto-lacing technology on a number of trainers now, this is the first time it’s found its way onto a pair of Air Jordans. With this updated ver
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Beta Yourself Selling On Ebay
Do what you can to avoid scammers. Give your account a complex password and activate 2FA in eBay’s settings. On desktop, head to ‘Account settings’ > ‘Site preferences’ to block buyers with non-payment strikes and manage a block list. Cancel bids fro
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Smart Home
The Echo’s built-in Zigbee hub can hook up hundreds of smart home devices without a bridge. Pair a compatible thermostat and the Echo’s temperature sensor can activate the heating. Alexa Flash Briefings deliver bursts of news or trivia; choose from 5
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?wtf Is Amazon Sidewalk?
Er, don’t they mean pavement? Normally we’d agree… but as Amazon’s misdemeanours go, using an Americanism is fairly minor – especially considering it’s a US company and the feature in question is currently only available to American users. Sidewalk i
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Or Use One Of These…
Yes, the all-conquering Facebook is a good bet for selling locally — and for ‘freebay’ sites when you just want to offload something. Make sales cash-only, though, as Facebook lacks the clear feedback system of eBay. An added bonus: there are no sell
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Slide your thumb in from the edge and back for one-handed mode, which adjusts the screen layout. Screen recording is great for capturing Instagram live sessions. You’ll find it in system settings. Single-take mode uses all the lenses to snap various
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VR Headsets
1 HOT BUY from £299 / The original Quest felt almost too good to be true. Its successor lacks the same wow factor, but you can’t argue with a better display and processor – not to mention a lighter, more comfortable build – for less m
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A map and two teams, one attacking while the other defends – that’s the staple of online tactical team FPS games like Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Rainbow Six Siege. Any other developer looking to get into this genre won’t try to deviate much
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