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Taylor Made
“There’s no shortage of rattlesnakes in Bosque County,” says Taylor Sheridan, co-creator of Yellowstone, the highest-rated cable TV show of 2020. “I don’t know how I never got bit. Now I’ve gotta find wood to knock on because we’ve got a scene with s
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Texas-cajun Touchpoints
The Cajun Express radio show broadcasts 6-10 a.m. Sundays on Beaumont radio station 105.3 FM and online at thecajunexpress.com. On the second Sunday of the month, the Melancons broadcast live from the Neches River Wheelhouse in Port Neches. Neches Ri
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See Shells
Searching for seashells is just as much an act of meditation as a treasure hunt. Deborah James experienced both growing up in Rockport in the 1950s. Along its shoreline, she combed the sand for riches and frequented the Sea Shell Shoppe, where she ac
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The Toppling Of The Tipple
On a sunny Saturday, I sat on the patio of a Fort Worth bar enjoying a drink, an act that was radical for me. I gave up booze 10 years ago, and HopFusion was the kind of place I mostly saw from the outside: picnic tables, good music, 20 beers on tap.
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Greet the Seasons
In Texas, most folks rarely get to skate outdoors on ice. Their best chances arrive around the holidays, when rinks start popping up in towns and cities across the state. Eisbahn Skating Rink in Fredericksburg is open until Jan. 3 (excluding Christma
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Global Mix
Six years ago, when Mumbai native Rashmi Bhat was attending the University of Houston’s College of Business, the entrepreneurial-minded student first visualized what has recently become a reality—7 Monks Café, the first Indian restaurant in New Braun
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In the Fort Davis area, stop at Davis Mountains State Park after a rain to see scarlet bouvardia, littleleaf lead-tree, trompillo, sumac, Apache plume, tree cholla, Torrey yucca, catclaw acacia, and agarita. tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/davis-mountains
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How Sweet It Is
When working in his family’s citrus groves, David Strohmeyer Jr. likes to take an occasional refreshment break. He squeezes a just-picked Persian lime into his water and chugs the bottle on the spot. “It will get you through the day,” he says. If you
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The Caverns of Sonora lie in remote West Texas and contain the jumbled rocks and pitted walls of the Devil’s Pit; Halo Lake, with water so clear it looks as if it isn’t even there; and the helictite-covered walls of Crystal Palace. The cave’s tempera
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Rio Red Grapefruit-Honey Marmalade
4 medium Rio Red or Ruby Red grapefruits5 cups granulated white sugar¾ cup honey2 teaspoons kosher saltJuice of two lemons Wash the fruit and remove the rind with a sharp vegetable peeler. Cut the peel into long, narrow strips. Slice the top and bott
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Far West Texas has large colonies of rosy-purple bull grass, which can be found along the mountain slope grasslands at Davis Mountain State Park as well as Big Bend and Guadalupe Mountains national parks. tpwd.texas.gov/state-parks/davismountains; np
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Feisty and Free
In 1849, pioneering French botanist Auguste Trécul followed the Guadalupe River inland from the Gulf Coast to New Braunfels, noting flora and fauna along the way. Trécul was primarily interested in edible plants of the American West, but Texans remem
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Trips to Change Your Mind
One of travel’s many gifts is its ability to change our perspective. When we set out to experience something new, whether close to home or in a far-flung locale, the resulting shift can be subtle—a little more empathy, a little more courage, a little
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Each fall, thousands of chili superfans from far and wide descend on this West Texas town for the famed Terlingua International Chili Championship. But the rest of the year, you’ll find a strange, far-out destination mixing artsy freedom with desert
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Something About Sand in Your Tires
“You’re going to hate it,” my friends said the first time my husband, Eric, and I planned a trip to Port Aransas. Not exactly the ringing endorsement we were hoping for. But having moved to Austin from Miami in the winter of 2010, by summer we were i
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Shining Brightly
There’s a term venture capitalists use to describe a private business valued at over a billion dollars: a “unicorn.” And Kendra Scott certainly fits the definition with her eponymous Austin-based jewelry company. Walking into one of the 108 Kendra Sc
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Picture Perfect
Photography frequently tops the list of what our readers enjoy most about Texas Highways. To kick off our 47th year of capturing Texas’ beauty, I asked Photo Editor Brandon Jakobeit to give us a peek behind the lens and answer some of our most common
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Inward Bound
About a year ago, I was sitting at home in Dallas, having an existential spinout. I’m a fortysomething, chronically single woman who lives alone. I’m lucky for the freedom of my life, but I’m occasionally plagued by the solitude. Existential spinouts
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Neither Blue Norther Nor Blowing Sand
Blessed with good water, soil, and ranchland, the South Plains settlement of Plainview grew rapidly after a post office was established there in 1887. By 1910, the bustling town of 3,000 needed mail carriers to cover delivery routes over the vast rur
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Behind the Story
Texas Highways won big this fall at two competitions recognizing excellence in magazine editorial and design. From the Eddie and Ozzie Awards, hosted by the publishing industry magazine FOLIO, Texas Highways won six honors in the city and regional ca
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On The Road With Pawpaw
It sounds like an oxymoron to say that highways and backroads are where I found solace and felt the safest growing up as a Black girl in East Texas. It’s where I learned to meditate, focus, and be mindful of life’s many journeys—a practice I inherite
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Featured Contributors
The LA-based screenwriter recalled his time as an AstroWorld employee in “For Your Amusement” (Page 12). “It’s one thing to revisit a location from my past, but it’s another thing to revisit the experiences and the emotions connected with that locati
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The Wean-About
It was a long way to go: an eight-hour drive by myself to Big Bend, an uneasy night alone in the desert, and, for an additional eight hours, simply stepping one boot in front of the other. After two years of nursing a baby while simultaneously playin
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Texas Highways Magazine
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Ridin' With The King
The world's most famous human showed up for basic training at Fort Hood in March 1958, his squeal-inducing black mane sheared to a flattop. You have to wonder what it was like to be a 23-year-old Elvis Presley, who had been an international sensation
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Readers Respond Merge
The December article on the sites in Corsicana [“Lights, Camera, Corsicana”] omitted an architectural gem—the century-old Temple Beth-El, the only onion-domed synagogue in the Southwest and one of a handful in the U.S. The Moorish Revival house of wo
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Calamites By The Coast
Why settle for a mellow, everything-goes-according-to-plan road trip when you can have one splattered in mud, infested with mosquitoes, and laden with metaphorical potholes? Late last spring, I followed along as a group of five kayakers navigated the
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Out of This World
Photographer Jason Weingart took multiple shots over two nights to create this composite image of the Perseid meteor shower over the Chihuahuan Desert near Big Bend National Park. The area’s dark skies and moonlike landscape make for an “astrophotogr
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Through The Aisles Of H.e.b
For the past four semesters, after long days of classes at the University of Texas at Austin and shifts at our part-time jobs, my roommate, Selam, and I would pack our reusable bags and jump in the car, leaving behind our laptops filled with homework
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Palestine is a town that knows how to celebrate spring. Nature-lovers flock here for the annual Texas Dogwood Trails Celebration, an 83-year tradition that showcases the trees’ delicate white blossoms. Founded in 1846, Palestine grew as an agricultur
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