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“Angry, Selfish, Gifted, Weird!”
To this day, I don’t know why I decided to sneak a glimpse at the phys-ed teacher’s notes in Grade 4. The very notion of a clandestine peek at the teacher’s clipboard was, for a rule-obsessed kid like me, tantamount to breaking into the principal’s o
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Introducing Your New Favourite Fruit
• envy™ apples are a cross between a Braeburn and a Royal Gala and is the sister apple to Montague’s well-known JAZZ™ apple. • They have a dense flesh that is sweet, juicy and low in acidity. • envy™ apples maintain a bright white flesh well after be
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Natalie Barr “The Boys Are My Life”
There are few more heartwarming experiences as a mother than that moment when your child returns the lessons they’ve learned at your side. Natalie Barr, the newly appointed co-host of market-leading Seven Network morning show Sunrise, encountered one
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The Gift Of Life
Carly Lord was 19 years old and had just moved to Victoria when she discovered she was pregnant. The teenager was mourning her mother, who’d recently passed away, and living in a new city a long way from family and friends. There was no one to wrap h
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Finish This Sentence … Annabel Crabb
heads into parliament for Ms Represented on ABC TV, July 13, at 8pm, and iview. I was drawn to politics because … I’m fascinated by how people make decisions; the visible and invisible factors that shape the way populations decide to govern themsel
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Top Tips
• To achieve a crispy skin, remove plastic packaging; dry skin thoroughly with paper towel. • Basting during roasting helps the skin to brown and keeps the chicken moist. • Let chicken rest, covered loosely with foil, before carving. Rest chicken bre
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Review A Journey In Mindfulness
As dawn rises, I join the file of people heading up Meditation Hill, ready for a gentle session of tai chi. Kangaroos – many with joeys tucked into their pouches – look on nonchalantly as another morning begins on what will be a transformative journe
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The Very Hungry Caterpillar author, Eric Carle, has died at 91. Gavin MacLeod, best known as captain of The Love Boat, died aged 90.
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Carnival Of Colour
A tribute to the late Carla Zampatti and a stirring Welcome to Country ceremony marked the start of the riot of colour and creativity that was Australian Fashion Week 2021. Celebrities flocked to the front row, including TV personality Jessica Rowe,
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Open Line
Double trouble (AWW, June) was such a super article. We have been married 50 years and have spent a lot of time in IKEA in Europe, Australia and Saudi Arabia. I gave the magazine to my husband, who laughed out loud at what Amanda Blair was saying. Ad
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Breaking The Family Habit
When she woke in the morning Margie Bauer would often discover she had been doing business deals with the US in the night. “I wouldn’t remember doing it.” The founder of a multinational publishing company, she would give radio interviews in a slurred
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Health News
When you’re anxious or ruminating on negative thoughts, one of the most effective ways to nip it in the bud is surprisingly simple: feel awe. In her new book, Care: The Radical Art of Taking Time, author Brooke McAlary shares ways to find that feelin
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Your Healthy Hair Guide
As women, we often mark life’s pivotal moments with hair changes. Let’s skip over the questionable haircuts of our 20s, and fast-forward to the lush locks that come with pregnancy. My goodness, my hair was glorious. There was just so much of it. And
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Fact Sheet CBD Oil
What it is: The cannabis plant (also called hemp or marijuana) yields extracts with two main chemical components. There’s THC, the psychoactive ingredient responsible for giving people the high feeling, and cannabidiol or CBD, which does not have a p
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Celebrate with Thermomix
MAKES 4 PREP TIME 5 MIN TOTAL TIME 5 MIN (+ OVERNIGHT FREEZING) TM6, TM5, TM31 260g cranberry juice160g gin40g fresh lemon juice50g rose water4 egg whitesPashmak (Persian fairy floss), to serve4 pieces Turkish delight 1 Place a jug onto mixing bow
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Super Max
Following a near-fatal bout of bacterial meningitis when he was only 12 months old, Max McIntyre developed a brain trauma. Today, he is blind, lives with cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair and must be PEG-fed through a tube. But seven-year-old Max lov
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About The Author
British author Sarah Winman was born and raised in the eastern suburbs of London and trained and worked as an actor before she wrote her best-selling, award-winning debut novel When God Was A Rabbit 10 years ago. “I refer to myself as a storyteller r
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Ask The Weekly
What’s the best way to clean a sheepskin baby’s rug? K. Howard, Bathurat, NSW. Wash in cold water in the machine, using a wool/gentle cycle and preferably a sheepskin wool wash (not regular detergent). Dry in the shade, turning and scrunching as i
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Cooking Class The Project Roast Chicken & Gravy
SERVES 4 PREP + COOK TIME 2 HOURS 15 MINUTES 1.8kg whole chicken75g butter, softened1 clove garlic, crushed2 teaspoons chopped fresh sage or tarragon1 teaspoon chopped fresh thyme1 medium lemon (140g), quartered4 sprigs fresh thyme3 cups (750ml) chi
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Children’s Corner
A boy is sad when figs on his tree disappear … flying foxes and lorikeets love the fruit too! But daddy has plucked the last one for them to share. D’Lila’s famous mum is “on the road again”, so she and Grandma are on their own. And you never know
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Pink With Pride
The bold, spiky-haired princess of punk, Pink, received the Icon Award at the 2021 Billboard Music Awards. But the moment that dazzled the world was her aerial performance with daughter Willow Sage Hart, now 10. The audience held its breath as mother
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Arch Rivals
I was unaware of my brows – and their power – until my first photo shoot at age 19. I’d scored an editorial job at Cleo magazine and agreed (for the sake of my first byline) to model runway fashion. To be clear, this was not because I had a swan-like
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Home Hints
If you’re washing woollens this winter, make up a batch of rinse-free wool wash: combine 2 cups soap flakes (such as Lux), ½ cup methylated spirits and 25ml eucalyptus oil in a jar; shake until combined. Use 2 tablespoons per litre of warm water. S
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Recipe by Lynette MacDonald
“Lynette is a Cordon Bleu chef and came on board as a Thermomix Consultant with TM31. So many of our beautiful chef relationships started with Lynette – she was friends with them all. She’s inspired people around the world and has even cooked in the
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If you’ve yet to discover Sujata Massey’s deliciously fun murder mysteries this is a great one to start with. Our sleuthing protagonist, Bombay’s feisty first female lawyer Perveen Mistry, is contacted by Freny, head of Woodburn College’s student uni
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Love Letters
In the middle of a restless night, Mea Campbell had a light-bulb moment. Thinking of her late, much-loved grandfather, she realised how much the COVID-19 pandemic would have increased his sense of isolation. “There must be so many frail, elderly or d
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When Self-help Turns Deadly
Australian woman Rebekah Lawrence leapt to her death from an office window in Sydney after participating in an intense self-help course, which a coroner said was run by people “ill equipped” to know she needed intervention. Rebekah died two days afte
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The Bookshelf Don’t Miss These New Titles ...
Jillaroo-turned-novelist McDonald brings all her passion for the land to this rural suspense. Romy believes in data but in the heady orbit of the heart it’s not that logical. Or is it? A fun rom-com. Lyrical novel about cotton plantation slave
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Switch Up The Flavours
This marinara recipe is versatile - you can change this basic sauce to suit your taste. You could use the same amount of shelled, uncooked prawns or shredded, barbecued chicken. For a vegetarian option, add some chargrilled eggplant or marinated anti
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Great Read
If ever there was a literary hotel you long to check in to, the Florentine pensione at the pulsating heart of Sarah Winman’s new epic novel is that place. The award-winning author confesses that this story found her back in 2015, when she was on a tr
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