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ONE ON ONE With Luke Brown
CS: What ropes are in your bag right now? LB: Classic’s Spyder and NXT5, all in extra soft. CS: What horse are you riding most of the time? LB: Bob—that’s the new yellow I bought from Kaleb Driggers. I was struggling to figure out his scoring,
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Knowing You Belong
I moved to Texas from South Carolina in 2007. My swing was too tight, my delivery was terrible, and my riding was terrible. I never thought I belonged with the best guys in the world. I’d pull up at the rodeo and there’s Tee Woolman and Speed William
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Riding Your Horse Out of the Box
1 No matter where I plan to throw my rope, I need to ride my horse to the end of the box and let him catch up to the steer without reading my throw. That means I need to stay aggressive out of the box while still staying out of my horse’s way—a balan
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Cowboy Comes Back Strong for Brown
Luke Brown had his horse plan in ship-shape order when he set sail for the 2019 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. He would take two horses: Rebel—the 16-year-old palomino horse he bought from Cory Kidd V in September—and Cowboy, who is Luke’s 14-year-o
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Hooey Junior Bfi Open
Jordan Lovins of Canadian, Texas, had never been to the Bob Feist Invitational. But when he heard that Wrangler BFI Week, presented by Yeti, moved to his neighboring Oklahoma from Reno, Nevada, he “was all over it.” Lovins, 17, hauled his steers to h
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Bit Junkie
“It works really good on horses that want to stick their nose out when they stop because of how that port is shaped against the top of their mouth. The horse that I rode had horrible front teeth and doesn’t accept a pull very well. I’ve always used a
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#12.5 High Desert Showdown
Coming from the fourth callback position in Guthrie, Oklahoma, on June 22, team roping couple Hannah and Mike White of Dekalb, Texas, notched the biggest tandem win of their 21-year marriage. The duo roped four steers in 34.09 seconds to split the $1
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Game Plan
About a month before this year’s Bob Feist Invitational, I went to a jackpot at Robertson Hill in Texas. I left there frustrated with myself and my horses, and I wasn’t sure what all was going wrong. The next day, I went to Kaleb Driggers’ house to t
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#11.5 Wrangler Patriot
He finally did it. Barry Berg, who has overseen for nearly 30 years the production of millions of Cactus Ropes, has had callbacks three different times to win the coveted six-figure prize in Reno’s original Invitational #11 roping. On June 22, he and
The Team Roping Journal4 min de lectureWellness
Colic 101 For Cowboys Hauling Horses Cross Country
Colic is fairly common in horses, especially when they’re being hauled. Some horses never colic, but others are prone to it. So it’s something you need to be aware of and be able to treat. If you’re a horse person and you travel, it’s handy to be abl
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#10.5 Over 40
Good friends Mark Collins and Max Vincent were moved to tears and long hugs after their $61,500 win in the first-ever Cactus #10.5 Over 40 roping during Wrangler BFI Week, presented by Yeti, held at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, Oklahoma. “To be able
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Cody Snow’s Wild West Show Comes Of Age
I’ve had a front-row seat to Cody Snow’s Wild West Show since the start. What a privilege to get to experience the ride first-hand. People sometimes ask if I saw Cody’s greatness—including winning the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo team roping averag
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#9.5 Over 40
Because Wrangler BFI Week, presented by Yeti, had to be abruptly moved from Nevada to Oklahoma in order to happen in 2020, organizers decided to let the books stay open. Anyone could walk up and enter the eight amateur ropings held as part of BFI Wee
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The Golden Years
Arthritis is a common byproduct of age and performance demands. Defined as inflammation of the joint, arthritis is a condition that horse owners can take proactive measures to help delay. Arthritis can advance into osteoarthritis, which is a chronic,
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Charles Edward Luark
Charlie Luark, of Kersey, Colorado, left his earthly home just before sunset, May 30, 2020, surrounded by his loving family. Charlie was born on July 17, 1969, in Greeley, Colorado. He was a lifelong resident of Weld County. As a young man, Charlie g
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The Return To The E
The COVID-19 crisis shut down most of the United States the same week Guthrie, Oklahoma’s Lazy E Arena hosted its 36th annual Cinch Timed Event Championship, paying all-around hand Taylor Santos $100,000 and change—the last big check paid out before
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(At Home With)
Q: Where is La Cygne, Kansas? A: It’s about 70 miles straight south of Kansas City, Kansas, and 200 miles northeast of Tulsa, Oklahoma. We’re way on the eastern side of Kansas. Q: Where did you win all those world championships? A: Most of them
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Final Thoughts
“I like to have them broke for 90 to 120 days first before I ride them because I don’t like getting bucked off anymore. But I do like the cow horse style. I like them really broke, but I like them with their shoulders up. I want their head up and the
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Dear Roper
Dear Roper, There’s something about having a fresh batch of 8,000 photos from a Team Roping Journal photo shoot to revive my creative juices. This June, during this issue’s production, New Mexico-based photographer Jamie Arviso joined us at Trevor B
The Team Roping Journal3 min de lectureTech
Making The Most Of Modern Technology
One of the ways roping is different from other sports is that we don’t have coaches. But with all the technology available today, there are countless resources available to ropers at all levels of the game if they’ll take the time to seek them out an
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The Team Roping Journal
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Finding The Right Rope For You
Iwasn’t yet competing when I was seven or eight years old, but my stepdad Gene O’Brien was and I always tagged along. Our whole family would go to the roping an hour up the road in Southern California, where I worked and played with the other kids. O
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The Boss
Dustin Noblitt is the CEO of Pro Equine Group, which includes Cactus Ropes, Cactus Saddlery, Cactus Gear, Fast Back Ropes, Resistol and Heel-O-Matic. An avid roper, Noblitt teamed up with Cactus Ropes’ General Manager Barry Berg to win the #11.5 Wran
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The Way It Was
In June, the National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum shared on social media a 1998 saddle won by Tex Williams—the first Black cowboy to compete at the Texas State High School Finals in 1967. Upon further inspection, the saddle reads, “Champion Te
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Heartland #12.5
Rob Swaim and Clint Harkness bested the field at the Ariat World Series of Team Roping’s #12.5 Heartland in Hamilton, Texas, roping four Shelley Production steers in 32.92 seconds, worth $39,500 and Cactus Trophy Saddles, Cactus Saddlery Trophy Pads
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Co’s Community Communicator
Times seem to be getting harder for farmers and ranchers trying to eke out a living and, a few short years ago, southeastern Colorado saw a spike in agrelated suicides as a result. An initiative to address rural stress was born out of the tragedy, an
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Four States For The Win
McKenzie Ray and Dalton Mabry won $9,520 with a time of 22.23 seconds on three head in the #8.5 at the Sulphur Springs, Texas, USTRC Four States Classic on May 31 which paid out $209,430. ■
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6 FLAT With Cesar De La Cruz
Cesar de la Cruz has learned a lot in his horsemanship journey. How to use his left hand has made the greatest impact. I try to ride each horse for his style, and I’ve learned you can ride a horse better for his style if you’re good with your left h
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USTRC’s Select Team Roping Horse Sale Offers 75 Top Horses
Premier Equine Auctions will sell 75 top rope horses Sept. 11 at this year’s USTRC National Finals, presented by Cinch, in Fort Worth, adding another element of excitement as the roping moves to Texas for the first time in the event’s history. The in
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Good Scoring Keeps It Simple
I want to score well and I want my horse to score well to make every part of the run 10 times better. So, if your horse scores well, the next steps will be easier, like riding across the line, finding where the steer is heading and beating him there
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