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Coming In From The Cold
Each year, when temperatures dip and the days start getting shorter, a primal urge to start stocking up for winter hits like clockwork. My pantry fills with dried beans, cellar vegetables, herbal tea, and hearty grains. Closing the freezer door soon
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Home [office] improvement
Tiny apartment? You still deserve a proper workspace. This affordable, mobile option is both sleek and space-efficient, allowing you to stow it away out of sight when your workday ends. $124, Free up limited desk space for your monitor wi
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Got A Shiny New Idea?
It’s a new year already. Can you believe it? Let’s jump right into it: No matter how many think pieces you’ve read on how New Year’s resolutions don’t work and how it’s pointless to set big ones, you probably have some goals in mind for 2021. Maybe y
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This Month On
This contest will be over before you know it! Submit your best work of fiction in 2,000 words or less before Dec. 8 for your chance to win $1,000 and publication in our magazine. Enter now at Download our free Winter Guide to
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New Year, New Goals
Well, January is going to be the month you start. Sound good? Here’s how to apply some structure to the situation. Ask yourself: What’s stopping me from writing this? Fear? Is it not knowing where to start? Not knowing how to start? If it’s fear: Loo
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Balancing Act
The only indication that things have gone awry is the sound of her voice. I hear her chatting, her words all a rush. There’s no way she’s that excited about a math lesson. Still, I hesitate to check on her. I’m working on a piece that’s due in just a
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“We Have To Band Together”
A full-time freelance writer for four years, Maressa Brown wants to “lift others up to pursue this type of work” and live the life she used to dream about while tethered to a desk in an office, chasing what she mistakenly thought was the model New Yo
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Winter reset
First things first: Picture me in London on a wet Sunday afternoon, wrapped in a wooly shawl, hot cocoa mug in hand, staring at the autumn rain and another six months of seasonal home confinement. Or is the forced time at home actually a gift? This y
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I never thought I’d want or need a personal shopper or stylist. I write books about fashion! I’m perfectly capable of dressing myself. And, unlike a lot of people who seek out these services, I genuinely love shopping, both online and IRL. The idea o
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Skipping Stones Multicultural Magazine
In 2020, Asian-American teen Miriam Awan attended the Glendale March for Black Lives in Southern California and then published “Hope in the Time of Covid-19: a Student Perspective” in the September-December issue of Skipping Stones Multicultural Maga
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Writing With A Heart And Soul
One of the best pieces of fan mail Alexandra Diaz ever received came in the form of a thank you note from a young reader to his grandmother, which the woman then forwarded to her. “The child had written something along the lines of, ‘I really enjoyed
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Sad but true: Money often stands in the way of a writer finishing the next bestseller. And it shouldn’t. There are many opportunities, including awards and grants, to get extra cash in order to quit your third job and devote more time to writing. Ano
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Long before COVID-19 forced writing conference directors to move their gatherings online, there was WriteOnCon – a three-day remote conference for writers and illustrators of children’s and young adult books. The 11-year-old event takes place in 2021
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Gigi Will Know
I had an agent contact me for representation in April 2019. Per her request, I emailed her my manuscript and proposal. She really liked my story, a memoir, and was complimentary of my writing. In our first phone call, I asked her if she had read my e
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The Writer
Senior Editor Nicki Porter Contributing Editor Melissa Hart Copy Editor Toni Fitzgerald James Applewhite, Andre Becker, Eve Bunting, Roy Peter Clark, Lewis Burke Frumkes, Gail Godwin, Eileen Goudge, Rachel Hadas, John Jakes, John Koethe, Lois Lowry,
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Ear To The Ground
Authors frequently encourage writers to put pen to paper every single day. While I certainly understand the sentiment – no book was ever magicked into existence without an abundance of butt-in-chair time on the author’s part – sometimes I worry that
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The Writer
Senior Editor Nicki Porter Contributing Editor Melissa Hart Copy Editor Toni Fitzgerald James Applewhite, Andre Becker, Eve Bunting, Roy Peter Clark, Lewis Burke Frumkes, Gail Godwin, Eileen Goudge, Rachel Hadas, John Jakes, John Koethe, Lois Lowry,
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Stick A Fork In It
My family has had, until very recently, this very odd vision of what it means to be a writer. It involves bonbons, pajamas all day, siestas. Probably a fainting couch. Now, listen. I would love a fainting couch, but that is not in the cards. Writing
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This Month On
Have you got a short story idea that’s begging to be told? Do you also need a little motivation to sit down and write it? Enter it into our fall short story contest! 2,000 words could net you $1,000 and publication in our magazine. Learn more at writ
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Trim The Tree
This set of three red, white, and green glittery punctuation marks includes a question mark, an exclamation point, and an ampersand. $10 for 3, At this Etsy shop, merrymakers can choose ornaments made from either tradi
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2020 Holiday Gift Guide
Gift-giving is difficult enough without adding a global pandemic to the holiday mix. Experiences, long touted as one of the most meaningful gifts a loved one can receive, are mostly off the table in an age of social distancing. So, what do we give th
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Find Your Niche
AS a freelance writer, you have more options for magazines to pitch your ideas to than you may realize. When you peruse the racks at Barnes & Noble or other newsstands, you only see a fraction of the publications circulating the country. Most people
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Book It!
This month, my first book, From Hang Time to Prime Time, comes out. I had dreamt of writing a book in the way some folks dream of traveling to the moon or winning Powerball. It would be nice to be in that position, sure, but getting there seemed inco
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How Something You Hate Can Reveal A Voice You Love
In every Creative Writing 101 class I teach at Gotham Writers, there’s a very clear pivot point. It’s a six-week class, and in week three, that pivot occurs. While the discussion centers around what makes these burgeoning writers in the class unique,
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I lie curled up in a towel, drowsy on mama’s lap. My green psychedelic-print bikini is wet and cold, but mama is warm. She runs her fingers through my damp hair, teasing out snarls with one hand. The other hand holds a fan of cards. Bella, two years
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2021 Education Guide
Find the perfect MFA, MA, or PhD program with our annual listing. Degree type: Low-residency MFA in writing. Concentrations: Fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Contact: Bennington College, One College Dr., Bennington, VT 05201. 802- 440-4452. writing@b
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“The problem with books is that they end,” Caroline Kepnes, author of You, has said. This is certainly true for the reader, so enthralled by a book that they don’t want the story to stop. For the writer, then, pulling off a successful ending is cruci
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Todos Santos Writers Workshop
When Jeanne McCulloch and Rex Weiner co-founded the Todos Santos Writers Workshop on the Pacific coast of Mexico’s Baja Peninsula seven years ago, they knew they wanted to create a community of writers in a location rich in history and culture. Each
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Reads and Eats
Novelist and essayist (and The Writer columnist) Yi Shun Lai wanted to start a literary magazine for years – specifically, a magazine focused on writing by marginalized writers about food. “A few years ago, people started pointing out the fact that m
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Gigi Will Know
Dear Petrified, Heck, you didn’t think you were all alone in this, did you? Because there are a whole bunch of people who stay away from things we don’t understand. (One could say this a key reason people are afraid of diversity, but that’s for anoth
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