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Let’s Talk Timber Homes
Timber framing is graceful, strong and so well established that once upon a time it used to simply be called “building.” It forms the basis of a structure that can last for generations. In fact, in Europe and Asia there are timber-framed buildings th
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The Healthy Timber Home
While saving energy (and money) is top of mind for many timber homeowners, it’s also become increasingly important for us to live in a toxin-free environment. According to the Healthy House Institute (healthyhouseinstitute.com) we spend about 90 perc
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Your Timber Home Starts Here
Timber homes continue to win converts with their craftsmanship, variety and superior energy efficiency. But despite their positive features, timber homes remain a small segment of the custom-home market. As a result, how to buy and build one of these
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Wood Flooring
DURABILITY. A solid wood floor can last for a century or more, thanks to a durable finish that can be easily repaired, sanded and refinished whenever it starts to wear thin. WARMTH. Wood also offers a solid, warm feel underfoot. Mother Nature designe
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Location Location Location
1. You need to understand your site’s topography to plan your home right. A site map will explain the traits, benefits and challenges of your proposed building site. If the land is undeveloped, you may also need a topographical survey. Your township
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Other Flooring Options
CARPET. Soft and sound absorbent, it’s a great insulator and a solid choice for bedrooms PROS: Disguises subflooring irregularities, which may cause hollow sounds and varied floor heights with harder materials; inexpensive CONS: Only available in lim
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9 Topics To Discuss With Timber Companies
1. Do you provide free preliminary estimates? Precise cost figures may require blueprints, which carry a fee. This design fee is often applied against the cost of the package when you commit to a timber provider. 2. When will I receive a price quote?
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Roofs protect interior spaces that have been inspired by years of preparation, and their pitches give a house its dimension. And yet we often don’t consider roofing material until our design team or builder brings it up. In actuality, your roof shoul
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Wood Species
Wood species vary in their color and characteristics (for example, knots versus clear-grain) and play a huge part in the way your timber home looks and lives. Ask each timber provider you’re considering for more information about the types of wood th
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With an average lifespan of 20 years, windows stick around your house much longer than most home fixtures. They’re a vital part of the construction of any home and essential to its energy efficiency. Time and research is needed to perfectly match the
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Save Energy & Money … Choose SIPs
SIPs (structural insulated panels) are the most popular way to enclose a timber home. Although individual products from manufacturers vary, today’s SIPs all have a solid core of insulation sandwiched between two layers of oriented strand board (OSB).
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GRANITE and other natural stones have been the counter material of choice for a decade, but it’s no longer the final word in durability. QUARTZ has usurped granite’s throne, thanks to exquisite color options and extreme resistance to scratches, stain
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Flawless Timber Home Design
Though exciting, the design stage of the timber home process also can be daunting. There are hundreds of decisions to be made. Everything from size and timber frame style to what kind of knobs you want on your cabinetry will require your attention. I
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When choosing a stain for your timber frame, nothing says you have to select a shade of brown. As you’re shopping, you’ll find a plethora of pigments from which to choose, and as long as you love it, there is no wrong answer when it comes to color. H
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Pick A Pro
DESIGNER OR ARCHITECT. All architects are designers but not all designers are architects. The difference is in the level of education, accreditation and fees (architects usually charge more). To become an architect, an individual must pass his or her
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The Look For Less
We’d all love to decorate our homes in a fashion worthy of a glossy magazine spread. The problem? Not everybody has the budget to do so … or so we think. The truth is, you don’t have to pack your great room to the gills with high-end furniture and co
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Pride Of Place
Everyone envisions his or her timber home on that perfect piece of property with that magnificent view. But beauty is only skin deep, and, when buying land, you’ll not only need to know what’s beneath the surface, but what it will take to access it.
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Crowd Pleaser
Sue and Gary Potts didn’t have to look far to find the perfect spot for their waterfront getaway. They already owned a home on Ohio’s Apple Valley Lake when the empty lot next door went up for sale. “We originally bought it so that no one else would
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Style School
Every house has a style. In fact, sometimes it has more than one, thanks to renovations, addons and the current mixed-materials movement. This kind of versatility is one of the main draws to timber homes. The natural beauty of heavy wood timbers can
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Coming Full Circle
Thinking outside the box comes naturally for Shannon Young. This is especially apparent in the Connecticut home that he shares with his wife, Danielle, and their three boys. The timber home is a testament to the jaw-dropping things that can happen wh
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Go With The Flow
Flow is absolutely crucial in creating a floor plan that works with your life. In fact, arranging rooms in a way that makes sense is the point of floor plans. To get the flow right, take into account everything from the view you want to capture to th
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Bringing Back Christmas
Some happy endings are bittersweet. That’s certainly so for Michelle Etheridge, an Honest Abe homeowner who along with her late husband Randy Hedges, spent decades planning their forever log home, only to lose him suddenly in January 2014, just as th
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Tips To Make A Small Floor Plan Work
Whether it’s to reduce upkeep, live a simpler life to get the best value for their money, many timber home buyers are moving toward smaller, more efficient designs. But that doesn’t mean you have to shrink your dream home to the size of a studio apar
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Use this directory to locate and contact timber companies that interest you. In addition to contact information, you’ll find a company overview, media available (brochures, DVDs, etc.), as well as the market area(s) served. (See map below.) This dire
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8 Stages To An Easy Build
Construction is the most critical phase of the timber home buying process, but it doesn’t have to be difficult or stressful. Knowing how the events unfold will allow you preview the work ahead and know who’s responsible for making sure everything goe
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The Builders’ Side
Most timber framers will cut the frame, deliver it to your site and raise it. At this point, some will continue to finish the home’s construction, while others will turn the job over to a contractor. Is there any advantage to doing it one way or the
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Everyone will feel included, as the open concept of the kitchen, great room, covered porch and dining room are second-to-none. This gourment kitchen is designed for large family gatherings, as it features four food prep areas and enough cabinetry and
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Behind The Scenes
In the world of home building, wiring and ductwork is decidedly unsexy. But it’s the proper connections made behind your walls that enable your home to run smoothly and effectively. Here’s how it works. Get a licensed electrician involved early in yo
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Set The Stage For Success
I have a weakness for classic films. “Citizen Kane” … “To Kill a Mockingbird” … “Rear Window” — they just don’t make ’em like that anymore. It’s not typical that, while enjoying my guilty little pleasure, I’m reminded of my job, but recently that cha
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3 Energy Saving Secrets
1. LOCATION. Most people don’t realize the difference in the way homes should be built based on where they’re located. Climate-specific home design (ex.: window shading from a hot southern sun or a steep roof for snow runoff) provides a solid base fo
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