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Knife Out
Director David Gordon Green knows a thing or two about crafting a successful Halloween sequel. After all, 2018’s Halloween – the 40-years-later follow-up to John Carpenter’s ’78 slasher classic – was embraced by fans, and broke box-office records. Bu
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When did you first become aware of the Bill & Ted films? The day I got the email for the audition! I grew up in Australia. I wasn’t in the world yet [in 1989]! But [when I watched the films] I absolutely fell in love with these characters. And then o
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Wrong Shot
FILM OUT NOW Netflix After 6 Underground and Extraction, Netflix could really use a knockout actioner. Sadly, The Old Guard isn’t it. Even an axe-wielding Charlize Theron struggles to wallop much life – endless or otherwise – into Gina Prince-Bythewo
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Alternative Box Office
01 JUMANJI: THE NEXT LEVEL 2019 ………………..$796.6M 02 XXX 2002 ………………………………………………………………$277.4M 03 SHANGHAI NOON 2000 …………………………………..$99.3M 04 NO GOOD DEED 2014 ………………………………………..$54.3M 05 ANNA 2019 ………………………………………………………………..$31.3M 06 DAD 1989 ……………………………
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60 Second Screenplay
FADE IN: INТ: MI6 INTERROGATION UNIT Hagrid-sized dwarf JOSH GAD is questioned over an alleged crime against cinema. JOSH GAD You want to know what the story is? Listen closely, as I attempt to salvage some kind of coherence via a framing device that
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Sound Bytes
Jurassic Park’s chart-topping US box office haul from 19-21 June 2020, pipping Jaws by just $1k. Predicted loss in box office and advertising revenues for UK cinemas during 2020 due to Covid-19. Filming will resume on Mission Impossible 7 & 8 in the
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Was Bill & Ted something you were aware before this role? It was brand new. I got this script, and it was called The Ugly Butlers - I just thought that it was a very silly film. Then I was eventually sent the real title, and did some Googling, and I
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Lean Treats
FILM EXTRAS 1963-1978 OUT NOW BD EXTRAS Featurettes, Booklet There’s an undeniable frisson that comes with exploring a celebrated filmmaker’s early work. Especially when it’s presented by connoisseur’s label Criterion, here collecting five meticulous
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On Location
WHAT? Simon Pegg’s wedding bolter and unlikely marathon runner decides to get fit and uses his local park as a gym while wearing tiny shorts in this Brit-com. WHERE? Well Street Common, Hackney, London E9 GO? Lockdown exercising rules turned this com
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Milla’s Crossing
I normally can pick people quite quickly. And Milla was driving me crazy,” laughs Australian theatre-director-turned-moviemaker Shannon Murphy. The blue-haired, cancer-suffering teen at the heart of Murphy’s dynamic debut was always going to take a s
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Royal Reunion
What do you remember about first meeting up to film Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure? Kimberley Kates (Princess Joanna): We met for the first time in Arizona… Diane Franklin (Princess Elizabeth): We met where we shot the prom. Bill and Ted did take u
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Hail And Hearty
FILM EXTRAS 1980 OUT 10 AUGUST DVD, BD, 4K UHD, DIGITAL HD EXTRAS Commentaries, Documentary, Featurettes, TV episodes, Galleries, Booklets, Collectibles Only 14 hours before Earth ends?! Should give us enough time to make headway with this 40th-anniv
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10 Of The Best Movie Music Videos
Spectacularly spoilery clips from The Bodyguard mixed with Whitney conjuring said scenes in some sort of abandoned theatre/holodeck. More dramatic than being shot at by a member of Spandau Ballet when you’ve just won an Oscar. More Costner, fewer spo
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Was it great to come back to Australia to work? Going back and working in Australia was a reminder of the amount we do with the little we’ve got. And the change in attitudes between the different places. But the result is fantastic. I was pretty stru
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There Will Be Buds
FILM THELMA & LOUISE (1991) MEET-CUTE Who knows? But these gals are, literally, each other’s ride-or-dies. SHARED INTERESTS Road trips, hold ups, uncompromising goodbyes. WHAT LARKS Two Arkansas women become fugitives after a sexual assault turns fat
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Original Vin
FILM EXTRAS 2000 OUT 17 AUG BD, 4K UHD EXTRAS Commentary, Making of, Featurettes, Shorts, Motion comic, Galleries, Booklet Vin Diesel’s leading-man breakout is a gritty, low-budget survival thriller that quickly gained cult-classic status. Twenty yea
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Flop Culture Cutthroat Island
After his success with Cliffhanger, Renny Harlin aimed to revitalise the spirit of classic high-seas blockbusters with modern event- movie gusto. With Geena Davis and Michael Douglas (stirring nostalgia for Romancing The Stone) upfront, Harlin promis
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Bryan Cranston
What’s the first thing you do when you get on set? I usually hide from the production assistants so that they can’t get me into hair and make-up right away, and I can have my second cup of coffee peacefully [laughs]. They usually find me, though, and
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Joel Schumacher 1939 - 2020
In the late summer of 1997, Joel Schumacher was in Brazil promoting Batman & Robin. The press tour, which he likened to “being in a rock band”, had completed the US, Asia, Australia and Europe, and was now rocketing through South America. “You’re in
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Current Fun
Ever since the curtain rose on The Muppet Show in 1976, not a decade’s gone by without Jim Henson’s fuzzy, feelgood folk appearing on TV in some iteration (alongside multiple big-screen outings). Kermit and his constantly evolving gang of felt thespi
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Background Artistry
WHO Cameron Diaz and Cameron Crowe SPECIAL SKILLS John Anderton (Tom Cruise) boards a subway as he tries to outrun the law and makes eye contact with a fellow passenger. Well he would – that’s his Vanilla Sky helmer, Cameron Crowe, with Cameron Diaz
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Socially Distanced Filmmaking?
All workers who cannot work from home should travel to work if their workplace is open,” announced the government in May, and the Department of Digital, Culture, Media and Sport immediately confirmed that this directive applied to film and television
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’mach 5
After a night of ominous partying (“Maggots, Michael, you’re eating maggots”), the hazing rituals end with Kiefer Sutherland’s vampire crew getting Jason Patric’s new guy in town to hang from a train trestle… until he drops into the mist below. Micha
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Family History
In April 2019, Netflix announced the first season of superhero show The Umbrella Academy had been viewed by 45 million households within a month of release. Teens, twentysomethings, middle-aged parents… the show brought families together to binge and
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Hindsight Corner!
“The show is, in a certain way, divisive: ‘Whose side are you on?’ Also, if you’re pleasing everyone, then it’s probably quite tepid. But to me it seemed like the only way it could end.” “Yeah, I felt for her. I really felt for her. And yeah, was I a
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Parental Guidance
All stories are close to me if I’ve written them,” argues Sally Potter. “I’ve lived with them already for years. And all stories come out of personal experience one way or another.” Indeed, the British director of Orlando, The Tango Lesson and The Pa
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Time To Die
Off-duty New York cop John McClane (played by Bruce Willis) is caught in the middle of an armed heist in a Los Angeles skyscraper. Taking on an army of gun-toting bad guys, he has a vested interest in helping to escape and free the hostages, as he’s
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Tree Of Strife
Adapted by Elwood Reid (writer of the US version of The Bridge) from E. Annie Proulx’s (Brokeback Mountain) epic novel of the same name, Barkskins infuses a relatively untold story – centred on 17th Century French settlers in northern Canada – with c
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Is It Just Me… or Is Indiana Jones A Jerk?
Turning up like a bad penny wherever there are ancient spoils to snaffle, Henry ‘Indiana’ Jones Jr. (Harrison Ford) is not just a terrible archaeologist. He’s a terrible person. As an “obtainer of rare antiquities”, he gallivants around the world wan
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Total Film
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