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Road Bikes
$5,000 TO $11,000 $5,000 AS SHOWN WITH SHIMANO ULTEGRA Is it a race bike with comfort features or an endurance bike with aero characteristics? Yes. The Caledonia-5 blends stable handling designed for racing Paris-Roubaix with a whopping 34mm tire cle
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Men’s road
RIDER After racing professionally, Isaiah Newkirk is now a full-time cycling coach, race director for Project Echelon, and Podcast host for "The Training Edge." HELMET The lightest ever helmet from the Swedish safety brand comes in at a scant 180g in
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Quick Shift
SRAM, Shimano, and Campagnolo are constantly working on the next generation of road component groups. As of early April, Shimano offers 11-speed groups, while SRAM and Campagnolo have 12-speed road groups. SRAM is tight-lipped about any upcoming part
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Bag It
In the 1990s, as a bike touring newbie, I set my sights on Seattle and started pedaling west from Upstate New York. Back then, there weren’t a lot of bike bag options. I mounted boxy Jandd front and rear panniers to a heavy rack, and two months later
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Champion Gear
RIDER A British-born American racer, Ruth Winder has achieved sucess on the track and the road. She won the U.S. national road title in 2019, and since nationals was canceled in 2020, she is wearing the stars and stripes for 2021, too. Rumors spread
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Shoe Shopping
RIDER A former member of the CNCPT and L39ion of Los Angeles teams, Dante is a stalwart of the Los Angeles racing scene and veteran of the Red Hook Criteriums. He enjoys customizing his shoes with different colored BOA dials. ROAD It’s kinda a chore
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Understanding And Using Stack And Reach
As bicycles have become lighter and more aerodynamic, their dimensions have become harder to measure. When bikes had horizontal top tubes and stems, measuring the length of a bike’s seat tube, top tube, and stem was easy and useful. Nowadays, sloping
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I Can See Clearly Now
Most sunglass reviews address fit, feel, and looks, but what about function? How effective are various sunglasses at providing a clear view without distortion while blocking UV light? Here, I put 33 glasses to two tests. Decades ago, an Oakley repres
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Gravel Bikes
$2,999 TO $4,999 $3,599 AS SHOWN: PRO GRX 2X A bike that launched an entire category. The Exploro introduced aerodynamics to gravel frames at a time when most brands’ gravel bikes were still on the drawing board. Even with room for up to 650x54mm tir
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Men’s gravel
RIDER Xavier Melendez is Boulder Gravel. Or, at least, he is BLDR GRVL on Instagram. The longtime rider is co-founder and COO of the boutique creative agency Sweet Sadie. HELMET A 200g lid with plenty of ventilation, accommodation to hold your sungla
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Fit And Feel(s)
My wife just bought a bike, a $600 Liv Alight, from a local shop. She wanted to make sure she liked how it looked, and I wanted to make sure it fit her. We both came away happy. When shopping for a high-end bike, it is easy to go down various rabbit
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A Japanese Shift
In 1973, Shimano went to war with Campagnolo. It was a fight that the Japanese component manufacturer would eventually win. It was a fight that may have pitted rider against rider. The day before the 1973 world road race championships in Barcelona, B
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EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Fred Dreier EUROPEAN EDITOR Andrew Hood EUROPEAN CORRESPONDENT James Startt SENIOR EDITOR Betsy Welch DIGITAL EDITOR Greg Kaplan CONTRIBUTORS Trevor Connor, Jim Cotton, Julie Young, Lennard Zinn, Aliya Barnwell ART DIRECTOR Heidi Carc
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Women’s gravel
RIDER VeloNews senior editor Betsy Welch has done more adventure riding and gravel racing than the rest of the staff put together. The Colorado Trail, DK/Unbound, Spirit World 100, riding to Steamboat Springs from Boulder and back with just a tiny ba
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Maison Tamboite The choice of Louis Vuitton
It is not every day that a bicycle brand collaborates with iconic French fashion designer Louis Vuitton. But for the little-known builder Maison Tamboite, working with such storied clients is simply part of its history. Maison Tamboite is not a house
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Stopping Ultraviolet Light
Blocking ultraviolet radiation (UV) keeps your eyes healthy. Being of higher energy and shorter wavelength than visible light (and longer wavelength and lower energy than X-rays), ultraviolet radiation is invisible to the human eye and is characteriz
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Used, Not Abused
Buying a used bicycle online is a rite of passage for many cyclists, and in recent years the digital marketplace for second-hand bikes has exploded. E-commerce companies like The Pro’s Closet and BikeExchange have joined the online auction site Ebay
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FUN IN A BOTTLE Just add water
Giancarlo Bianchi has designed pop art bottles for years that riff on current events, themes, and logos in cycling culture and the broader world. His most recent design is the Super Tuckr, which plays on the Super Soaker squirt gun motif with a UCI ‘
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Custom Envy
Enve first used the title “All Road” on its wide-rim aero wheels in 2016. Now, the Utah carbon brand is offering two styles of custom bikes made in-house, both of which could arguably fall under the all-road moniker, as even the racier version can ha
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A Mountain Biker’s Take On ‘All-road’
Try as he might, David Turner can’t define ‘all-road’ for anyone but himself. Others are bound to have different opinions, but he has built a road bike called All Road. “It really just comes down to personalities,” Turner said. “We really just want t
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Women’s road
RIDER Aliya Barnwell is the founder and president of Ride Up Grades, a road cycling instruction program focused on 12-to 18-year-olds in low-income communities. Barnwell writes the Kit Critic column for HELMET The Protone has been a hot
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Virtually All Road Bikes Are Now All-road Bikes
The bike industry has a funny way of wrapping around on itself. A decade or so ago, buying a road bike meant buying a road bike. Outside of brand, color, components, and eventually frame material, there weren’t a ton of options to consider. But then
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Three By One
Just like tire width and bike selection, component options for gravel just keep expanding. For spring 2021, Shimano, SRAM, and Campagnolo all have groupsets that work very well for gravel riding and racing. Shimano and SRAM have double-ring options,
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Gear Issues
A decade ago, whenever the annual gear issue went into production, I found myself with a familiar assignment. I was to write the At the Back column about the latest and not-so-greatest mechanical calamity I had suffered while out riding my bike. Gear
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Castelli Mortirolo $79
With all due respect to PolarTec, Gore is the world’s preeminent manufacturer of windproof but breathable textiles. And with all due respect to Gore, cycling clothing companies usually do a better job of making cycling products out of Gore materials
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We Need To Talk About Your Flare
You’ve seen the wide, flared-out gravel handlebars on Instagram. Your buddy may have a broad, swoopy bar on her bike. You might even have one on your new gravel rig, its ends extending outwards like an eagle’s wings. Why are gravel handlebars so wide
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Sample Weeks Of Phases
MONDAY Trunk stability and mobility TUESDAY Speed and power WEDNESDAY Sub-threshold on flat to rolling terrain THURSDAY Long endurance on rolling to hilly terrain FRIDAY Off SATURDAY Sub-threshold on climbs SUNDAY Long endurance on flatter to rolling
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Michael Marckx
In November you went ahead with the Belgian Waffle Ride in Cedar City, Utah. Why did you go forward with the event, and what safety precautions were there? The local county health commissioner provided us with guidelines that we had to hit, and they
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Lion On The Carrefour
For race photographers, there are certain moments during the European pro cycling season that simply cannot be missed. One of those occurs on the Carrefour de l’Arbre, one of the longest, most treacherous sectors of cobblestones featured in Paris-Rou
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Seaside Rendezvous
Elite cyclocross world titles owned by Mathieu van der Poel Elite cyclocross world titles owned by Wout van Aert Total combined cyclocross world titles (elite, junior, and under-23) owned by van der Poel and van Aert. ■
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