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Holding Their Worth
By the tail end of the 1960s, you might have thought the market for camper conversions was already pretty crowded. There was Westfalia, of course, the original and Volkswagen’s own modifier-of-choice. But the UK had also seen a raft of homegrown comp
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Dallying With Devon’s Diesel
There’s one Camper I remember well from the ’80s, for a not altogether happy reason. In 1982 a diesel Moonraker, which I had arranged to borrow from Devon Conversions, turned up shortly after the sad death of our founding editor Bob Wyse. I was plann
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VW Camper and Bus
Editor: Ian Cushway Email: camperandbus.ed@ kelsey.co.uk Art Editor: Michelle Mitchell Contributors: Hans Klapp, Paul Bussey, Mark Walker, Matt Woods, Stephan Szantai, Mike Renaut, Matt Richardson, Paul Knight, James Peene, Brian Larkin, Robin Wager,
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Carrying On Camping
I am new here – but don’t worry, I’ve always had a bit of a thing for Volkswagen campers. Indeed, you might have read about my T25 California on these very pages 13 years ago. It was my second T25, my first being a Holdsworth Villa, and I wish I’d ke
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Your Shout
Hi C&B, I am restoring a Dormobile Bay that’s been chopped and changed inside and generally mucked about with big time. I think the previous owner must have worked at B&Q given the DIY nature of the interior. The thing is, having got the bodywork sor
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Twice As Nice
During the VW Bus’s Split Screen era, a variety of companies handled camper conversions, with Germany’s Westfalia being the most popular of the bunch. The US had Riviera, Sportsmobile and many more, while the UK embraced models produced by Devon, Dor
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Why Compromise?
Just because you use your Bus for camping, doesn’t mean it can’t be built to a high standard. Similarly, owning a show-quality vehicle shouldn’t dictate that it has to be bundled in bubblewrap. Take Karen and Chris Woolsey’s 1969 Bay Window. It’s a g
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News, Views And Products
On a cold February day in 2018 Malcolm Dennis was at DubFreeze, when his idea for an ex-RAC VW Transporters Facebook page was born. He’d spotted a number of orange vans at the event and felt, with his knowledge as a mechanic and a full understanding
VW Camper & Bus6 min de lecture
Family Favourite
Stuart Skerry runs his own smart repair business, aptly called The Smart Repair Dude, and has always been into VWs. “My first car was a 1970 Beetle which I restored with my dad when I was 15,” he explains. His first foray into Buses followed soon aft
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Reader Buses
We’ve owned our camper since 1999, and we’ve kept it reasonably stock, other than slightly lowering it in order to squeeze it into our garage. We found it for sale via the Splitscreen Van Club – if you subscribed they used to send you a monthly list
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Building Memories
The annual European road trip has become something of a tradition in our household. Our two young boys, now six and eight, have been coming with us since they were only a few months old and we have covered many thousands of miles in various Vans, ran
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Need To Know
BODY: 1969 Dormobile restored by Classic Car Revivals and painted l90d Pastel White over l398 Pacific Blue; Creative Engineering rear safari window, Dormobile roof with colour-matched canvas ENGINE: GAC Motorsport 2007cc with aluminium race case; Sc
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Must Do / See
■ Drive The Romantic Road, Germany ■ Legoland. For the kids, right? ■ Spend some time around Lake Lucerne ■ Marvel at Neuschwanstein Castle ■ Drive some of the High Alp passes ■ Do the Treetop walk, Black Forest, Germany ■ Try a summer luge run ■ W
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One Big, Happy Family
When the first Volkswagen Transporter (Type 2) rolled off the production line at Wolfsburg, Germany on March 8 1950, we’re pretty sure nobody would have ever imagined it would lead to the world’s longest production run for a commercial vehicle. The h
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Buying A Project
When it comes to parts, the VW Bus market has never been so well served. There’s a plethora of specialists making and selling everything and anything you need to restore even the very worst Split. That said, buying all the parts to repair a very rust
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Just Do It
Road trip! If any of you are thinking of doing it, but haven’t yet made up your mind, I urge you to go for it. Road tripping in a VW Camper is an amazing way to see places, and you can cover some serious ground without ever having to re-trace your tr
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Camping Stoves
Built-in stoves are great. Especially when it’s chilly or raining and you want to keep all cosy while making a brew or concocting a tasty delight in your camper. However, when it’s warm and sunny and everyone’s in the fresh air soaking up the rays, t
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Buying a Split Screen Bus
What is it about Split Screen Buses that makes every man, woman and their dog lust after them? Even people who know absolutely nothing about old Volkswagens will say they want one when you mention you’re into VWs, which goes some way to explaining wh
VW Camper & Bus1 min de lectureFood & Wine
What You’ll Need
Tools:Non-stick frying pan of around 27cm (ish); chopping board; spatula; sharp kitchen knife; single ring camping stove or other heat source Ingredients: Olive oil; six eggs; splash of milk, pack of smoked lardons or bacon bits; two onions; any ext
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What To Pay
Most people will tell you the supply of good,rust-free Splits has dwindled of late,so importing a good one isn’t as easy as it once was,but it’s still probably better to buy a less rusty example from overseas than to restore a RHD English example. Yo
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Top Tipple
This is the kind of dish that would wash down nicely with almost anything – sparkling water, fruit juice, cider, beer – but for a lovely lunch in the sun a perfect match would be a chilled Rosé.›The delicious Pinot Grigio Della Rocca 2016 would go do
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Towing The Line
Tow bars are a worthwhile addition to any Camper or Bus for practicality purposes, especially on longer trips with a family on board. Whether you want to carry bikes or tug along a trailer or small caravan, adding a suitable hitch will make life a wh
VW Camper & Bus1 min de lecture
VW Type 2s weren’t the only big German-derived machines that interested Richard Holdsworth. He was also a big railway enthusiast and, in May 1977, Holdsworth Conversions purchased a Class 52 diesel-hydraulic locomotive after it was withdrawn by Briti
VW Camper & Bus1 min de lectureFood & Wine
Top Tip
Crack your eggs, add the milk and beat them at home before you set off, then pour into a jar or container with a sealed lid – this avoids any messy egg accidents on the way! It’s also a good idea to carry a box with essentials for every trip in your
VW Camper & Bus3 min de lectureFood & Wine
A Taste Of Spain
This couldn’t be easier. Spanish omelette’s perfect for first time campers, but tasty enough to become a regular lunch or dinner that everyone loves. What’s more, you can adjust the vegetables and herbs to suit what you like and is in season. Leave o
VW Camper & Bus1 min de lectureFood & Wine
A Bit On The Side
A great dressing to serve with your salad for this is a slightly fruity berry and herb vinaigrette – it cuts through the richness of the eggs and cheese beautifully.›Simply add 3 tablespoons each of olive oil, 3 tablespoons of sunflower oil and 2 tab
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Hello & goodbye
Farewells are never easy. Unless of course you can’t stand the blighter that’s leaving. In which case you probably can’t wait to see the back of him. Certainly in this instance, the feeling here is one of genuine sadness. Sadness about the thought of
VW Camper & Bus1 min de lecture
Specialist OF THE MONTH
Established in 2004, VanWurks specialise in the design and manufacture of high quality interiors, rock ’n’ roll beds and accessories for classic air-cooled campers up to 1990. Their pre-built interiors are available for delivery throughout Europe and
VW Camper & Bus2 min de lecture
He may describe himself as simply: “A posh blacksmith”, but Mr Buttsworth actually makes some really cool and essential gear that no one else does. For example, these stainless steel Westfalia front-mounted roof hinges, plus the upright stays for Ear
VW Camper & Bus4 min de lecture
Bay Window Rear Drums
Casting an eye over and under your Bus should be a weekly (at least) routine practise if you want to keep it in tip-top condition. We’d noticed a noise emanating from the rear end of our ’68 Bay that we thought was coming from a dragging drum so had
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