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Crunch Puts Key Cars On Ice
WHEN Wheels broke the news of Ford’s secret V8 Ranger Raptor project earlier this year, the response from our readers was significant: “Hell yeah!” Well, we now come bearing bad news, as the highly anticipated muscle truck has been put on ice; a vict
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Petrolhead Survival Guide!
FACT, FICTION OR FAST ’N’ FURIOUS, FROM A COUCH NEAR YOU Never heard of Willy T. Ribbs? This Netflix doco examines the race driver largely (and unjustly) forgotten by the motorsport world. Ribbs faced a massive racial struggle to gain acceptance in t
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COVID-19 Effect
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How To Build A Racing Sim
KEEN TO MAKE a start in the world of simulated motorsport? The array of gear out there is mind-boggling at all ends of the price spectrum, but we’ve distilled it down to help you make an informed choice. Regardless of whether your pockets are stuffed
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Values In A Viral Spiral
HOW WILL the COVID-19 pandemic affect the value of your car? The answer, as in so many cases, is it depends. Demand has clearly slackened for new cars, but at a time when many are feeling the pinch, the used car market can often be relied upon to ste
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Start Planning Your Road Trips!
WE GET IT. You’ve played so much Gran Turismo that wisps of smoke are starting to bloom from the back of the PlayStation. All of your model cars have been built, and destroyed, then built again. And you’ve spent so much time working your way through
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The Escape is one of two key SUV launches for Ford in 2020; the other is the Puma. Prices start at $35,990 and rise to $52,940 for the PHEV, which has an EV range of 50km and draws power from a 14.4kWh battery. The rest of the FWD/AWD range uses a 18
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Cut To The Chase
CALL IT the remnants of the cultural cringe: that belief that whatever we produce in Australia, Europe does it better. Its reach surprised me when I arrived Down Under in 2013. The Euro view of Australians is of can-do, salt-flecked superheroes, refr
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HIGHLIGHTS To be frank, there aren’t many, although perspective is key here, especially when countries like India saw its market fall 100%. And no, that’s not a typo. Italy recorded a shocking 98% drop, while France didn’t prove much better with an 8
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100 Years of Mazda
UJIRO MATSUDA’S lightbulb moment, it must be acknowledged, took a while to arrive. The man who apprenticed as a foundry steel worker from age 14, and who would go on to be the founder of the Mazda car company, was 31 when his nimble mind conjured a p
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It seems Suzuki has finally gained adequate supply of its hugely capable mini off-roader. Admittedly it’s from a low base, but the likeable Jimny surged 334% from 26 to 113 sales. Fun-factor also saw the likes of the Subaru BRZ and WRX jump 66.7% and
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Double Tap
IN A CRAMPED, unglamorous attic space, Daniel Craig is sitting on the floor, casual as you like. You can’t help but notice that he’s handsome but – no offence – not quite as smouldering as his big-screen persona; his face is covered in what resembles
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With plenty of new and exciting metal on the horizon, it’s almost expected that Skoda would have a tough month irrespective of a global pandemic. Every model in the range failed to fire in April, with the brand down 80.7%. The hardest hit were the Su
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Greatest Ever Bond Stunts
Record-breaking rollovers: Casino Royale What’s the most dramatic way to avoid running over the love of your life as she’s lying tied up in the middle of the road? 007 (Daniel Craig) swerves at the last second and rolls his Aston Martin DBS seven tim
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Build A Stunt Car
No fewer than eight replica DB5s were built for No Time to Die by Aston Martin's Special Operations team. Given that Aston is working on its own sixcylinder engine, it was reticent to mention that the engine powering the stunt cars was the S54 straig
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But please, keep it tight (no more than 200 words) and do include your suburb if via email: wheels@wheelsmag.com.au You can also have your say on Facebook (search for Wheels Australia), Instagram or Twitter LETTER OF THE MONTH READING BYRON’S ‘rednec
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Best & worst Bond cars
Dalton didn’t get the best shake with Bond cars. His Vantage was the best known, but the coolest might well be the Audi 200 quattro in which he fled from Bratislava in The Living Daylights. The Lincoln MKVII LSC in his final Bond movie – Licence to K
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“One of the most memorable drives is one our club took from Hobart to Queenstown – smooth, open, and enough bends to be thoroughly enjoyable. Up the road was 99 Bends coming down into Queenstown. 99 Bends … need I say more?” “Definitely the best road
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Notice Is Served
HYUNDAI VENUE Price as tested: $25,490 This month: 419km @ 8.3L/100km THE WORLD IS full of different kinds of people. Some like the spotlight placed firmly on them at all times – being the centre of attention is a constant need, not merely a desire.
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Porsche 924 Carrera Gt
Model Porsche 924 Carrera GT Engine 1984cc 4cyl, sohc, 8v, turbo Max power 154kW @ 6000rpm Max torque 275Nm @ 3500rpm Transmission 5-speed manual Weight 1180kg 0-100km/h 6.9sec Economy 9.1L/100km Price $185,000 (estimated) THERE’S A received wisdom t
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Expecting Big Things
FORD FIESTA ST Price as tested: $32,940 This month: 344km @ 8.1L/100km PEOPLE I TRUST have been remarkably positive about the Fiesta ST. Scott Newman, MOTOR’s road test editor and an authority on all things fast and flashy, says it’s one of the top t
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Mister Mac
PICTURE IN your mind’s eye the boss of a supercar company. Razor thin, perfect hair, tanned a leathery Monaco brown, poised in a perfectly cut Zegna business suit. Luca di Montezemolo, the legendary leader of Ferrari, is the archetype. Or the implaus
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Splendid Isolation
MAZDA CX-30 Price as tested: $42,490 This month: 545km @ 7.4L/100km I HAVE TAKEN to keeping a copy of Wheels in the seatback pocket of the Mazda CX-30. That and an email from Victoria Police ought to prove to any testy roadside rozzer that this is a
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THERE ARE MANY things that are a mystery to me. How microwaves work, is one. The unique pigment of Donald Trump’s jowls, is another. But the biggest enigma, by far, is e-sports. I should explain at the outset that I’m not a hardcore gamer. Don’t conf
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Ford Mustang 2.3l
ON FACE value, ‘but’ seems such an inconsequential word; simply three letters and one syllable. Yet, it has great impact. What follows said ‘but’ is usually the kicker, the part of the sentence that goes for the jugular. And in the case of the four-c
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State Of Lux
LEXUS RX450hL SPORTS LUXURY Price as tested: $111,070 This month: 513km @ 11.7L/100km IN SOME SMALL, weird way, I can’t help feeling like the automotive version of a toiletpaper hoarder. Driving around solo in a large SUV with seating for seven feels
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Nissan’s Financials
ANALYSTS TEND to place the blame for Nissan’s current financial issues on former CEO Carlos Ghosn’s ‘growth at any cost’ strategy. Last year, the company’s sales slumped by 10 percent in the US, its second-biggest market after China. Ghosn, now in hi
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Audi A3 Sportback
Model Audi A3 35 TFSI Engine 1498cc 4cyl, dohc, 16v, turbo, mild hybrid Power 110kW @ 5000-6000rpm Torque 250Nm @ 1500-3500rpm Transmission 7-speed dual-clutch Weight 1280kg (estimated) 0-100km/h 8.2sec (estimated) Economy 5.0L/100km (estimated) Pric
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Testing The Limit
VOLVO V60 T5 INSCRIPTION Price as tested: $72,390 This month: 940km @ 10.6L/100km THE COVID-19 lockdown has meant the menial task of getting out and grabbing groceries has become an exciting proposition. Three of our closest supermarkets are usually
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