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Style Files
I believe your home encapsulates the people who live within it, so it’s important to express yourself and your family through the pieces that fill your home. Considering the amount of time I now spend at home between work and family, it’s so importan
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‘It’s A Fairytale’
Adecade ago, Ryan Reynolds met Blake Lively when the pair played love interests in the 2011 superhero flick Green Lantern. At the time, Reynolds’ marriage to Scarlett Johansson was on its last legs, and Lively was in a relationship with her Gossip Gi
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Justice For Helene
Bright and vivacious, Helene Pruszynski seemed to have a limitless future ahead of her. A broadcasting major at Wheaton College in Massachusetts, she moved to Denver in January 1980 to begin her dream internship in the news department at KHOW radio a
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Our Miracle Baby
Former Miss Universe Australia Renae Ayris says becoming a mum has always been high up on her to-do list. “Even when I was in school, I always used to write ‘I want to be a mum’ when asked what I wanted to do when I grew up,” the 30-year-old confesse
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It’s been a big couple of weeks for women in music with at least two of the world’s biggest female singers offering up new work (see below). For Shakira, 44, the nerves are at an all-time high with the release of her new single‘Don’t Wait Up’– even t
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Dairy-free Desserts!
SERVES 8 PREP 20 MINUTES + FREEZING COOK 10 MINUTES 500g tub dairy-free coconut yoghurt2 sliced bananas, plus extra270ml can coconut cream1 tsp vanilla bean paste¾ cup caster sugar1 tsp sea salt flakesTub store-bought soy chocolate ice-cream½ cup t
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Think Like An Athlete
They say confidence is the key to success. But while we all know confidence is a state of mind, finding that self-belief can still be a challenge – especially during a year that’s had more than its fair share of setbacks and adversity. As we celebrat
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Movie Till Death
If you get your excitement from horror thrillers, then the heart-pounding Till Death is the movie for you. Emma (Megan Fox) is stuck in a stale marriage with Mark (Eoin Macken), so she’s surprised when he whisks her away to their secluded lake house
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Love At First Sight
”I went on The Bachelor to find my forever person and from the moment I met Locky on the red carpet, I knew it was going to be us at the end,” Srbinovska says. ”Our relationship is going from strength to strength. We have a lot to be excited about.”
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Top Shelf
Over the past 20 years, South Australian wine pioneers Banrock Station have been committed to environmental causes, contributing more than $6 million to projects that help protect the planet. Their new Every Drop Matters campaign provides consumers w
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Power Pout
As the mercury drops, we all make style tweaks to compensate. There are the obvious changes: coats and jackets come out of storage, denim is on high rotation and anything off-the-shoulder is benched. But most of us make a few tonal changes as well, s
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Acupuncture is well-known to stimulate feelings of relaxation, but if the thought of being poked with needles fills you with worry, you’re not alone. Juanita Jolly, acupuncturist and Chinese medicine practitioner at Victoria’s Complementary Balance M
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Starter Home
While most 20-somethings are eating ramen noodles on their rented apartment floors, at 22 and 26 respectively, Brooklyn Beckham and his wife-to-be Nicola Peltz have just scooped up their first home together for a cool $14.3 million! The couple, who b
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Books ...
Catherine returns to her family’s farm to find the apple orchard and home has been destroyed by a fire. She vows to stay and rebuild the business, but soon her relationship with a young dad abandoned by his wife scandalises the small town. (Out now
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Villain Of The Year?
For Australian Survivor’s self-confessed “Plant-based Superman”, the fact he’s already being described as the show’s biggest villain is not a surprise. “My original plan was to go into camp and fly under the radar, but when I got there I was so excit
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Just days after she and beau Michael Barrett were spotted wearing wedding rings, Anna Faris has confirmed the pair have wed. The couple, who got engaged back in 2019, tied the knot in a secret courthouse ceremony – with the actress, 44, revealing the
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Anna’s Top Tips
1. Choose furniture that will suit your family’s lifestyle, ensuring that it is high in quality and durability. 2. Pick furniture that not only looks great but is also very comfortable. There is nothing worse than feeling like you can’t cosy up on a
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Meet Deni accidental Activist
Hi darlings! My name’s Deni, my pronouns are they/them and today I’m here to talk about …” This is how inimitable celebrity stylist-turned-LGBTQIA+ activist Deni Todorovic introduces themselves these days – and they’re hoping it soon becomes the norm
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Essentials Only
Sick of having nothing to wear when you’ve got a bulging closet? It might be time to create a capsule wardrobe, editing your rotation down to a few fave pieces – and we think six is the magic number. Refining a capsule, especially for workwear, is a
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Living With Identity Disorder
For years there was one red carpet moment AnnaLynne McCord always dreaded. “The question I most despised was ‘What is your sense of style?’” says the star best known for her roles on Nip/Tuck and 90210. “I didn’t know how to answer it. Everyone has a
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‘I’m A Threat’
This full-time model might be known to her friends as“Miss Congeniality”, but Shannon Lawson, 30, is not here to play.“I knew I would be underestimated when I arrived in camp and on the Brawn tribe because it happens to me everyday,”she says.“I had a
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Emily Skye
What was the inspiration behind your beauty range, James Cosmetics? At the very start, it was my business partner Sam who wanted to start selling gold eye masks, and it was actually on an overseas trip that I became involved. I remember trying them
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Dissociative Identity Disorder
DID – formerly multiple personality disorder – is a trauma-induced condition characterised by multiple identity states. “It is typically the result of severe childhood abuse,” says Dr Bethany Brand, professor of psychology at Towson University. “Peop
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Tease Please
Reynolds celebrated Lively’s 32nd birthday by sharing a series of unflattering photos of her on social media. “We have fun,” the actress has said of her and Reynolds’ constant trolling of each other. “We’re best friends, so, you know.” ■
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Toni Collette
I picked up my daughter [Sage, 13] from school and we often listen to Folklore by Taylor Swift. It’s the first album that we both love and know all the lyrics to. We just belt it out morning and night. I actually really like more of a quiet life. I
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Are you feeling more popular yet? Good news for sociable Aries – your social life is on the up and up. So let’s hope you’re in a good mood and in the mood for a good time. Don’t let anyone throw you off – if someone is stomping around angry, give the
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Did She Plan It All Along?
When the Duke and Duchess of Sussex stepped down from their royal roles in early 2020, Prince Harry explained that it was “never part of the plan” to sign a deal with Netflix. But new evidence suggests that Meghan Markle may have been arranging her b
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How Forensic Genealogy Helped Catch A Killer
In 2017 police uploaded DNA collected from Helene’s clothing into genealogy databases including ancestry.com and gedmatch.com and identified several individuals who were distantly related to the killer. As they traced the family tree, they homed in o
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TV The Moth Effect
With the current state of the world, sometimes you just need a little (or a big!) laugh. Cue The Moth Affect, the six-part original sketch comedy series from Bondi Hipsters co-creator Nick Boshier and Tonightly’s Jazz Twemlow. The satirical bonanza f
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“I went to my first nice restaurant, and I saw Liam Neeson. I fangirled out … I creeped him out. He literally got up and he left and went a couple of tables over” Jason Momoa, on one of his first experiences in Los Angeles, on Jimmy Kimmel Live!. “
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