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Too Hot To Handle Kiwi Star La Rissa Tells All
How on earth did you end up on the show? It was such a crazy opportunity – when I was contacted on Instagram to apply, I couldn’t turn it down. But we were initially told we were on a show called Parties In Paradise, where the boy and girl who parti
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The BUDGET collection
SERVES 4 PREP 15 MINS + RESTING COOK 30 MINS • 1 cup coriander leaves, plus extra to serve• ½ cup parsley leaves, plus extra to serve• 2 tbsp oil, plus extra to drizzle• 1 tbsp lemon juice• 1 garlic clove, crushed• 3 carrots, trimmed, halved length
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Instant Smile Makers
“If you have a friend who’s a bit down, invite them around for a cuppa to get them out of the house,” says Dr Gunn. “Knowing you’re helping someone is extremely gratifying.” Studies show that getting sufficient sleep each night – seven to nine hour
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Entertain In Style
When planning a get-together, pick a theme for your styling. “This will inform your choices for the colour palette, the flowers, the mood lighting and even the food – ensuring a cohesive dinner party,” says interior stylist Steve Cordony. When it c
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The Apprentice’s Stephen ‘NUDE MODELLING SAVED MY LIFE!’
Looking at The Apprentice Aotearoa contestant Stephen McDowell’s popular Instagram account, the Invercargill reality star seems like someone more likely to be meditating on a beach in Bali than making moves in the boardroom. But the man behind the ma
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Kia Ora!
The accidental theme of this issue is how important it is to find positivity and gratitude when you’re going through diffi cult times – and no one knows this better than our cover girl Hayley Holt, who has bounced back from the heartbreaking loss of
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Spotlight on: SOAP BROWS!
Soap brows are essentially brows that are styled using a “soap” to achieve a brushed-up effect. The result is similar to brow lamination, where hairs are brushed upwards to achieve a fuller, bushy finish. The soap itself is actually more of a wax-typ
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Radiance is harder to achieve in winter, so a liquid highlighter is an easy fix to give skin a quick and natural-looking glow. Apply in the usual spots – brow bone, the high point of cheeks and a little down the nose. If you’re a believer in primer
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Sources say Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher are “dreading” being dragged into the courtroom for their friend and former That ’70s Show co-star Danny Masterson’s upcoming rape trial. “Ashton and Mila love Danny and support him,” a source reveals. “The
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Painting Three Ways WELCOME HOME
• Resene testpot paints • Plain door mat • Large paintbrush • Paper • Scissors • Circle stencil Create a fun, welcoming entrance way for your family and friends with this bright and easy front door mat. On a piece of paper, draw out a handful of circ
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Olympic surfer Billy ‘THE LOVE THAT INSPIRES ME’
When Woman’s Day arrives at Olympic surfer Billy Stairmand’s cosy home overlooking Raglan Harbour on a bitterly cold Waikato morning, there’s a very soggy wetsuit hanging by the front door. We’re thankful for the heat pump that’s blasting as we’re in
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Quality-time Cooks
SERVES 6 PREP 20 MINS + RESTING COOK 3¼ HOURS • 2kg whole chicken• 40g sachet French onion soup mix• ½ tsp ground cinnamon• ½ tsp ground cumin• ¼ cup olive oil• 1kg desiree potatoes, halved (quartered if large)• 2 red onions, peeled, cut into 2cm we
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The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s bombshell interview with talk show queen Oprah Winfrey is making headlines again after it was nominated for an Emmy for Outstanding Hosted Nonfiction Series or Special last week. The news that Oprah with Meghan And
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Dylan’s Reign Continues
Ash’s friend and fellow Aussie, wheelchair tennis champ Dylan Alcott, is also celebrating after taking home his third grand slam title of the year in the wheelchair singles final at Wimbledon. “I’m sure I’ll go and find him and we’ll ‘cheers’,” Ash s
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Falling in love with the girl next door might sound like something out of a romance novel, but for MasterChef Australia contestant Brent Draper, it was his lucky reality. After being introduced to his new neighbour Shonleigh by a mate, the pair quick
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As your vision expands, a business idea or fundraising project might get you thinking. Skills learned over the next year could turn into stepping stones. If formal studies are out of reach, start educating yourself. Moneywise, let the dust settle bef
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Amy Winehouse 10 Years On ‘She Was The Love Of My Life’
While a decade has passed since singer Amy Winehouse’s tragic death, her best friend Tyler James still remembers it as if it were yesterday. “It was the most awful day,” Tyler, who had been living with Amy in her London home at the time, tells Woman’
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Eugenie’s New Feud With Meghan
She might have been born into a world of luxury and privilege, but even Princess Eugenie is prone to sometimes feeling like she gets the short end of the stick. Curiously, her misfortunes usually seem to come at the expense of her cousin-in-law, the
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Goldie & Kurt’s FRENCH FLING!
Ooh la la! One of Hollywood’s golden couples, Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, proved the spark is still there after 38 years as they paraded their love while on holiday in France. Asked about the key to their four-decade romance, the 75-year-old actres
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The Animal Whisperer
Look-alike pals AMANDA SAYS These two beautiful babies come through and tell me they are not related but they look the same. The female, Bowie, tells me they do not necessarily share the same opinion on things. Bowie also tells me they’re the same h
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We Are
EDITOR Sebastian van der Zwan WRITER Rebekah Hebenton CHIEF SUB-EDITOR Denise Bowden ART DIRECTOR Mirella Monteiro DESIGNERS Alice Bush, Béla Trussell-Cullen, Demelza Callesen PHOTO & EDITORIAL COORDINATOR Chad McCartney ARE MEDIA GROUP MANAGEMENT: C
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Tom Shows Off Bride #4
After 11 long “are they, aren’t they?” months, Tom Cruise has finally come clean on his romance with Hayley Atwell – and friends say this is as serious as it gets! Looking every inch the A-list power couple, the 59-year-old actor was beaming as he es
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Out This Week
Kiwi actress Thomasin McKenzie stars in this chilling thriller from the mind of The Sixth Sense creator M. Night Shyamalan. The tingles begin when a family holidaying on a tropical island discovers a secluded beach, which causes them to age rapidly.
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After tying the knot on July 3, Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are keen to cement their new family even further by having the country singer adopt Gwen’s three boys Kingston, 15, Zuma, 12 and Apollo, seven. “Blake loves those kids like they were hi
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At face value, rumours that a Flemish maiden cursed the love-lives of the Monegasque royal family sounds like the kind of warning tale you’d tell your little princes and princesses before bedtime. But dig a little deeper and it’s no wonder some are s
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Liz Is Beachy Keen!
From the sand to a glitzy premiere, the British star loves to make a style statement. And something tells us the model may be stealing some inspo from her red carpet wardrobe when it comes to designing her own Elizabeth Hurley Beach swimwear range. “
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Celebrity homes Inside Sam & Lara’s Hollywood home
Aussie couple Sam and Lara Worthington have finally sold their Los Angeles pad for $10.6 million. The five-bedroom, eight-bathroom home was originally placed on the market in February 2020, but after failing to sell it was withdrawn and relisted in O
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Make Money On Your SPARE ROOM!
If you’ve dreamed of owning your own bed and breakfast why not consider letting out your spare room to tourists? You can supplement your annual income, and the days you have guests are entirely up to you. These days, anyone can list a room for free
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Feel-good Factor
Invest in on-trend style and warmth with a teddy coat. ■
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George Writes To Uncle Harry
He’s growing up fast, and royal insiders have revealed Prince George is becoming more aware of the rift that’s developed in his family. “George has been really affected by Harry’s departure and while he’s only just turning eight this week, he’s incre
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