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Do You Have Ideas For Us?
See your writing or news tips in print! Here are the email addresses you need for submitting material for publication. News ideas Personal stories Original jokes Recipes ■
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Ask Dr Louise
LIFESTYLE Write to Dr Louise, PO Box 39410, Moreletapark 0044, or email Q I thought marriage would be exciting and romantic and that my husband would put effort into making life wonderful for me. We got married in October last y
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New Evidence Of Water On The Moon
SCIENTISTS have confirmed the presence of water on the moon. Researchers from American space agency Nasa have observed water molecules by measuring the wavelength by which sunlight is reflected off the moon’s surface. They suspect these molecules are
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End Of The Road For Olivia And Jason?
THEY’VE been engaged for seven years but now it seems unlikely actors OLIVIA WILDE (36) and JASON SUDEIKIS (45) will ever make it down the aisle. A source close to the low-key couple has revealed that they’ve parted ways. Olivia and Jason, who have a
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Your Money Sorted
THESE days more people are taking out life insurance – and this isn’t only because of the Covid-19 pandemic. Already last year the number of life, disability, income protection and dread disease policies increased by more than 30%, which meant that b
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Not Just Any Plane
The ditcovery of water on the moon wat made by uting the Sofia teletcope – aka the Stratotpheric Obtervatory for Infrared Attronomy. The 2,7m-long teletcope wat carried by a Boeing capable of flying very high in Earth’t atmotphere. The teletcope utet
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Looking stylish, Harry!
Pop star HARRY STYLES (26) has just added another achievement to his list by becoming Vogue’s first solo male cover star. The cover of the fashion bible’s December issue sees the Watermelon Sugar singer rocking a full-length Gucci gown with a low nec
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Learning To Cope With Loss
I was overwhelmed by Debbie’s winning letter (YOU Say, 22 October). Her resilience in rising up after the gruelling experience of losing her husband is so inspirational to all of us who have lost loved ones during the Covid-19 pandemic. We’re learnin
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Your Stars
This week, the focus is on your close relationships – both romantic and platonic associations. The other parties may appear to be rather emotional or over-reactive under the full moon and it’s up to you to steady and contain the situation. A sudden a
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HOW TO SAY IT: myoo-teit When tomething mutatet, itt genetic compotition changet. A living organitm’t genet are made up of chemical unitt arranged in a certain way into a type of chain. Thit “chain” it called a genetic code and containt the “bluepr
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Word Power!
It’s fun, it’s colourful and it will turn your kids into language superheroes! YOU’s new magazine, Learn 4 Languages, is great for little kids wanting to learn what objects are in their mother tongue while older kids can learn how to say everyday wor
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The Essence Of Sagittarius
■ Their home is a pit-stop in-between going places ■ Their décor style is lavish and everything is on a grand scale ■ They have poor cooking skills – takeaways are preferred ■ They love entertaining – the more the merrier around the braai ■ Watching
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By The Numbers
10 The number of yeart the Springbokt may ttill be part of the Rugby Championthip. SA Rugby hat announced the team will continue to play in the championthip againtt New Zealand, Auttralia and Argentina until 2030. The Covid-19 pandemic hat forced the
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A Right Royal Controversy
HE WAS pretty much public enemy No 1 after his divorce from Princess Diana, widely regarded as the cad who made her miserable while he carried on with his true love behind her back. But gradually the tide started to turn and in recent years Prince C
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TV Guide
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Pic Of The Week
Matric pupils at Kagisho Comprehensive Secondary School in Bloemfontein. Across the country, matrics are in the thick of their final school exams, which were delayed as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. The papers will only be marked in January
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’i Just Want It To Work’
HE’S been living with a dark secret for years – one that’s dominated his life and made him feel like a shadow of a man. It’s something Steven Pretorius* has carried with him for a long time – but he can’t anymore. For decades he was too afraid to get
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TV Movies: Thur 26 Nov – Wed 2 Dec
■ MONEY TRAIN★★1995, 110 min, 16,, 00:00. Action. Wesley Snipes, Woody Harrelson. ■ BRIDGE OF SPIES ★★★★ 2015, 142 min, 13VL,, 02:00. Thriller. Tom Hanks. ■ SWIFT ★★★ 2019, 90 min, PG, M-Net, 04:30. Animation. Voices: Kate Winslet, Willem D
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This Week In History
Kennedy, who was the president of the United States at the time, was shot dead on this day while riding in an open-top car through the streets of Dallas, Texas. Lee Harvey Oswald was swiftly arrested for the murder but was shot dead by Dallas nightcl
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What Is Peyronie’s Disease?
Peyronie’s disease is caused by scar tissue that creates a curvature in the penis, says Dr Deon Weyers, a Johannesburg-based plastic surgeon. “It’s usually genetic and there are a variety of ways to improve the condition.” According to Dr Weyers, sub
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Laugh A Little
A man is walking down the street when he comes across a body lying on thesidewalk. He gets out his cellphone and calls the police. The officer asks him where he’s calling from and the guy replies, “I’m on Sycamore Drive.” “How do you spell that?” the
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Five Quick Questions
1 What is the name of the Jewish teen who wrote a diary while she and her family were hiding from the Nazis during World War II in the Netherlands? 2 Which American cyclist was stripped of his Tour de France titles when it came to light that he’d bee
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Our Hearts Are Whole Again
THE tears start even before the bride has made it to the altar and the groom meets her halfway up the aisle, wiping her face gently with a tissue. Like most weddings, it’s an emotional affair – but for this couple, there’s way more water under the br
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Jethro Tait
Your cover of Dreams has done really well and even been remixed by tech house DJ J3STR into a club anthem. What made you choose this song? In my opinion Dreams is one of the best songs ever written, and my cover pays tribute to the song and the band.
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Time For Tea
POURING boiling water over small sachets of leaves is not all there is to making tea. This is purely the last step in a very long process during which leaves are grown, harvested and produced. So the next time you brew a cuppa, take a second to think
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How To Stop Multitasking
DO YOU pride yourself on being a multitasker, skipping from one task to the next then back again at work, overseeing your kids’ homework while cooking dinner and stroking the dog with your foot? You do? Well, you aren’t alone. Many women – and, yes,
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Author In Lockdown
IT’S ONE of those things that book lovers can bank on: at least once a year there’ll be a new Jeffrey Archer novel hitting the shelf. When we chatted to the bestselling Kane and Abel author eight years ago he told us he has no plans of ever retiring
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The End Of The Bat Lash
BEYOND the entrance to a dank, forsaken chalk mine on the edge of a wooded thicket in Surrey, England, I’m waiting for the arrival of what may just be the planet’s most unpopular creature. This year’s, certainly. It’s late September and the time is a
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